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  • DrNgamkholal Haokip on Leviticus 16
    I cried unto the Lord to seek for His help on this prayer requests to be answered positively.

    1. Transformation of Joseph Haokip from alcoholic Addiction. The addiction of Joseph Haokip and mental problem has really injured my heart and brings unhappiness in my life. Pray that God would transform him physically and mentally to come at the feet of the Lord Jesus that he would be able to worship him joyfully. This big problem in my family disturbed us day and night .With me it is impossible to change him but with God all things are possible. Pray that he would able to get back the lost cell phone as soon as possible. Pray for the removal of hatred that existed between Ruth Haokip and Joseph Haokip.

    2.Pray for God's blessing to make us possible to have 3000 square feet of land to build a Prayer Centre .Pray that God would turn all our sorrows into joy ,sadness into happiness ,poverty into prosperity ,disunity in the family into unity, hatred in the family into deepest love. Pray that God would open the way for me to become a public leader to help the poor people and to be successful in doing all good things .Pray that God would give me the wisdom and ability to solve all problems in life wisely and positively to make me the winner over all people and all things.
  • Linda Workman on Leviticus 16
    Hello. I am asking prayers for my family during this pandemic to keep us safe. Especially my mother and father they are both up in age an has health problems. My father is a preacher and goes to the hospital to pray for the sick an retirement homes. And prayers for my grandchildren and children. Prayers for all who are suffering in some way. Thank you so kindly. All prayers appreciated.
  • Precious Muchemwa on Revelation 12
    Hello brethren I request for your prayers .Pray for our company Ark Concept Cargo we are going through some unexplained situations our cargo gets delayed detained or they just go missing .Please pray for me and my husband for a break through because our customers have lost faith in us and they think we are not trustworthy at all .Thank you in advance.
  • Baptiste on Revelation 12
    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

    - I would like prayers to find a job, restore my marriage, regain health and be a good Christian. Be blessed !
  • Nene on Revelation 12
    Please pray and agree with me that I will be healed. I am going to be tested for Sleep Apnea. Thank you so much and bless you.
  • David A. on Revelation 12
    Please keep me in your Prayers
  • Chip on Revelation 12
    Please pray and be thankful to God for all the blessings that he has shown us and that he will continue to spread his favor on us all so that we may continue to enjoy and pursue his will in this life.
  • Abbie Richardson on Revelation 12
    We are in a situation where we need move. The housing is quite high and we need guidance and the will of God. Thank you and God bless!!!
  • Chris on Psalms 1
    I was in an incident where in a freak accident I was responsible for injuring another person. Even though it was not my intention to harm them, I'm carrying tremendous guilt over harming my fellow man. I am familiar with scripture with regards to guilt from sin and sinning toward God, however I'm ignorant of scripture in regards to harming my fellow man and seeking relief from that guilt.
  • Rhoda Washington on Revelation 12
    Prayers for a New Beginning in my Life , I"m asking for Peace in my Life . Praying for wealth in my finance , Praying for Love and my relationship to be restored . Praying for a car . In Jesus Name Amen
  • Precious Muchemwa on Revelation 12
    Hello brethren I request for your prayers .Pray for our company Ark Concept Cargo we are going through some unexplained situations our cargo gets delayed detained or they just go missing .Please pray for me and my husband for a break through because our customers have lost faith in us and they think we are not trustworthy at all .Thank you in advance.
  • Please pray for my Grandma and Grandpa. Please pray for their health and they are well. Please pray for them . Also pray for me and my anxiety/depression and calm my worries. We greatly appreciate the prayers for us and our needs. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS
  • James leighton on Revelation 12
    I would like you to pray for me and my family because we have been through a lot in the past 2 years , with us becoming homeless then we found a house ,my mom losing her job me with school

    and I will think you for praying for me and my family

    love &prayers

    james leighton
  • Tina samra on Revelation 12
    I need prayer in having forgiveness for my husbands side of the family that had recently have Lied about me and had tried to destroy my life by trying to destroy my credibility. I am so so very hurt by their poor judgemental opinions that is very difficult for me to forgive them.i need the hand of god to help me at this time' i am trying to deal with my loved one that recently passed and also dealing with his cruel cousins that smeared me to everyone and i cry all the time over all this! And i need the lord to help me and give me a peace within along with forgivness for them as well. Thankyou and may god bless you
  • Ema sapp jr on Revelation 12
    I have a problem with my lungs and i ask you to pray for healing of my lungs
  • Daniel on Revelation 12
    Deliverance from family bondage, causes and sleeplessness. Good health and prosperity .
  • Amy Boegel on Revelation 12
    Please pray for our families health and wellness. We have had a family member that has been very ill and had surgery. It's been a big burden both financially and mentally, please pray for healing.
  • Ms DaVita Watts on Revelation 12
    Please pray for me, my husband, and our daughter to stay humble and committed to gods' ways as we embark upon our new beginning...
  • SINRPAUL on Revelation 12
    have deteriating disc in my back need comfort ned my new body at the rapture!! / Gods grace!
  • Milton Infancio Rodrigues on Revelation 12
    Blessed be St Michael the arc angel, St Gabriel, St Raphael, St Chamuel, St Jophiel, St Zadkiel, St Uriel ,St Ariel, St Raziel, blessed be all the saints,martyrs,apostles,disciples,all the angels and spirits in the entire Universe and beyond. Blessed be all the governing forces in the entire Universe and beyond. Blessed be my Guardian angels, blessed be all the angels of my family members and near and dear ones,blessed be the guiding and governing angels at my work place and all the God's and other forces in the entire Universe.
  • Crystal brinkley on Revelation 12
    Need help with anxiety & claustrophobia at stop lights.
  • David A. on Revelation 12
    Please keep me in your prayers
  • Kim Jackson on Revelation 12

    Thank and Praise You for blessing me this far.

    Lord, You will answer our prayers and we ask to draw many souls to Yourself. Father establish me In ministry I Pray for the Spanish, English, and Arabic Gospel outline for people to use and Salvation for the Unsaved and any that the gospel is shared with. Protection over my family Spiritually physically and Deliverance from evil one attacking the mind of my son, mother, brother and me/body and attacked daily enemy and deliverance from our houses, in bed at night and repentance, and family saved, free my son from alcohol and drug addiction and Deliver him, my brother from mental illness. Please Pray for Onlyhopeyouhave website and SoldieroftheCross Music also for salvations, videos, music and posts to be used, open doors and protection for people that go there also, open doors for music that I am making. So can any add to there Daily Prayer lists? Thank You, Father, In The Name Of Jesus God Almighty Glory and Honor.
  • April on Revelation 12
    Father, I place my cares about my loved ones into Your hands. Thank You for loving them more than I ever can, and for sending Your Son Jesus to die for us all, so that we can receive eternal life. Make Your love and presence real to my loved ones right where they are, and by Your Holy Spirit, convict every unbelieving heart of Your love for them. Open their eyes to see Your loveliness, and their hearts to hear and believe the gospel and live by Your will forever. In Jesus' name, Amen.
  • April on Revelation 12
    Prayer for God to give me favor with God & man, with my employer, employees, church leaders & members & family & clients & my fianc & his family & for the Lord to bless our relationship & everything that we do, that God is glorified. Prayer for God's protection, peace, anointing, love, joy and happiness in our lives & for The Lord to grant us the desires of our hearts and be head of our lives, homes, churches, jobs, family, etc & that The Lord bless us indeed & enlarge our finances, our territory to enhance His kingdom
  • April on Revelation 12
    Prayer for God to continue to bless, favor, shield, lead, guide & anoint, protect my children, grandson, fiance' & I & prayer for The Lord to fight our battles and prayer for my fianc to get serious with our relationship for marriage according to God's will & covenant & for God's protection in our relationship now & when we get married & afterwards & for God to protect us from anyone or anything that will ever try to come between us to destroy our relationship & love that God has united. Prayer for God's hedge of protection, blessings & favor for us & our children, at work, at church, in our neighborhood, community and anywhere we travel or may be for favor with God and man & God is glorified in every area in our lives.
  • Michelle on John 13
    Please pray for complete healing of James, David, Eanna, Michelle, Eanna, Naomhan. Please pray for private intentions. Thankn You.
  • Mary Edwards on Exodus 14:14
    lack wisdom help.
  • PRINCESS NEWBOLD on Revelation 12
    Please pray for long life and good health
  • I Amos 65 and my daughter and I are not getting along at all. Can I get something to help me with

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