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  • Lacey Ward
    Praying for my friend donnette Phillip's at community east hospital she is in serious pain she needs her medicine and to be treated with care . Also for safe travel home also just to say THANKYOU
  • Belinda
    I am in need of a financial blessing, my God is able, I am bringing this need to him in faith believing I put all trust in him, thank you Lord for being mindful of my every need
  • Donald
    My wife died Sept 01 2019. I need pray to help me get through the lost of my wife. Also I need pray that God will bring the right people to help me through the grieving process.
  • Sean
    this evening at my job, due to the stresses of overwork, for which I m sincerely and humbly sorry for I put myself a coworker and others in jeopardy. Bring security peace and resolution.
  • Hanna
    Dear Christian Family Please Pray Im having Open Heart Surgery in the next 3mths I had 2 other Serious Heart Problems and God Healed me but He uses Doctors etc to Heal us too Good things come from Him
  • Terris Baldwin
    That God restores our relationship and restores our family. That God touches and soften Darby s heart so she can see how much we need to be a family again and make us stronger than ever before.
  • Jessica L Hamilton
    Jayden is 14 years old I'm lost without my son I can't believe any of this is happening to me I'm waiting for them to expect my apartment and return my son home because he is giving up I keep trying
  • Jessica Hamilton
    I need a prayer for me and my son Jayden Hamilton he was taken from me but nobody has giving me any answers I done went to court so many times and no proof of anything thing my son is 14 years old I
  • Sally
    Everyone that needs prayer I come into agreement with you that God meets your need when you agree with me then thank him for it in Jesus name,
  • Alma Emilca
    I wanted to thank God for wake me up this morning and my family and everyone else Lord keep us safe with your sheild and I also pray for Michael Jordan and his family Lord put your shield around them
  • Benjamin Mansell
    I need prayer against depression
  • Shantal
    Giving God the thanks and the glory for allowing us to see a new day. Please pray for my family and extended family. Praying for each and every one of you and each church congregation in Jesus name!
  • Donald
    My wife died Sept 01 2019. I am having a very difficult time with it. I need someone who listen with out judging me.
  • Cherry Castro
    Please pray for the salvation of my boyfriend and his parents.
  • Michelle
    Asking for prayers and protection for my niece Sydney. She s rebellious and does not want to listen to anybody. Praying for her to realizes that she s loved and that these rebelliousness will stop.
  • Tonya
    Pray for me that I continue to grow closer to God and have better understanding of scriptures...also pray for my son
  • Debbie
    Hi my name is Debbie can u pray for me to get closer to god and for a really good job thank u
  • Rick
    Hi my name is Rick, would you please pray for me i dont know how much longer i can hold on. I am suffering from depression ,anxiety, and it is very painful. i am also being abused at work by my manage
  • Rodrigo
    May the peace and love of God be with all of you beloved sons of God I only need your humble and beautiful prayers for a woman daughter of God May Roseli Perez Love Jesus Christ more Amen
  • Sharon Curniffe
    I have been I'll for 2 weeks with profuse diarrhoea I have been told by the Doctor that I may have Colitis I am waiting to have a colonoscopy Please pray for me at this time ai am so worried
  • Simone Blanche
    Please pray the poor is blessed and loved by GOD JEHOVAH so ABBA will hear our cry fully. WORK. LOVE. HEBREW. All things prayer for. Pray about everything. JEHOVAH love you. THANK YOU.
  • Edward G Soto
    Just pray for the world to become whole in God's unconditional infinite love. Because that I fear has been lost.
  • Lynn winfree Ms.
    praying against all the pedos, satanic powers, Jezebel spirits, anti-christ spirits witches and pray that the dark will go into the Light Pray for President Trump and family for safety
  • Lynn winfree Ms.
    prayer request please: I am going on my fifth week of a viral infection, i used alternative medicine gaggle with Cayanne, honey, apple cider vinegar, honey, Vit C and all Pray that this will be gone
  • Michael Moore
    Please pray for my best friend Fahd he is Homeless and without income He Needs Gods help direction and Protection thanks So far my prayers have not been answered thanks
  • Arissa Nolastname
    Protection,peace,joy.Satanic strategies set in motion by abusive men women in witchcraft freemasonry to backfire. The God of Truth Righteousness to arise dispel the clouds of confusion deception.
  • Lizzy Reana
    Dear LordI pray that you bless me to be consumed with the Holy Spirit to do your work.Lord please bless me to be your humble servant use me guide me Oh Lord. Please bless my fam.w joy and peace!Amen!
  • Rajesh Livingstone
    My investigation committee report is not in my back. Which is to be heard. i Amos 52 years old.I am very upset and frustrated. Because of this my job will be finished. I feel like committing suicide. B
  • Godfrey
    Prayers for my partner to understand my Challenges and mentality to support me. Also God to forgive me for my sins if i have offended anyone. I pray for financial breakthrough in my entire family.
  • Karrie
    Please pray for my daughter and our pastor. She is 14 and goes to a wonderful Christian school. Shes become a SJW. Our pastor is also struggling with her choices. Pray for them both. Thank you.

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