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  • Earl
    I Would Like To Be Stronger in his Word, Helping ME To Be A Good Deacon and I Need and Want To Be More Closer To Him So When He Speak TO Me I Can feel his Present
  • Mae
    I Want Edward to quite drinking and bring my family closer to Our Heavenly Father. Than What They Are and Create in Each one of Us. A clean heart. Please. Our Father
  • Church
    Please pray for me I got my thumb almost cut off and it hurts vary vary much.
    Pray for my family ,that the lord will bring us closer together, and that we will not let nothing and nobody come between ,us that my 3 daughters will forgive each other so that they can move in 2020.
  • Keijo
    pray formy the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation,but using own victims,pray for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation,
  • Maria Rubio Monforte
    Prayers for Vladimiro Monforte and his emotionally abusive and controlling behavior. Pray for Maria Rubio and the 3 children as divorce and separation are discussed. Heavenly father I submit to you.
  • Cyndi
    Pray that my current boyfriend will be saved baptized and will follow Christ all the days of his life, will propose marriage have a heart of flesh to fall in love with me and our relationship.
  • Cyndi
    Please pray for my son, that his dreams goals aspiration, future and destiny will honor God and will bring him financial property, success, property, and an overall great life..
  • Mattie
    Prayer for the Mcmillan , Simms, Johnson family
  • Arissa Nolastname
    Please pray for the camels,10 000 that the Australians are killing because according to them they drink too much water are pests.They've been gifts from God for many years for milk, transport.
  • J.T. O'Neil
    Please pray for my family, close friends and loved ones and recently deceased , that his Christ love will shine upon them to follow his path
  • Loleta Davis
    Please pray for financial miracle for me today. I am living drug infested area, with murders that committed upstairs and they buried three people in the apartment I am residing in with it being wired
  • Cheryse
    Need pray for struggles with alcoholism. I want to be free from this for good.
  • Michelle
    Praying that my niece Karmen will be able to get some type of financial aid to stay in school. Please help her to stay focused, and not give up if this is her dream.
  • Freda
    Need prayer for a Huge Money Blessing to Pay Off All My Debts Pay My Monthly Bills.Also pray that my friend Michael H wins his disability case this month.Need prayer for a New Job making 600 weekly
  • Felix Granados
    Lord, please help me in all your ways. As you know I am always praying for Betty, Titi, Olivia and Dash. I'm also asking for your help with our current financial situation. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.
  • Arissa
    For evil men women, sorcerers, freemasons, witches, to be exposed removed from my way. Their satanic works undone, souls they leech of to be set free.
  • Sara
    PLEASE pray that Jesus heals my stomach and intestines. I keep losing weight. I was told I have gastroparesis, there is no cure. I have no one but Jesus to turn to in this world. PLEASE Help me!!
  • Beth Sims
    I am a cancer survivor am asking for prayer that cancer has not returned and that I am healthy. I am specifically asking for prayer that sores that don t seem to heal. Thank you
  • Lydia
    people in my church Are in the hospital.
  • Mark Kelbel
    Please pray for my son John who is 17 and is very angry with God. Please pray that the lord blesses him with a spirit of strength and assurance and replaces his spirit of anxiety and fear
  • Gayathri
    I did not get job
  • Ricky Dean
    Pray for my son and his wife, they are nonbelievers and their soles are lost.
  • Rachel Farmer
    Hi I need prayer, I have the flu. And also I need prayer for housing. Thanks
  • Olpah
    Help me pray for my Husband to persevere at his new Job, my Children Nthabi, Memme, Bokang,Gotso and Khumo to study hard, and for God's favor in their lives, and for financial breakthrough
  • Bridget
    Hey I'm prayer for my mom and myself we wanted God answer our prayers
  • Kim Jackson
    "Father Thank and Praise the Lord, prayer for evil spirits attacking the mind of my son, mother, brother and me and our houses"
  • Andrew Lau
    Hi could you please pray for me for relief of some serious depressive,my neighbor is in agony with his back post surgery on it.please pray when he goes back to the dr they will help him.
  • Eva Koerth
    I need prayer for deliverance of my mind. That I would only be able to pray to the one true God Jesus, Father, Holy Spirit . To obey The Holy Spirit and have a pure heart and mind.
  • Andrew L.
    Pray for Bill F. For healing from back surgery he says he feels worse than before surgery.

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