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  • Dee - 6 days ago
    I have made some mistakes due to being lied on by someone I truly loved. I handled the situation out of anger. I have apologized on death ears. I have asked for forgiveness. I want to move forward in peace with myself. I ask for your prayer of peace.

    In Jesus name.

  • Laurie Wordon - 6 days ago
    Please pray for my daughter as she had a brain tumor and is going through post surgery and radiation issues. Please pray for my daughter to heal and not ever have to go through this again. Please pray for Erica. thank you.
  • Tina - 6 days ago
    please pray for me. i use to wordship an idol. an celebrity and now i realize they were nothing i though they were. it's my fault because the bible says not to do that and i did and got caught up. asking God to heal me and for me to move on in my life.
  • David Allen - 6 days ago
    please remember my daughter Jessica and her family today in your prayers please remember me as well
  • Sus - 1 week ago
    Do you ever feel like everything is to much. Like your gonna go CRAZY??? Wether something is going on in school, or your job is to much, or whatever it may be, lets just remember, we have an ALMIGHTY God in heaven. Jesus knows what your going through. May God bless you, bye guys.
  • John - 1 week ago
    My sister wants me to come to Hawaii, but my instincts are telling me that now is not the right time. Please Father God, change her mind and help her see the light! Thank you and God Bless!
  • E. - 1 week ago
    Asking for extra strong protection, the power of the Holy Spirit, peace, joy, love, the strength of the Lord, wisdom, deliverance, healing, salvation (those not saved). Asking for us and all in need. Also asking for M and K to be healed and for a change in my work situation as well as the Lord to take complete control of our prayer meeting tomorrow and to protect and grow our church and for us to be effective witnesses for Him. Thank you for praying.
  • Mike K - 1 week ago
    Pray God heals me of my porn addiction, life stresses, and disbelief. These three things are interconnected. First: disbelief. I'm hanging by a thread of faith. My faith in God's existence and the bibles veracity is almost gone. I am pondering of late if the bible is like Greek mythology now. Why? Because I can pray to a stone stature of Zues (not that I intend to) and get the same response from God. I know the promises in the bible, but despite praying no answer has ever come.

    My life has been 60 years of loneliness, failure, broken dreams, unanswered prayers, and struggle with depression and poverty. I have no friends (not one), no family, no wife but I have many enemies in demon attacks and in humans against me (noise harassing neighbors in my apt complex and I can't afford to move).

    When I get so profoundly sad and my life is pure misery, I lose my faith from the overwhelming load that has been on me for decades. Jesus said if you are heavy laden and weary to come and he will give rest and an easy yoke. But he hasn't. Thus, I'm losing faith fast and wondering if the bible is a lie and if there is no god. And with that, instantly I figure if there is no God I might as well look at porn because that is the only pleasure I get in life. See how this rapidly goes downhill? Thus, I ask for your prayers. Not only to defeat porn addiction, but also the precursors to that. I ask that God removes the load on me and reveals himself to me as real.

    Even the apostle Paul who aided in the killing of St Stephen would have died not believing in Christ unless God revealed him as real. I need that kind of Damascus road miracle where God shows me he is real. Once, that happens, when temptation comes, I then will have a foundation to resist. Please pray this happens.
  • David Allen - 1 week ago
    please remember my daughter Jessica in your prayers today , please remember me
  • Sus - 1 week ago
    hello again, does anyone have any spiritual ways to heal a shattered heart, please let me know if you can help. Thanks.
  • Daniel - 1 week ago
    Please pray god peace to .donald.bryan.erica.all.of humanity..thanks
  • Sus - 1 week ago
    hi everyone, thank you all SO much for sharing. I want you all to know that God loves you unconditionally read John 3:16. Bye guys :)
  • Martha Ann - 1 week ago
    Our 4 1/2 year old Jack Russell Puppy has cancer. It appears that he will not live long as it is in his anus and bleeding a lot.

    Please pray for our puppy to not suffer. Please pray for me and my husband to receive comfort from the Lord when our puppy is put to sleep. It is going to break both our hearts. Thank you, Martha Ann
  • Nicholas - 1 week ago
    Please pray to break the power of the occult over all of our lives all over the world.
  • B.J. Hudson Jr. - 1 week ago
    Pray For Me That My Back Will Be Healed and Be Stronger Iny Fath
  • A - 1 week ago
    For Anna's needs. Known to the Lord. Thank You Jesus.
  • Sus - 1 week ago
    hi everyone, i want to ask for prayers so that God will help me to understand why things happen the way they do and to heal my heart. Thanks.
  • Gustavo Adolfo medrano Pea lba - 1 week ago
    I have stomach cancer ,esophagus cancer,and amass in my right kidney.
  • David Allen - 1 week ago
    Please remember me and my daughters in your prayers today
  • Ben skeen - 1 week ago
    help me do better in the lord
  • Mike - 1 week ago
    Please pray for me to overcome the seizure I had.Also the patience to self catherderize.Losing patience with everything going wrong at once.
  • Hayle - 1 week ago
    I just feel like I have so much put on me at the moment. I would love for a moment where i could get a prayer towards me. I try to sit down and talk to the lord. I try and do everything right, but I dont know what it is. No matter how hard I try to be good, i just end up doing bad. I need to be forgiven. I need peace. I need love. And I need patience.
  • Andrea Elizabeth - 1 week ago
    I am 10 year old, and I go to a christian church. And I wanted to ask if people can pray that God helps me guide mi friends to him.
  • Brandi - 1 week ago
    Pray the A.I. curse (God knows) is broken off my husband and my family and loved ones and I and that God sends Angel's to protect us all, pray Jehovah Rapha touches my husband Mitch and heals him and keep us all healthy and safe, pray God helps us find fulfillment and joy, in Jesus Mighty Name Amen and Hallelujah!!!
  • Dale K. Van Buren - 1 week ago
    I ask nothing of this time and world: But the most essential, The gift of God word in presentation to cover all topics in life and project the results of Faith and Grace; Basically to be ready to defend my Lord and Savior and plant seeds of opportunity towards Salvation.
  • Frank - 1 week ago
    Please plead the blood of Jesus Christ over me, and pray that He leads me in all things. Pray that my mind is filled with the thoughts the Lord wants me to have, and my heart is filled with His love. Also please pray for energy, focus, strength and safety for me at work. Thank you and may God bless you in Jesus holy name.
  • Tan Popatas - 1 week ago
    Dear Lord, please forgive me. Please fill me and heal my brain double and a hundredfold. I pray for forgiveness from the ones pulling my spirit out. Please restore and heal my brain quadruple hundredfold. Please deliver, protect, and save me from the ones pulling my spirit out. In Jesus' name. Amen
  • David Allen - 1 week ago
    Please remember me and my daughter Jessica and her family today in your prayers
  • Jama Webb - 1 week ago
    Please pray for my family.We have been through so much in the past three yrs.
  • Eddie Jean Lee - 1 week ago
    Lord, my granddaughter is traveling by herself going back home to North Carolina, don't let any hurt or harm come to her please and thank you for being that God who cares and sees that nothing happen and that she arrive back home safe and sound. also that my family come together in love and unity as God desires for a Family to be.

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