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  • Bridget on Matthew 24:9
    pls lord let me feel the holy sprit guide me help me raise these kids enjoy them Save Alyssa let her finish school get a job

    Pls lord send me my future husband big strong man will never cheat on me will love these kids spoil me move us to a house
  • RMarie Sheila on Matthew 24:9
    I'm a Single parent,blessed with one daughter and she is in Grade VIII.I have lost my Job.Please pray for me to get a Job with higher salary. Without Job i have undergone my pains and tribulations from my parents and my mother always doubts and suspecting me often,totally i have lost my peace and i'm totally broken hearted. Please pray for me to get a Job with Higher salary..Please pray for me with tears i'm sending this prayer request.Please pray for me that i should get a Job immediately...Please pray for me...

    With Tears

    R.Marie Sheila
  • Baptiste lafferrerie on Revelation 12
    - I would like prayers to find a job in libraries in Brittany, to find a house, to restore my marriage. May my family be saved !! Be blessed !
  • Ellery Washington on Revelation 12
    I have been under violent persecution for not participating in or condoning offensive sexual immorality and blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. I love Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and do not want to lose my salvation by denouncing them. Please pray for my protection. Thank you.
  • Elle on Revelation 12
    Pray that God destroys all witchcraft attacks against me in Jesus name. Pray that God put an end to all witches trying to hinder and block my blessings. I rebuke all curses, demonic strongholds, witchcraft against my abundance of financial blessing and me leaving.
  • Michelle Morgan on Revelation 12
    Asking for prayers for my co worker Missy Phillips. She's been diagnosed with breast cancer and the removal of her breast. Praying for complete healing, a speedy recovery and peace of mind for her and her family and friends.
  • Karen on Revelation 12
    Please continue to pray with me for my sons James and John: Lord, you've given me the beautiful gift of my sons. I ask you to pour out your Spirit over them and free them from the snares of addiction and mental anguish. Please bless them with long, healthy, happy lives, in the name of your son Jesus Christ, in union with your Holy Spirit Amen.
  • David A. on Revelation 12
    Please keep me in your prayers
  • JAYAKUMAR EPURI on Revelation 12
    Pl. pray for our family, my wife have hypertension,son and daughter are in education.My job upgrading Etc.,
  • Flossy Ann Archibeque on Revelation 12
    please pray that God and the Holy spirit help me open my heart. Due to my upbringing I have learned to guard and shield myself. I am desperate for my heart to be opened to let Jesus come in and heal me. I hold nothing back from him. I want to give him all my painful memories, my clinical depression, my shame, everything. I also have a hard time receiving because I have felt or told I was unworthy many times growing up. I ask that you would help me to recieve the unconditional love of Jesus into my heart. Lastly, my trust has been broken. I don't trust anyone and its so painful and lonely. I've been betrayed and let down by family and people I thought I was close to. I need to trust God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit to help me. I want so badly more than anything to be able to trust and let go and recieve and heal my heart. I can't live with this pain and burden anymore. Please pray God helps me. I am so lonely. I don't have any friends. I lost my job and am trying to sober up out of a meth addiction. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed right now. I hope it gets easier.
  • Alexander Devereux on Revelation 12
    I have lost my job due to covid 19. The people in my apartment complex have been having parties in the parking lot until 3 -4 am and the landlord has done nothing about it. When I called the courtesy office at 3 am in order to get some sleep. The Tenants slashed my tires because he told them I called. They also inflicted $3000 worth of damage to my car and the landlord knows they are selling drugs as well. I gotta move and get the car fixed. I need a job ASAP. Please send up prayers for me.
  • Anonymous on Revelation 12
    No physical distance in workplace by emeshed couple who backstab everyone and were assigned for the backstabbing to work together for 2 yrs prior to COVID 19. No boundaries, each coworker has entered my workspace, the spouse attempting to take over my assigned work several times abandoning his own work assignment with another coworker in another location. I can not go to the bathroom, get a cup of coffee, or complete a task without getting the permission of the controlling coworker who has slandered me to every management or coworker on the entire shift because I told her to stay 6 ft away from me out of my physical space.The dysfunction of the lack of boundaries when assigned working together with the spouse or cohabitating partner does NOT WORK with independent coworker who needs 6 ft physical distancing. Other coworker taunt me publically. I have 4 more weeks. Pray those taunting me will be the next to get assigned to these coworkers to experience lack of boundaries.
  • Rebekah on Revelation 12
    I am asking for prayers to our heavenly father, who is heaven. I'm asking for prayers of direction,

    For forgiveness, and for guidance to lead me closer to him. I am currently in a marriage with a man who is a narcissist. I also ask for prayers for him,(Dallas) he really is a good person with some demons hiding in him, they really need to come out and leave him alone. I'm asking the lord to show me the way as I continue to seek a way out and to move on peacefully. Thank you in advance for your help!, Prayer warrior's
  • Karen on Revelation 12
    Please pray for God to continue to pour out His Spirit over my sons James and John and deliver them from addiction, free them from the mental anguish they suffer, and bless them with long, healthy, happy lives. Thank you and God bless you abundantly.
  • Rachel Guffey on Revelation 12
    i want to follow jesus do his will, i belive he is the father son and holy ghost please pray for me as i start this wonderful jonery with our father in heaven, i want a personal relastionship with jesus please keep me in your prays thanks rachel from florida
  • Andrew Anthony on Revelation 12
    Please pray that God should use me and doors should open for ministry and also ministry should fruitful now I am at home pray for finance and Gods protection upon me and upon my family thank you praise the Lord Shalom Maranatha
  • Flossy Ann Archibeque
    This is what God did to me when all I did was love Him and other people. At age 10 He let me get depression that I 've had over 20 years now. He hasn't comforted me in the least. It says that those who seek him earnestly will be rewarded. Where is my reward? It also says God is not a man that he should lie. Well, then if that is true, he must be a man. I have been crying nights and days for years. Everything in me wants to say screw you. But I'm still here because my life isn't my own. I can't even hold down a job now I'm so messed up. I'm fighting to stay here. And God, He's just watching...Waiting for me to die so He can condemn me. This is what God does to people who love Him, He hurts them and watches them suffer and kills all their hope. This is what God does to people who hope in Him, He makes them wait forever with no answer and then almost gives them hope and then takes it away. This is what God does to terrible people, He blesses them.
    I am need of a prayer, i am struggling right now with my relationship with the lord. i have lost my way. i don't feel close to him anymore. i struggle to read his word, pray, meditate. please pray for me to find the strength to fight my daily trials and temptations.
  • Flossy Ann Archibeque
    I need discernment from God. I don't know what to do about my addiction my depression or my life. I'm lost. I feel like I'm drowning. I don't trust people because they hurt me too much but I can't do this alone. God needs to know how desperate I am. I don't know what to do and He's not clear enough.
  • Kelvin yovo
    Enter Your Comment...I thank God sending his son to save as from perishing John 3:17God did not send his son to condem the world but through him we may have life it a great thing to serve the lord and l am happy to have God who love as Isaiah 11 talk about the seven spirit of God that was in Jesus so we must have it I pray that God will protect us amen
  • Deborah Genn on Matthew 24:9

    I am requesting prayer for my family & I. God knows all the small details. I will, however share a bit. Pray that my 23 year old daughter will not take an abortion pill. (She is married and has 2 girls under 3) She & her husband live with us in a small 1500 square foot house; that is 4 adults and 2 children. Pray that my biopsy on a place in my esophagus comes back benign. Pray that my son in law can go back to work soon. Pray for my brother in law will be able to work soon again. Pray that I will seek & spend time with God more. (Hard to do in a houseful!) I'm feeling SO overwhelmed! I've been seeing a counselor for a little over 2 years and she had to leave for some "family matters". I really miss her right now. The Holy Spirit did tell me to talk to my Heavenly Father instead. Pray that I can & will do that. Thank you for praying!
  • Nancy on Matthew 24:9
    Please send healing prayers for my daughter Ruth. Urgently need prayers for her speedy recovery.
  • Leticia Lee on Matthew 24:9
    I am asking for prayer for me I just want to be close to God and just learn of him and seek his face. I also am asking for pray for my son who is 17 years of age that God saves him and that he make good decisions in life that GOD place good men his life. I pray that God protects him everyday. I want prayer for my dad and sisters and brothers and nieces and nephews. I want my family saved. I ask prayer for me to lose weight and get healthy.
  • Charlotte Washington on Matthew 24:9
    My 29 year old son has been struggling with heart and lungs disease all his life, he's now literally fighting for each breath he takes,the doctors don't know anything else to do, but we are trying to keep Faith, God will bring him through this and allow him to LIVE!! He's in and out the hospital almost every other week, struggling just be breathe! Although he has numerous other conditions it seems right now, his lung condition is what's threatening his life, I as for prayer to help him be able to go through this trial and praying for his emotional health because this is so overwhelming, Lord help.
  • Elle on Matthew 24:9
    Pray that I don't leave this place I reside until I receive this abundance of financial blessings God has promised..

    Pray that God destroys all witchcraft attacks and delivers me, dogs, and family from all witchcraft. Been in bondage for a year and would like salvation. Pray that I fast and pray for this deliverance and a financial blessings.

    Help me to trust God in the storm. Pray that he brings peace in this house permanently and blesses my requests I made to him.
  • Dee on Matthew 24:9
    Please pray for healing for Chrissy who has heart and breathing problems and trouble with her eyesight. God bless
  • Karen on Matthew 24:9
    Please continue praying for my sons James and John. My prayer is that they are healed from addiction, freed from anxiety and depression, and that they're blessed with long, healthy, happy lives. I know God is working in them, and I know this has to be an ongoing prayer, as it's not something that can be answered in one day. Thank you all for persistently praying with me. God bless you all, and may all of your prayers be answered.
  • David A. on Matthew 24:9
    Please keep me in your prayers today
  • Katie on Matthew 1
    Pray for my body to respond well to Lyme's treatments. Pray that my husband would be set free from alcoholism and be loving and compassionate towards me and not harsh/critical.
  • Keith vinup on Matthew 24:9
    I want to pray for my finger because I was cutting an Apple Cutter just pray for Me

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