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  • Julian on Matthew 24:9
    Asking prayer for my teenage son Joshua, the enemy has a foothold on his life, please. Thank you.
  • Michael Lynn Manuel Jr on Matthew 24:9
    Wholeness my house please Jesus Christ
  • Baptiste Lafferrerie on Matthew 24:9
    Brothers and sisters in Christ,

    - I would like prayers to find a job, accommodation and training in Brittany. May I confess my sins !! So that my family converts and my marriage is restored. May I don't be idolaric, Lord !! May I relax with the Holy Spirit ! May tomorrow be a good day, pray for that !! May I go to the hospital. That I get rid of my idols and may I don't be adulterian !! May I accept divorce, thank you for your hand o Lord !! So that I can find a good church! Be blessed !
  • Sheila Wilson on Matthew 24:9
    The Patients at PruittHealth Lanier nursing home can't have visitors. The are going hungry , basic needs are not being met. Staff is stealing from the patients.The staff is very negative.

    No one has been there to investigate, they have too many patients not enough staff. This to be brought to light as soon as possible.

    God Bless,

    Sheila Wilson
  • Susan wylie on Matthew 24:9
    Hello. I Amos 51 years old and at a complete loss for what GOD wants of me. I feel so useless. Please pray that he will SHOW me soon with complete crystal clarity what it is that he put me on this earth to do and to be. Thank you
  • Sasha on Matthew 24:9
    Please allow me to go home to Heaven and meet with God soon. I cannot take it here and would like to join the afterlife. Please allow me to meet with him soon, I want to home and be with him, Jesus Christ, my grandparents, and my cousin. I want to see them all very soon, possibly even this week. Seeing them will allow me to be at peace.
  • Kim Jackson on Revelation 12

    Thank and Praise You for blessing me this far.

    Lord, You will answer our prayers and we ask to draw many souls to Yourself. Father establish me In ministry I Pray for the Spanish, English, and Arabic Gospel outline for people to use and Salvation for the Unsaved and any that the gospel is shared with. Protection over my family Spiritually physically and Deliverance from evil one attacking the mind of my son, mother, brother and me/body and attacked daily enemy and deliverance from our houses, and repentance, and family saved, free my son from alcohol and drug addiction and Deliver him, my brother from mental illness. Please Pray for Onlyhopeyouhave website also for salvations, videos, and posts to be used and protection for people that go there. So can any add to there Daily Prayer lists? Thank You, Father, In The Name Of Jesus God Almighty Glory and Honor.
  • Tim on Revelation 12
    I have felt strongly that the attacks on the president and the markets are backed by evil and I am asking for prayer to protect this President, to Godly guide him in all he does, no weapon formed against him shall prosper and that God protect the economy and stock market, for the enemy knows it wants rid of a man and system that protects Israel and his Church, I ask for prayer to rebuke this evil and not only rebuke but destroy the evil and those who embraced the evil.
  • Gloria on Revelation 12
    Please agree with me in praying that peace and reconciliation to be in my family with my children and Peace of God that Passes All understanding to be upon all of us specially on my son Andre, asking The Holy Spirit to help mend his brokenness and lead him and our families pathways of all aspects of life. Thank You Jesus Christ In Jesus Christ Name. Amen
  • Darrell c on Revelation 12
    Anna , florence, toot: johnny: health & healing: d jr & essence, kevin home 7 relationship, & all of their siblings; peace of mind & home, direction, deliverance from, stress, confusion, dysfunctions, addiction, wrong attitudes, thoughts & behaviors; anger, ungodly soul ties, sound mind, protection & salvation & relationships. pray for my unsaved family members; to be saved & saved strengthen. my church family & neighbors, gods will. our church need of a building of our own. personal walk with god, continued peace, direction, wisdom; debt freedom, finical breakthroughs, a home
  • Elle on Revelation 12
    Pray that God protects me and destroys all witchcraft attacks against me and my dogs. Pray that God shows me favor, I'm comforted and delivered from this place.
  • Karen on Revelation 12
    Please pray that God will continue to pour out His Spirit over my sons James and John. Lord, I surrender my sons to you, and I know that you will make all things right. Please heal them from addiction, free them from the mental anguish that they suffer, and bless them with long, healthy, happy lives. Amen
  • Lynn on Revelation 12
    Pray for me. I live in fear everyday. I fear life itself. Any tragedy I hear about, I think it's going to happen to me. God is always here for me and I have not had any majo tragedies in my life. I just can't shake this fear of life. It's a miserable feeling. I know it's all about trust and faith in God. Please pray for me
  • David A. on Revelation 12
    Please Pray for me today , May GOD bless you all that take time to pray for others
  • Daniel Gnanamani on Revelation 12
    Dear Brother

    I had Lost my Job abroad due to this Covid 19 and I am presently without JOB.I have a Job Interview on 23rd July 2020.Kindly pray for that so that If God Wishes I must get that Job.

    With Regards

    Daniel Gnanamani.
  • Elle on Revelation 12
    Pray that God sets me free right now physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually, and in health from demonic oppression
  • Janet on Revelation 12
    Salvation of souls in false religions. Pray for Ryan and others to be saved out of Jehovah's Witnesses.
  • Diane on Revelation 12
    My son, Drew, needs enlightnment to the truth of his family. He is being brainwashed and believing the evil. I thought he was saved as a child, but now I am not so sure. Pray for God to love him and show him truth and to be a Christian example to his children and to heal his relationship with his parents and brother.
  • Marietta
    I pray for the heaing of my son Joshua heart and mind. That he is no longer filled with anguish and hate and let's Jesus back into his life. Jesus name I pray. Jesus name I pray for my brothers girlfriend to recieves healing of her cancer, and give the glory to God
  • Catherine lui dy
    please pray for supernatural healing of my left thumb - Painful left trigger thumb/trigger finger - locking.
  • Arturas
    Hi, friends. Please pray for my brother.His name Robertas Semeniukas, he got sick really bad and with temperature. Thank you
  • Karen
    Please continue praying for my sons James and John. Lord, I lift my sons up to you for your care and protection. Please pour out your Spirit over them, healing them body, mind, and soul. Show them your presence so they know they can trust you. Amen.
  • Jihan lee matthew
    salvation and deliverance from mental health
  • Lena Cavalier
    Prayer for everyone that has itchy skin problem to be healed -in the name of Jesus
  • Shereese ANN clark
    Pray congress and white house to sign the bill called hero act real soon
  • Shanesalawrence
    good morning or good eveing am writing this prayer request for my mother from 2013 shoe having problem with her mind every year around april to june she have bin trouble with her mind like she going mad i would like to get help by pray for her and her sick ness doctor say it diabetes nerves and high blood pressure please pray her in jesus name

    thank you so much


  • DIane
    20 yrs ago my daughter was a victim, i entered her in a police cadet program. I was a single mother and trusted the officer. Once she joined she wanted to join the chess club also held for kids by the same officer. He would pick her up and drop her off. I notice she was acting different, walking to school instead of taking the bus, where the officer would sit in his car. I noticed emails he had written to her . I started to interact w/the emails pretending I was her. I spoke w/ my daughter and after 3 days she broke down and cried. He threatened her that he would hurt me if she spoke about anything. I did manage to get 3 of 8 girls to come forward. 2 were touched and 1 was raped. I hired a lawyer he was put in jail for only 1 month, we sued the county/village and won. They tried everything to cover it up. I have held this guilt inside me for so long until yesterday when I spoke to GOD directly, I cried so hard. Its still hurts. I just need a prayer that I can heal my heart. Thank you & God bless
  • Jennifer Barnett on Matthew 24:9
    for improved relations between me and my daughter and son-in-law so that we can live together in peace; also for my daughter to be able to carry her baby to full term; I want God to guide my footsteps and show me what I am to do.
  • Mike sutton on Matthew 1
    Pray for Me
  • Karen on Matthew 24:9
    I ask you to please continue praying for the health and longevity of my sons James and John. May they seek Jesus and find Him, and learn the path He has for them. They are sweet, sensitive boys afflicted with a horrible addiction. I know if they can conquer their demons, they will do great things in the name of God

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