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  • Lameko Taumuli on Psalms 70
    Please pray I find the courage and strength to stand firmly upon God's word of promise as I face my Goliath. Thank you!
  • Claudio


    Breakdown of generational curses on the life of AMERICA AND CLAUDIA GUANUCO


    Opening of new work and business opportunities, cancellation of debts, acquired commitments. Collection of monies owed


    Removal of unwelcome and bad people who are not a blessing to their lives


    Restoration female reproductive system glandular system, clock biological
  • Claudio

    Rupture of generational curses on my life and my family's life. Family members given for adoption for 3 generations. Finding maternal grandmother Dora G?mez-
    Am?rica and Jimena Anal?a, reunion with their daughters given for adoption at birth when they were minors.


    pening of new job and business opportunities, cancellation of debts, commitments acquired


    Resolution of legal proceedings and files concerning occupational disease and real estate scam


    Removal of unwelcome and bad people who are not a blessing to my life


    . Breaking ties and pacts made with the enemy in his youth due to ignorance of the
  • Jennie
    I was in an abusive relationship for 12 years with a husband that struggled with drug addiction. I have since divorced him, remarried, and he has begun to turn his life round. However, he has also spoken so badly about me and so many lies about me to the children that they are believing him and do not want to talk to me or see me. I refuse to speak negatively about him and when I tell them truths they say I lie. Please pray that God will reveal his truths to them and guard their hearts and quickly resurrect my and the children's relationships. They do not want to be apart of my family or talk to my current husband or his children and it is tearing everyone down. Please pray for my ex also.
  • Esther Lovelace
    Please pray for my son Ayinde and his wife Shalenie to have peace unity and love in their relationship and for God to grant them a financial breakthrough. Thank you for your prayer.
  • Geraldine
    Edgar is ver sick and desperately ill, he needs prayer and the hand of God to heal him - please pray for Edgar, kind, gentle and so young.
  • Curtis FULTON on Psalms 91:10
    Amen. and love,peace, & prayers 2 all who are going through this covid-19 virus but god is the way,the life and the truth to all man kind
  • Christi smith on Psalms 91
    I am so scared of COVID19. I feel sick right now, but no fever; mostly loss of appetite and anxiety. I have diabetes, compromised immune system, because of transplant, and im 65 years old. I do not think I would stand a chance. Please p ray I wont be so afraid. I've read scripture; I have had doubts for years even when I think the LOrd is speaking to me. I have asked the Father to take pain away several times and He has. I went through a traumatic thing, a bi-polar episode, it was really bad. I felt lost in darkness. I do not feel peace> I cant seem to get peace.
  • Ellery
    I would like to ask you to pray for me and my children. Me and my children are being attacked by liars and workers of witchcraft and evil iniquities. The same individuals whom are after my children were once after me when I was a child too and I would like you to raise up before the Lord God Jesus Christ. Thank you.
  • April
    Praise Report : Thanking God for the divine reconciliation of unity God has made all my enemies be at peace with my children, grandson and I we are now living in unity. I'm asking that God continues to save, bless, anoint, favor, lead, guide, heal, provide, protect all my children, grandson and I and write our names in The Lambs book of life and keep us in God's will in Jesus Christ Name. I pray for peace and protection for Jerusalem and for God to answer your prayers that you are in need of. I love you all through Jesus Christ. Continue to pray that God's perfect will be fulfilled for all of my children, grandson and I as I do the same for you and your family. In Jesus Christ Name. Amen
  • Daisy Stockett
    Praying for a peace of mind and a shield of protection around me and my little babies, my family, and friends during this time. Praying for a better connection with the Lord God and for him to direct my paths. Thank you all and God bless you!
  • Anna Lopez
    My prayer is
    For my tooth healing with all the places closed due to the are not open for a while an o have a tooth ache
    Jesus by Your stripes I am healed!!
    Stand with me Amen ..
    An for the Lord Jesus to heal our land an Stop this covid 19
  • Thomas Bridges on Matthew 1
    In the name of almighty god through his son (messiah) jesus
    through the power of the
    holy ghost.(thomas)i repent of my sins i i ask forgiveness. through
    (0>6>7) deliverense by the profecy of abel madrea.through mother
    repentisation to
    almighty queen of heaven.(7 10 16)jesus noah mother.pray thith fast(
    (7jesus7)sun love

    (10moses10)recieve .

    our father who are though in heaven ? faith-mercy-peace.
    ? ? ? ? abel/i love you,peace.
    servant higher power:
    higher calling
    higher faith through his ambassador (mountianviewchurh)777heaven.
    calling servants (mathew 19-vs17-18-20)amenfamilymf
  • Shereese Clark on Revelation 12
    I need money to pay my bills and my rent
  • Michael Addis on Revelation 12
    I am asking for a prayer for dealing with pain. I have terrible degenerative arthritis in my spine and sciatica. I've been dealing with this chronic pain since December. I've never experienced pain like this and am trying to remedy with physical therapy. I will confess that I am new to praying and religion. I was not raised religiously. I have been reading a bible although I do not understand everything. Please say a prayer to help me deal with this pain and continue physical therapy so I can be a better father and husband.
  • Tai Cameron on Revelation 12
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  • Heinz J Adler on Revelation 12
    Prayer request
    Dear Lord Jesus Bless our Brother Heinz with a Few Major Recording Labels To Hire Him off of LinkedIn to Write Some Songs to Glorify Your Name First and Also Bless Him with His
    Lovely Hand In Marriage Sureena Nicole Hughes to Have as His one and
    Only Wife to have Walk by his Side Lord Jesus
  • Hanah
    Please pray that Lord Jesus find a perfect, beautiful and godly Christian spouse for me.

    Pray that God has opened a door in my life that no man can shut especially door of love relationship, marriage and family.

    Pray that Lord Jesus remove all the bad people who are not a blessing to my life.

    Pray for financial breakthrough especially in my ecookery book a success.

    I pray all these in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Thank you Lord Jesus.
  • Kimberly raggio on Romans 8:34
    please pray for peace for my family. i am living with them and my mom is very mean to me and mydad. i smoke to many cigarettes and take alot of prescription medicine. i am seeking my own place and recovery from addiction of all things that feel good to the flesh. church is closed now and i feel lonely so i call my abusive exhusband.please pray thank you and god bless.
  • David on Romans 8:34
    please keep me in your prayers
  • Evelena on Romans 8:34
    I want to submit a prayer/there is so much want and need/all I can say-pray, never stop-it keeps one connected to
    to God- Amen
  • Tai Cameron on Romans 8:34
    We all need God
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  • LLOYD AND SHARON on Romans 8:34
    Pray for lloyd and sharon's heart failures and heart complications; lloyd's severe asthma and bad heart pump causing lloyd difficult breathing and sharon's severe edema and high bp, and all of our other health support..amen .thanks.
  • Derek
    Seeking prayer for my relationship that seems to be falling apart. I don't know if this is the one God wants me to be with or not. Asking for wisdom, guidance, direction.
  • Guin on Malachi 4
    Please pray for the life of Jasmine who has been recently found to have cancer. She has a 3 month old baby. Jasmine has been in and out of hospital with bleeding and is so sick she can't care for her little one. Relatives are helping.
  • DERRICK MASON on Malachi 4
    For prayers to be answered soon.
  • Karen phillips on Psalms 70
    We(Paresh and Karen) have had our ups and downs in our relationship and currently in a separation from today as we having a lot of arguments on account of my weight issues i cant loose any weight even though am exercising i have no sicknesses for weightgain we need restoring prayer for love peace and harmony to be restored in our relation and any blockage we have to be removed please as we were supposed to marry this year let us settle down as planned please build a hedge of thorns between him n other women or distractions intervene divinely in our relationship n bring a change n restore us
  • David on Psalms 70
    Please pray for me I struggle each day ,
  • April on Psalms 70
    Prayer for God's protection for me, my children & grandson, protection at where we relocated to live temporary, vehicles, jobs, church, city or anywhere we are, may go or be. Prayer for God to save, heal, deliver, comfort, guide, provide, bless, favor & anoint all my family & I. Prayer to find a good Bible teaching church home with saved HolyGhost filled leaders that's doers of God's will that will accept my family & I and help guide and keep us on the right path of our salvation journey. Prayer for my children to be delivered and saved and stop smoking and drinking. Prayer for me to accomplish my weightloss journey and keep it maintained. Prayer for a high paying job that I like
  • Marian on Psalms 70
    Please pray for God's protection and His blessings for Stephen, Marian, Carl, Robert & Florence. Asking this in the Name of Jesus. Thank you for praying at this time of need. God Bless all of you.

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