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  • Dr (Sr) Eileen Tham Wai Fong
    Please pray for the Thams. Thanks.
  • Laura
    Prayer for my sons to come to God and surrender themselves to Jesus asking for divine intervention. Also prayer for my house to be renovate and money to paid for the renovation and part time job.
  • Jonathan Barrachias
    I pray that the Lord will deliver me out of the hands of the devil, for thou art become stronger in my presence and I fear exceedingly that if he gives no aid unto me that I shalt become SAT' servant.
  • Jonathan Barrachias
    I ask of you to pray to the Lord to raise up a Prophet, that the Lord tests the heart of every man that we may have a man of understanding who shall lead us in these dark times to come.
  • Chris
    For Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin of Israel, and for the city of Jerusalem, that they have peace, blessings, protection, and guidance according to the will of God.
  • Chris
    For President Trump and his councilmen, that they be blessed and protected, strengthened and guided to make good decisions with all diligence and discernment.
  • Chris
    All the Christians around the world to be strong, fruitful, to stand, bear good fruit, to love one another as our Lord Jesus Christ loved us, to watch and pray, and to rejoice and give thanks.
  • Jennifer
    Please Pray for me need n a home and job that pa great to afford the house. And just to to keep me and my kids from evil around us! Thank u!
  • Gwendolyn
    Please pray my husband his heart to become more selfless compassionate and for him to be more family oriented and kind and also for our family's safety health and finances thank you
  • Veronica Bouie
    Lord I come to you asking for favor and direction after being released from my 15 year job a week before Christmas. open doors Lord Jesus and provide my every need now in Jesus name
  • Anna Gray
    Please pray for me. I m aDeducted to methanphetamine and Lortabs. Pray for deliverance for me. Pray for my heart to be healed. I have a heart condition.
  • Elizabeth
    I pray for peace, and I forgive a person who lied on me and disrespect me in school.
  • Albert pereira
    I need prayer for my family grand sons grand daughters Frindes my son pray for him
  • Mark Verrell
    God will you talk about me favorably jesus? god tell me what i need to do to leave yuma arizona
  • Mark Verrell
    God stop the people with evil spirits being around me even communication? god even on streets stop who doesnt want christ being in me. god stop men being around me in yuma az
  • Sandra Kandji
    I pray for a stable mind and clean heart. And peace that passes all understanding.and i pray for members in my family that they can forgive and continue to love one another amen.
  • Dusty
    I'm asking for your prayers, my wife and I have been fighting a spiritual battle against the enemy pray for trust as and our relationship to be restored. Also Praying for a financial break thru
  • Stephanie V.
    Please pray that I have a really good appointment Monday with very good results. Thank you so much, and may God bless you!
  • Benson
    Pray for me to get a job and to get relieved from evil and demonic attacks.
  • Paula
    Looking for prayer warriors to pray for me. I NEED GOD to move. Been in a mental spiritual battle for over a year now. PLEASE, PRAY FOR ME!!! I believe with all my heart GOD CAN DO ANYTHING!!!
  • Alvina rea
    plez pray for me .I have been looking after my 98 year old mother .now I have stomach problems . my Brother was helping now he has a brain tumor,pray for him that God will lead my sisters to help.
  • Raymond Husman
    I pray for my wife and I and our marriage be reunited I pray for forgiveness as I have forgiven her I pray for healing I pray for Pastor Josh his family and our church I pray for Dean and his family I
  • Evelena
    Thanking God for by His Stripes we were healed-from the crown of my head to the souls of my feet-pray for my complete restoration of my physical body and yours too if needed amen
  • Christina
    Pray my non believer ex leaves me alone. Pray for protection against evil.
  • Dianna Terrell
    My husband just past away December 1, 2019 and that has left me without any income I have an Appt with SSA to see about my SSI application. I also have an appt to see about widow benefit and we vets
  • Glen
    would like a prayer said for myself, and my pets, my family, who are being exposed by lies online made by someone 'gainst me, exposing my personal life, threatening me, and we may be in danger
  • Bianca
    I'm asking for a prayer request for myself. I was told by an evangelist that I was dealing with demonic oppression.Oppression is basically when demons are trying to take control of the mind and body
  • N sims
    I forgive the hurts, pain. Thankful, there is God to help me cope.raise kids, they ignore me, single parent is very hard. Money does not replace love. So,broke,sad!
  • Felix M. Nubs
    I need the grace of ministering especially worship and praising and leading people to salvation
  • Joey Lariviere
    I desperately need prayer for freedom from every sexual sin and discipline to stay the course when I get freedom, and for financial aid like with budgeting and all that

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