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  • Cynthia Faircloth
    I have a daughter and granddaughter and great grandson living in my home who part of them ha e been for2 yrs. Lots of k.oss caused so I need the Lord to move them out. My husband and i cant afford it!
  • Christabel Ligpit
    Please pray for me and David, for God's healing, love, and joy to always dwell in us. May we also pray for his father and family, as well as Masa, Taka, and their family's healing.
  • Lena
    pray that all whom are hooked on drugs are set free and all glory goes to God amen
  • Cheryl
    Please pray for Tyler to be restored to full mental health, and for godly people to come into his life. Pray for Justin to come closer to the Lord and for a hedge of protection around all my family.
  • Rick
    Hi my name is Rick, would you please pray for me i dont know how much longer i can hold on. I am suffering from depression ,anxiety, and it is very painful. i am also being abused at work by my manage
  • YFN
    Pray for all, their wishes be heard through Jesus Christ
  • Glo Ba
    Lord Jesus please move on the Judge DA, and public defender, to see that Nyree needs help no incarceration and to sentence her to a long term Rehab and mental therapy. . Lord move on them that
  • Kathleen Hartzell
    Please let the bank work with my daughter so she can keep her car and accept her payment
  • Sandy
    Please ad to sell our car joe peace love and joy to stop saying bad things Steve and his wife to be blessed with a baby peace on the people we work for not to bother us
    I pray god move me to atlanta georgia or miami florida for life in jesus name and i pray god send me financial blessings for life in jesus name. god will answer prayers and god is a miracle worker.
  • Shelly
    Please pray for healing for Tan unknown illness wisdom guidance for his doctors. Thank you, I appreciate it.
  • Macio
    My marriage has gone bad my wife having an affair she said I verbal abuse my in laws have made it hard for us and she said she ask God to take me out of her life
  • Anonymous
    I have a couple of items I been searching for over 2 weeks can not find need to find don t know how this took place
  • Fred Woodard
    Please prey for my daughter Lauren she has scoliosis a severe curve of the spine she needs a creative miracle thanks God bless and meet all your need!
  • LBrown
    Bless my Mother and Family with good health Bless Me with a good job and let me meet my Wife and learn more about the bible.
  • Arissa Nolastname
    Please lift up prayers for my Tuesday Friday 2 hour evening job. My employer's husband lost his job, so my job has ended too. He is of Jewish faith, and she is Chinese.
    I come to you Father GOD for continuing strength and focus on my personal journey and positive change so that I may develop enough confidence in myself to be of help wherever you may feel I need do so
  • Kyra E.
    Please pray for my son. In the military. Recovering from backsliding. Really struggling. Had some anxiety PTSD issues after 5 deployments. Has 5 kids 2 ex-wives . Wants to come home to start over.
  • Cleophas omoro
    Need God to give our family a good house . Grant me and my brethren success in the education undertakings, Restoration for my clan. Financial breakthrough. Be blessed as you join me in prayers
    Praise god pastor, pray for me to get wisdom and guidance from god in everything i do and to travel internationally. god bless you pastor in jesus christ s name amen! pastor ronnie ngobi p.o box 28699
  • Kamogelo Malatji
    I ask help with restoring my relationship with My boyfriend , I ask that he may get his salvation, and get connected to God so that he may know how to love me correctly. May we forget our past and s
  • Jennifer Lynn DeFord
    I am disabled physically mentally. Im nearly homeless . My father's wealthy . Ive never asked him for anything till now . Please pray that god will lay it on his heart to help me with a home. ThankU
  • Lerato
    Please pray for my marriage and my husband to love his kids and every man to be restored back to who God created them to be. for all marriages to be strong ,the Vail that is on husband eyes to be remo
  • Patty
    My mother is a Godly and faithful woman who paid her tithes and offering generously. I cannot explain, but we need a touch from God it is urgent...potentially life threatening. AMEN
  • IZA
    Please pray for financial sources and new job. Please also pray for my two sons to get back going in church. Please for my decision to leave and find other job. Thanks
  • Kim Jackson
    "Please pray for my peace and strength to continue to stay focus on what God has for me to do. We are living in our last days. Also, pray for my love ones to know Jesus."
  • Nathanial John
    1 Pray for my sick father 2 Pray for my huge debts - I really don't know what to do
  • Mokgabo Kupe
    Dear reader Please pray for me to be let out of my contract at Spanduer Damm immediately so I can move to a better and healthier apartment for my child. Thanks
  • Karren
    pls pray for my financial stability..and my husband to have salvation in christ jesus...and let the fire of the holy one burn in jesus name i pray amen
  • Rodrigo
    May the peace and love of God be with all of you beloved sons of God, I only need your humble and beautiful prayers, for a woman daughter of God, May Roseli Perez Love Jesus Christ more.

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