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  • Valerie on Genesis 1
    Prayers for a job or employment via computer that is respectable and to earn income. And for persons who treated me(us) like Lazarus that GOD word is. Prayers for Safety and Protection.
  • Quinton Lee Washington on Psalms 2
    "And the Lord shall make thee plenteous in goods, in the fruit of thy body, and in the fruit of thy cattle, and in the fruit of thy ground, in the land which the Lord swore unto thy fathers to give thee. Deuteronomy 28:11

    Peter 1:2

    Prayer for girlfriend /wife marriage prayer against occultism and racism in church . Prayer to love your neighbor as yourself .
  • Ndifelani on Psalms 2
    please help in prayer for the true spirit of repentance.
  • David on Psalms 2
    Please pray for Kristie and my self today , please pray the walls that separate us be removed once and for all , that we are united
  • David Allen on Psalms 2
    Please keep me in your prayers today
  • Tiffany imera on Psalms 2
    My uncle Willie is in the hospital he has covid and he has a infection in his blood I wanted to ask for a prayer request he needs all the prayers he can get please I pray to our father in heaven he gets better soon
  • Nicole on Psalms 2
    My daughter's best friend just had surgery. She just woke and immediately the staff knew something was wrong. They just put her under anesthesia AGAIN and her husband, children, family, my daughter are terrified. She is a wonderful wife, mother and friend. Please Pray that she will pull through without any complications. Please, she needs Prayer and Blessing now more than ever!! God Bless
  • Lisa on Psalms 2
    Hello Christian brethren, I am in need of G-d's Divine Direction, Protection and Intervention in my immediate life's situation. I do not know what to do but to cry out to G-d and to ask for His Loving, Compassionate Help and Assistance. I need G-d to protect me from being oppressed and tyrannized by unreasonable enemies. I thank you in advance for your prayers and bless those who bless me. Blessings to all G-d's Elect and Chosen Ones in these Last Days of Noah. I thank You Father G-d in advance for all that You have done in my life and are doing and are currently working on to bring Glory and Honor to Your Holy Name. I pray to serve and to minister to others soon how You saved and delivered me out of all my troubles so that others can come to know You and the great steadfast love You have for Your Creation. I love You Abba Yah and I love my neighbor as myself. I have learned from my G-dly Discipline that You are to be Feared and Obeyed. I only desire to do Your Will and to be pleasing in Your sight, so can You please make and mold me in the image of Yahawishi so that I am beautiful to You.
  • Jernej on Psalms 2
    I just want people to show me some prayer and pray whit me. I did a lot of stuf im not proud of and hope that i can be forgiven.
  • Adam on Psalms 4
    (URGENT) Hi, there's a woman named Sarah I believe who has breast cancer (she told me personally online). Doctors have told her that she has a few months to live. Please pray for her healing and salvation (if she's truly not saved) including salvation of those around Sarah.

    Thank you so much.
  • Cecelia M Graves on Psalms 2
    I am requesting prayer for two of my grandchildren whom have gone astray. I pray that God will protect them from any hurt harm or danger. They are currently in custody @ the juvenile jail, which I am glad they are are there and safe rather than having to view their bodies in a coffin. Please pray with me that they will return to Christ and do God's will.

    Thank You God Bless!
  • David Allen on Psalms 2
    Please keep me in your prayers today
  • Solomon Udofia on Psalms 2
    Please I need help in prayers for a total redemption, liberation, consistency, open doors and above all spiritual wisdom and knowledge... thanks and God bless
  • Lena on Psalms 2
    Prayers for our country, america- and prayers for our leaders, god bless the usa -amen
  • April on Psalms 2
    Prayer for God to continue to bless, favor, heal, shield, lead, guide & anoint, save, guard, protect my children, grandson, fianc & I & for God's hedge of protection, blessings & favor for us & our children, at work, at church, in our neighborhood, community and anywhere we travel for wisdom, knowledge & understanding of the Word of God. Prayer for my children enemies to stop stalking and sending death threats, prayer for healing for my grandson from food poisoning eating at a restaurant. Prayer for my son's enemies to get caught with the gun he threatened them with and protection for my children and grandson & I. Prayer for me to conquer my weight lost battle and eating healthy & at the right times. God's protection for traveling mercy as we travel for Christmas to make it to family and back home safe. Prayer for The Lord to blood over us, our minds, health, lives, house, cars, social media,finances and everything God has predestined for us in the Blood and Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Prayer for God to fight our battles and protect us in Jesus Name.
  • Jessica on Matthew 25
    Please say a prayer for my brother. He has some medical problems right now. They found some masses in his in between his bladder and his prostate and they still aren't sure what it is. He had to go to Dr last night due the pain he was in but they just said he had a weak stomach and sent him home. I know there are good doctors but for whatever reason last night they didn't do all they could for him. I know that the main doctor is Jesus and I am praying that he will lay his hand on my brother. please help me pray for a healing in my brother. Thank you and God bless
  • David Allen on 1 Peter 5
    Please keep me in your prayers today
  • Daniel Shina on 1 Peter 5
    I need a Prayer for deliverance for my spiritual life to served him accordingly

    I also need a prayer of deliverance for financial failure
  • Cindy on 1 Peter 5
    I pray that we pray and Don't for get that Jesus Christ exist that to get through God we speak with Christ I pray that with all we are going through to remember that their is a great enemy who wants to destroy our faith our believe which is called Lucifer it is a spiritual war but with faith as small as a grain of mustard we can move the troubles we can move that mountain we can be deliver of any addiction drugs,porn,gangs,problems,spiritual and mental attacks divorce and anything in the way if we ask through Jesus Christ so I declare deliverance blessings healing and for this Virus man made to go back where it came from and be destroy may through Jesus Christ the father the son the Holy Spirit make a miracle for all of us standing in faith and believe that he will make justice Amen.
  • Cindy on 1 Peter 5
    Please please prayer for my pastor name Cucu and his family we need a miracle through Jesus Christ he is in a ventilator and only God could give him strength and wake him up please a lot of prayer and for his wife and children
  • Lisa on Psalms 91
    Please pray for me as I have been struggling with my mind a little and have gotten of track. I found my way back, but I could use the prayer to sleep a good night's sleep. I haven't slept much lately. Pray for all the world and the blessed things in it. I believe God loves the whole world and it's a shame to only pick one part to pray for. I pray for every man, woman, and child as we are all people. I believe we are all sinners and I believe as long as we acknowledge the things we do wrong while there is time and talk them out with the Lord and make amends with ourselves for the wrongs we have done and that we have prayed to the Lord through Jesus with all this and asked for his forgiveness, I believe he'll show us the way. Thank you, God Bless you, and AMEN
  • Thomas Fisher on Psalms 91
    I have been reading parts of the Bible for the last 5 years. I have let questions about what I have read as well as prayer to the Lord guide me on what Books I would read next. But I have lately felt like I am not progressing in my faith. What should I be doing differently? I ask for your prayers and guidance in Jesus Holy Name.
  • Rey on Psalms 91
    I nee d prayer I have an addiction or addictions and I thought I could do it by my self I need prayer please for god to break this chains that are choking me
  • Sassy on Psalms 91
    I am facing a much difficult task on Tuesday the 12 of January 2021. Please pray I will give the right answers an keep me from having fear from those asking the questions. Thank you.

    May God keep you safe and healthy.

  • Patricia on Psalms 91
    Please pray forAmericia
  • SOPHIA REINBERGS on Psalms 91
    I am fifty years old and all my life i have know misery. but the last twenty years, it has been the worse.

    I though i could tell my story, but i am so, broken by life, i just cannot. Please pray for by protection from others; my enemies. I am christian . thank you god bless
  • David on Psalms 91
    please pray for Kristie and myself today please pray the walls that separate us be removed please pray we are reunited
  • CB on Psalms 91
    I ask for prayers to guide me in my faith. I am having great difficulty when I sit down and begin to read my Bible. When I do so, it seems to me like there are evil beings making vile comments to distract me from the word. I've learned more about the Bible and Jesus' days on Earth over the past few months than I have in my 32yrs. I've been really intrigued and get pretty excited when I do learn something new. It hasn't been an easy road walking in my faith because of this. But I continue and push through it and I by no means will give up.

    I also ask for prayers for my family as they seem to be going through a difficult time at the moment. I pray for strength and wellness both physically, mentally, and spiritually,
  • Church on Genesis 1
    Please pray for everyone in the world
  • Audrey HoChoy on Genesis 1
    I want to have a strong relationship with God.

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