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  • Scrosby
    Thank You Heavenly Father for awakening me this morning and starting me on my way. I am just thankful today for life, my family, my job, my workers, and my dear loving friends. I am claiming victory today in Jesus Christ, no weapon form against me shall prosper!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much Lord I love you and keep me near the cross Amen!!!!!
  • David Allen
    please remember me and my family in your prayers today
  • Scrosby
    Thank you Heavenly Father for your Grace and Mercy in waking me up this morning. I am at work and I am praying that you continue work with me and through me Lord. I am not perfect, however you see it fit to love me anyways. I pray for all to have a pure heart and rebuke the devil spirit from our hearts. Thank you in advance Lord.
  • RicoUS
    Asking for strong protection and breakthrough for us and all in need. Lord Jesus please fight out battles ( Ex. 14:14). Please send more strength and encouragement. Thank you Lord. Amen
  • David Allen
    please remember me and my family , my daughter Deanna ad Jessica and there young families in your prayers
  • GiGi
    Hello, I am asking for prayer for my friend Kim. Her husband passed away on Friday from a long battle with cancer. She is also disabled, having had a severe stroke 25 years ago. She has been active for many years, but now, due to pain all over, she is pretty much in bed most of the time. Her husband was in the hospital since last fall, so they have not been together because she could not travel the hour and a half to the hospital. They have two adult children who have helped out, but now these kiddos will need to help her out even more, perhaps moving back home with her. They have lost their dad. So there is much going on in this family.

    Kim says that it is hard to have faith and believe that God loves her when her life has been so difficult all of these years. Her husband had not come to the Lord despite her testimony over the years. She doesn't understand why God did not bring him to salvation. She has been depressed for a long time and has been a home body since Covid, thus isolating herself from being around friends and other believers. She stays up all night and sleeps all day, so it is hard to communicate with her person to person.

    Please remember her and her kids in prayer during this difficult time of loss and hardship.
  • David Allen
    please remember me and my families in your prayers remember my daughters Deanna and Jessica and there young families remember the lost of the world
  • Joleenu
    Please pray for my mom, she has a pinched nerve and her neck and back really hurt.

    Please also pray for my cousin Bella, she is showing a small interest in God. I'm going to give her a Bible tomorrow, please pray that she would take the time to read it, and come to know Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

    Thank you brothers and sisters, wishing you all a wonderful week ahead
  • David Allen
    please remember me and my family today in your prayers please pray for my daughter Jessica and her family and my daughter Deanna and her family
  • Pureheart333
    Would you please pray for Ruo to be free of bondage? Submit to God and resist the devil. Have a pure heart, sound mind and press forward with her life, do not look back. Thank you!
  • Bibleman72
    Hi the enemy attacked me by flooding my back bathroom by the toilet overflowing suddenly when i was trying to plunge it unstuck.I managed to mop most of it up but i see now upon further examination it has a broken chain inside and i have no choice if iwant it to be fixed but to call a plumber.I already have bills needing to be paid.And i am disabled and have little money.I give above the tithe ,so it is not that i am robbing God.I humbly ask you to pray for me a financial blessing from God.I normally would NEVER ask for that but i need money topay my bills.
  • David Allen
    please pray for me and my family today please remember my daughter Jessica and her family , please continue to Keep the Coomer family in your prayers
  • Adam Webb sr
    Hello. My name is Adam Webb and my wife is now pregnant after 2 1/2 years of fasting and praying and I would like to thank God Almighty publicly for his grace and the blessings he has given us. I'm asking for others to pray for the continued good health of my wife and unborn child.

    I'm a true believer in the power of prayer and I thank you all in advance for your help.
  • Doreen1
    I am asking for the Lord saving grace and mercy on my life and my children to live not by his might or his power but by spirit said the lord Jesus. Thank you.
  • Doreen1
    My name is Doreen Rouse I have been a new person in Christ Jesus. I am a believer in the lord Jesus and I am a child of God Jehovah. Born and save by the Blood of Jesus Christ name ANEM.
  • Rosegold70
    I've had alot of trouble in my life not caused by me. I ask for your prayers that my son and I get a home. It can be an apartment. As unbelievable as this is going to sound I want to win the lottery for millions of dollars so that we will never have to be without a home again. I promised God that if he granted me this that I would never ask him for anything like this again. I would beseech him for the places to invest it.
  • Bibleman72
    Hi i want you folks to pray that i can see my mom in a day or two.I miss her and she misses me too.The nursing home she is in is on the northside of town while i am on the southside .i am somewhat disabled and do not own a car nor drive at all.I need some good Samaritan to take me to see the mom i love so much.please pray for me on this.
  • RicoUS
    Lord Jesus you know the cries of our hearts and the petitions we have made even here. I continue to ask. Please grant soon breakthrough. I ask for strong protection, deliverance, healing, salvation (those not saved), guidance and all the specific situations and circumstances previously mentioned. Please grant help to all in need on here and everywhere, esp. salvation. Please confront A about her behavior (please stop this thing with the 14year younger guy and please do not allow a pregnancy in her condition) and comfort K. and look after hear. Please heal M. Please help with the work situation. Thank you. In your holy name I pray. Amen.
  • David Allen
    Please remember my daughter Jessica and her family in your prayers please pray for me and my family
  • KJBible777
    Almighty God, in the name of your precious Son Jesus, the lamb who shed his blood for all humanity and through the power of the Holy Ghost I ask the following of thee:

    I request for all those who have not come to Jesus in what feels like these final days, to repent of their sins and to acknowledge Jesus Christ as your Son who rose from the dead with the promise of eternal salvation for all who believe in him. I know far too many people that don't believe and I fear for them! My prayer is for all to be saved and to be taken up with the Lord whenever that time is that you decide Heavenly Father. Thank you Almighty God for all you do, without you we are nothing.
  • Scrosby
    Heavenly Father I come to you to say thank you and give you all the honor and praises. Lord, I have two job interviews tomorrow and I am skeptical about one of the position that I applied for. Another position I pray that they will find favor and welcome me aboard, however I will just leave it up to you Father. Lord just be with me and help me make the right decision. I am afraid that the door will shut again and I pray this time I be given a chance to advance into another career. Well Lord, thank you being here for me and I know that you do not make no mistakes. Continue to work through me and in me oh Father, in Jesus name I pray. Amen.
  • David Allen
    Please remember to pray for me and my family , please remember my daughter Jessica and her young family , please remember the Coomer family
  • Zimmerhr
    Please remember Linda B. in your prayers. Linda had brain surgery last month to remove a large tumor. The type of tumor will return. However, we serve the Great Physician who can perform miracles. I ask this group of prayer warriors to join me and ask our Father to touch Linda in a mighty way. Thanks in advance for your prayers.
  • David Allen
    please remember me and my family in your prayers please pray for my my daughter Jessica and her family please pray for the Coomer family
  • Bibleman72
    Hi can you believers please pray that Benita H. Comes to know the Lord as her Saviour?My best friend is very concerned about her and wants her to be in Heaven when she dies.She has a weak heart physically and has had surgery for it.My best friend and i are praying dailyfor Benita and ihope and pray she will come to the Lord before it is eternally to late.Thank you brethren!
  • Bibleman72
    Folks mom says they are not feeding her nutritious meals at her rehab facility ,i am concerned because i know mom needs to be fed properly for her to exercise.This really disturbs me that she didnt get a proper meal.Any thoughts?
  • Bibleman72
    Brothers and Sisters ,i was blessed to be able to visit my mom today.I only hope they are taking good care of her.I wasnt able to stay long but delivered her some clothes and some money for the salon.And her cellular phone.But she seemed very sad and unhappy and i felt empathetic towards her so much.You folks please pray for her protection and comfort in the facility by our dear Lord Jesus Christ.I wish she was closer t o me.Thank you to David Allen and GiGi for remembering me and momma ,i also appreciate everyone else that did.I apologize if i forgot to mention you.But i am very grateful to God and you all for praying for us.I am somewhat disabled and i dont take prayers for granted at all.And truly thank you so much.And i try and also pray for some of the other nice folkson here to.I thank God for this site.
  • RicoUS
    Asking for strong protection, deliverance, healing, salvation and the power of the Holy Spirit for us and all in need. Father please stretch out your mighty hand. Please deliver us from dysfunction, sinful patterns, spiritual bondage and those we love who are not saved please save them. Help us to live in a manner pleasing to you. Amen
  • David Allen
    please remember me and my family today in your prayers please pray for my daughter Jessica and her family , please pray for the Coomer family they lost there 5 year old daughter in a car wreak Saturday
  • LindaM
    Lord Jesus- I pray for all our children- please have your Holy Spirit guide them to your path keep them safe and protect their beautiful hearts of flesh.

    I pray my daughter Tatiyana realizes how much her daughter is worth.

    Touch her heart in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS!!

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