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  • David Allen
    please keep myself and daughters Deanna and Jessica and there families in your prayers
  • Omar Trigo
    Beloved Brothers and Sisters:

    My Prayer Request is that OUR LOVE GOD JEHOVAH, THE GREATEST LOVE, May Enter the Deepest of My Love Mind, Heart, Soul, Spirit and Body, so JESUS CHRIST Reveal Me Everything I Have to Do, in order for JEHOVAH to Bless Me Creating Me, this Very Moment, a Perfect and Complete Huge Quantity Money Creator Almighty Working Machine Every Day of My Wealthy Life, Constantly and Eternally.

    Thanks a lot!

    Blessings from THE FATHER to You All,

    Omar Trigo.
  • Nicole
    Please pray for me. I accepted Christ as my Savior in March 2000, and I walked very closely with God until I backslid in 2016 when I entered into a relationship with someone who wasn't saved. I slowly but surely ignored every prompting of the Holy Spirit as I gratified my flesh. I was mistreated, used and abused and always knew it was due to my disobedience to God. I had even started indulging in recreational drugs. In Jan 2020, we split and the guy went into rehab and is doing very well in another state. I am still struggling with my relationship with God, and it tears me apart almost daily. Sometimes I think I've bounced back but then it seems as if I always get distracted by something or someone, and then I find myself back at square one. Recently someone else (not the guy) tried to pull me back into the drugs, but after using them twice, I told them "I've fallen, and by the grace of God I'm getting right back up. I have overcome this, and I am not going backwards anymore. I cannot be around you, and I'm not doing this." I meant every word of what I said, and I have the victory over that.

    My biggest problem is trying to read the Word daily. I use to "saturate" myself with the Bible every single day, and now it's like I can't even pick it up and read for 15 minutes; like there's some type of barrier between me and my bible that I can't see. I want God to sit on the throne of my heart as number 1 again. I want to walk and talk with Him like I use to. I want to put Him first in all things like I use to. I want to have faith in and trust Him over ALL, the way I used to. Please pray for me. I know that nothing can separate me from the love of God. I know He will and does bring good out of every situation. I know that I am more than a conqueror, and that no man can pluck me out of His hands, but I have fallen spiritually and cannot seem to get back up. Thank you, whosoever will.
  • David Allen
    please continue to keep myself and daughters Deanna and Jessica and there families in your prayers
  • Nana Yaa Gyedua
    Praying for the fruit of the womb and financial breakthrough
  • April
    Prayer for the Lord to protect, save, deliver, heal, anoint, bless, comfort, encourage, guard, provide, prosper, lead, guide, and fight all of my children's and grandson's battles, fight my battles and fill us all with His anointed Holy Ghost and prayer for God to expose all evil supervisors, Itt Tech workers and team leaders at my job that have been restarting my computer remote controlling as I work from hom, harrassing me because i am a black woman and trying to fire me so I lose my home and cannot provide for my children, prayer for God to fight my battles.
  • Charles H
    Please pray for my family to be united in love and not divided.

    Also. If I cannot remember every sin to ask for forgiveness,

    what happens to me.

    Will I eventually not go to heaven or am I taking this scripture to literal?
  • Robin Jeffery
    Please, help me on behalf praying for Knowledge & Wisdom restoration. I cannot remember or memorize what I read and understand?

    Your great aid will be much appreciated.

    God bless and Love you all


    Robin Jeffery
  • Debbie
    "My FAMILY is being bombarded with multiple health problems such as .... heart, cancer, skin cancer, back, thyroid, internal, emotional and spiritual issues. Thank you so much for your prayers !"
  • David Allen
    please keep myself and my daughters Deanna and Jessica and there families in your prayers
    I am asking for salvation for my sister. I love her soo much. Her name is Anna. thank you.
  • Diana Desautel
    Please pray for the Lord to deliver me from wine
  • Genevie
    I'm asking for prayer for my grandson Isaiah, he came involved with people and taken to a place of demonic things, put him in prayer, he was a believer of God and the bible but has fallen away, he is willing to come back to the Lord but feels he is not worthy, he knows he has committed basphamy
  • Stephanie V
    Please pray that my appointment on Friday is one of the best I have ever had and that I have excellent results come back. Thank you so much, and may God bless you!
  • David
    please keep Kristie and myself in your prayers , please pray the LORD give her the strength and the courage to do what is before her pray the walls that separate be removed
  • April
    Prayer for the Lord to protect, save, deliver, heal, anoint, bless, comfort, encourage, guard, provide, prosper, lead, guide, and fight all of my children's and grandson's battles, fight my battles Prayer for peace on my job, God to keep His hedge of protection around me, my children, our homes, cars, jobs, health, minds, lives & for God to protect my children grandson & I from people trying to break in our home and God to protect my children and I and for a complete healing for my daughter & son's healing from a accident. Prayer for all my kids to be saved and live for Jesus. Prayer for God to lead where us to buy a house and move asap in a good safe peaceful neightborhood, and be successful and all my children grandson & I shall live and not die and prosper in Jesus Christ Name.
  • Ms Margret
    Pray for immediate healing in the name of the lord!
  • Taylor Marcoellis on Matthew 1
    Prayer for me...amen
  • Nancy Borntreger
    Please pray for Jim who owes his girlfriend a lot of money as she had helped him with finances while he was 500 miles out in the ocean working as a Drilling Engineer. She needs the money back.
  • Kenneth Christopher
    I need prayers brethren please help me to prayer that God should grant me a job I'm from Nigeria I can do anything to survive and to keep my soul move please my marriage is going bad because of it I have a friend in Dubai he find me a job but he ask me to bring one million naria to do papers but I don't have I have try to sell my land in my village but all is no avail please I join my faith with the children of God asking God let his will be done
  • Kenneth Christopher
    God has been so faithful to me and my family for close to five years now I have no job but God in his infinite mercy has keep my children in school he awesome I don't know how happen he is a great God that a jobless man can still pay school fees and also house rent I thank God for his taught towards me is awesome and I'm still believing God a good job I have a job in Dubai but know money to travel he knows the best for me thank you Jesus
  • Gary Church
    Prayer for my mother she just got a call from the doctor and they said her cancer levels are up I pray when she goes and gets the bone scan on the 18th they dont find anything wrong in Jesus name I pray Amen
  • Marlena Veasman
    Need comforting Bible reading for a friend who lost her newborn baby and husband just a few months ago. She is struggling with her faith and is starting to succumb to addictions. I've been posting scriptures on her FB page to try to help.

    Prayers for Shannon A. From Chicago!

    Thank you

    God Bless

  • David Allen
    please continue to keep myself and my daughters Deanna and Jessica and there families in your prayers
  • Lena
    Prayers for my siblings to continue to follow in the footsteps of Jesus- amen
  • Lena
    Prayers to hold up Tyler and Justin and Joshua to stay on the course that Jesus have for them, each his own to bring

    glory and praise and honor to His holy name- amen
  • Daniel Rookard
    Please pray my neighbor Donald Carbello leave me Alone And God gives him peace!!Thankyou
  • Crito
    Hi friends can you please pray for methan that I can be freed from my wreck anxieties that have helped to my life.

    And can you also please pray that I can be a good witness for the Lord

    Thanks c
  • Omotayo odesanya
    I want good health, I need prayer for good health.
  • Lashida Taylor
    please pray for a full body healing and alleviation of my symptoms in the mean time. i have been sick for 3 months and after many doctor visits i have shown little to no improvement. i am currently unemployed and cannot afford to keep going to the doctor. can you all please prayer for me to make a full recovery soon and that the on my next doctor visit they will be able to diagnose what is really wrong and be able to fix it? in jesus name i pray healing over my body and i thank you for your prayers in advance god bless.

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