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  • Kahmilia, Karifa, Nijah, Nehemiah
    Heavenly father I ask for guidance,I pray father that you release me from this bondage and help me overcome these obstacles I face daily. Father please cover my children under the blood of Jesus.AMEN
  • Mary Fitzpatrick
    Please pray for my peace and strength to continue to stay focus on what God has for me to do. We are living in our last days. Also, pray for my love ones to know Jesus.
  • Pam
    Please keep Lois in prayer she will be having total knee replacement in the morning. My sister in Christ.also my son Adam who hasn t wanted to speak to me would talk again to his mother.
  • Lauren
    Hello all! I am a young girl who is struggling with my flesh. The Tribulation period is called to start in 3 years and I know I am not ready. I just need the Holy Spirit to speak to me again.
  • Marion D Jones-Tamba
    Please pray for my brother Devon. He's very intraverted, and has ADD. He's having a difficult time find a job. I pray for God to open doors, heal him of strongholds and some depression. In Jesus name.
  • Marion D Jones-Tamba
    Please pray for my son Tyler. He has so much hurt and anger inside of him. God spared his life from being shot. I know he has a plan for him. Please pray for renewal, peace and healing.
  • Ammar Qureshi
    Please pray for my mother, she has been diagnosed with colon cancer. I am requesting prayer for her to become cancer free as well as stronger and happier, thank you.
  • RVA Wife and mom
    Dear God, Thank you for our many blessings, mercy and love. Please help us as we are in need of to take care of basic necessities like rent, utilities and bills for next few months. I love you Amen
  • Elliott
    To be healed from HIV and be delivered from crack cocaine and to be used of God.
  • Reen
    Pray for our President and Leaders to look to God's Word in making decisions for our USA., Pray for Family to trust the Lord Jesus as Saviour. and Thank You Lord for loving us, our Hope is in You.
  • Jooanne
    My husband just loss his job last week, please pray that we can find a new and better job for him.
  • Shereese Clark
    I need money to buy a house for my family and I need 1000 dollars to pay my bills and I need all of my back bills to be pay off
  • Sunny
    Please brethren pray for me that God will use for his glory tha my generation will benefit from me. I need the grace to prech the Gospel
  • Stella
    Pray for my husband that his consultancy job will not be terminated by the wicked
  • Stephen
    please pray for me as I have a stammer and I feel useless, at times when my wife needs me the most to make phone calls or ordering a meal,also for my son who is autistic. thank you
  • Chris
    For all the Christians- grace to turn from our wickedness, to love truth and light, bear good fruit, love one another, stand, watch, pray, rejoice, give thanks, seek, search, and study the word of God
  • Emelio Kaprieli Ieli
    Please pray to our Lord Jesus that he may use me in his own mighty way through his wisdom,knowledge and understanding of his word in my entire life Amen.
  • Michelle
    Please pray for me not to get picked for jury duty. I can't afford to be off work, I am struggling to get my bills paid now. Thank you, I appreciate it!
  • Sara
    Please everyone pray for miracles in all our lives. Pray for my husband Rick, that Father God sent His Word and healed him completely and forever. Thank you for praying. May God meet your needs.
  • Michel
    Please pray4my bksld daug danele tht God remv her frm my home tht she admit she hs a prob and immed go away to rehab my daug daily frm sun up to sun down drnk liquor and gets high tht God gv me stren
  • Paul Ragasa
    Please pray for me that the outcome of my trial will go good for me.
  • Tena elizabeth haile
    finding real love a Christian man and a new place to live, and my shop start making good money other one around me will too sent me true love all my children's come to Jesus.all sick granddaughter
  • Tena haile
    get my walk back being having hard time with it sent my son death, my children's and me were get close again and that they will come to know Jesus have their father and my grandchildren
  • Mary Fitzpatrick
    Please pray for my peace and safety from my husband.
  • Vanessa S.
    I would like to pray to the Lord today about my daughter, Evangeline. She is in the custody of my boyfriends mother, Jane, who is a very ill spoken women. I want to pray for good will to be done. Amen
  • Christian Love.
    Merce s my Prayers for you I prayed when I was hurt by my Mother We don't have to pretend we havent been hurt but we ask God to help us forgive and Love them, God forgave us and we hurt Him greatly.
  • The Spiritually poor.
    Pray for all those who deny God and Jesus. A miracle beholds those who are truthful in heart.
  • Merce’s
    I have abused my father and dead mother. Online in Facebook. Forgive me lord jesus.
  • Mercs
    I do not know who s child I am a mother to. Please pray for me.
  • MJ
    I have committed adultery. I am continuing the act for more than 10 years. Please pray for me.

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