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  • Wilhelmina Gales on Revelation 12
    I prey that God continue to watch over me my kid's Grandkids and my siblings I also prey that all of us become close again like it was when bought our parents were alive I pray for peace good health I pray for a financial blessing
  • Debra J Weatherford on Revelation 12
    Please pray for my niece who is on ventilator not giving much hope,but I believe in power of prayer.I pray for brains to heal as she does have brain waves but some damage she is responding opening eyes when talking to her she had cardiac arrest Saturday morning had no heart but received heart compressions for for 45 minutes I just would like as many people as possible to pray for Devine healing in Jesus Holy name Amen .Her name Crystal Rhodes.
  • David on Matthew 24:9
    Please keep me in your Prayers
  • Marvin Eguna on Psalms 70
    1. Kindly pray for Liberty Bible Baptist Church in Isabel, Leyte, Philippines that GOD will continue to bless His Church.

    2. Kindly pray for my Food/Beverage Business that it will have good sales.

    Thank you brethren. GOD bless us all.
  • Joseph Okello Otiende on Psalms 70
    I pray for a month of breakthroughs Spiritually, physically, academically, promotions and financially. Our businesses are hindered by cash-flow our finances are stuck. We petition and appeal to Our Living Father God Lord Now for is Divine Intervention to releases them Now in Jesus name.
  • David on Revelation 12
    Please keep me in your Prayers GOD bless you all
  • Vadim Zamoshnikov
    Hi my Name is Vadim Zamoshnikov i need your guys help sometimes when i go to sleep at night the devil attacks me with lustful sexual dreams and attacks please pray for me so the devil wont bother me when i sleep at night i get night attacks from the devil when i go sleep he sometimes creeps into my dreams and i get sexual reactions and attacks sometimes i get those night attacks sometimes i don't but i need help please pray for me thank you sometimes the devil tempts me so i can sin more so please pray for me
  • Ananya Philip
    Now currently Im in 10 th grade ,i finished my 10th grade and now im waiting for my results to come.. but before that the admission for 11th grade starts and so i kindly request u all to pray for me pray for my 11th grade admission .(Im an average student)

  • Dennis welsh on Isaiah 43:18
    i have diffculty forgetting my sinful past.
  • Ann Boatwright
    I need prayer having problems with a co-worker he did something awful,

    unto me and I didn't report because I had not the evidence to take it

  • Lillian on Matthew 24:9
    My husband is self employed as an attorney. He was trying to get justice for a small business client who was victimized by fraud. However, the judge was biased against our client and accused my husband of filing a frivolous lawsuit, and the imposed $1,000 sanction (a fine) to be paid to the opposing attorney. This was unjust and we are working out of our home to try to financially survive. Our clients didn't even get to be heard!
  • Patty Tozi on Matthew 24:9
    Please help me pray to make the right decision with my person l care for that he gathers all his strength in God to fight his illnesses that he has had come all at once upon him. He is fighting an enemy that has been hold of him all his life. So please help me pray for his strength to fight.
  • Shereese ANN clark on Matthew 24:9
    I need god to bless with 10000 dollars to pay bills and rent and pay off credits cards
  • Daniel on Ephesians 6
    For my new born cousin to be healthy.

    Her name is Jiselle.
  • David on Matthew 24:9
    Please Pray for me , I need GOD help , im having so much trouble at work I work with so many people who do not believe and they make it so hard on me Please pray for me
  • Emelia Abakomah Mensah on Matthew 24:9
    Please I want God to help me I need peace in my marriage .now my husband brought me here in uk he want to divorce me now because of papers he has to renew for me even my pastor has talk to him including everyone who respect has spoken to him to stop what he's doing to me is not nice but yet he want to divorce me and now am depressed and am going crazy he want me to move from his house now he's maltreated me frustrating me now to go my way but am depending on him I don't no anyone here so please pray for me now for him to stop divorcing me now.plsease I no God Can do it .thanks so much .bless u
  • Noe on Matthew 24:9
    I believe that Jesus does not want me to be ignorant of the ways of the devil. Knowing the truth about the u.s government along with Hollywood's subliminal campaign has changed me . I declare that peace and joy come from only Jesus and his gift of the holy spirit that is in me, on me, and around me. I pray that we all wake up. Thank you.
  • Leitha Norris on Matthew 24:9
    My husband suffers from severe migraines but refuses to go to the Dr. or the E.R.

    Tonight as I type this, he is laying in bed in the dark. A cool compress on his eyes. He just informed me that the washcloth feels like a brick on his eyes.

    Before going to church I prayed for him. I went to church and we anointed a prayer cloth in oil and prayed for him. As soon as I got home, I prayed for him, got my Oil of Moses out and anointed him again, and then I placed his prayer cloth on his forehead and prayed once again.

    It is now midnight and no relief in sight. He still resists me in going to E.R.

    God please help my husband.....
  • Praveen on Matthew 24:9
    Im confused tired worried lost anxious a mess
  • David on Matthew 24:9
    Please keep me in your prayers
  • Perry J Gibson Sr on Matthew 24:9
    Just pray that I will grow stronger in the LORD and in the ministry of his Christ.
  • Jennifer Rhodes on Matthew 24:9
    Hello. I need prayer, please. For my unbelieving friends and family. Especially my daughters, Alexis and Dominique and my son Tristan. My friend,Vincent. Please pray they may seek and find Jesus.. Prayers for myself to be able to help them see the Truth. God bless you all.
  • Vilena Williams on Matthew 24:9
    Our father who art in heaven I ask father that look in the lives of your children and meet the spiritual needs build us up help us in our weakness let our light shine be for man help us to live our lives according to your will for give us of our sin's father wash and clean our heart our mind help us to walk in the spirit and not the flash to love you with all our hearts and praise your holy name no matter what ever we go through we know you are there with us for your world say's you will never leave us nor forsake us so we like to take the time to say thank you father we love you in Jesus name amen.
  • Carol william on Ephesians 6
    I have said this prayer many time, please pray for me as I travel on my journey.
  • Pamela K Westbrook on Psalms 70
    Please say a prayer for one of our Brothers in Christ. He is one of our Deacons at my Church. He has come down with the

    Covit 19 and is very sick. I think they said he has been in the Hosptial for 35 days now. Please lift him up to the Lord Crist Jesus for healing. His name is Rick. Thank Jesus
  • Hazel Carty on Colossians 4
    thank you Brothers we are truly blessed
  • Constsnce Jones on Revelation 12
    im asking to pray for my daughter,for guidness with her children the have ipads she let the kids play on those games all day they get up early in the morning an I pray she let the weed go she smokes that an she doesn't care about the kids I have a beautiful daughter she has 6 children the first three didn't graduate 2 of them is in prison the other one on probation that's why I try soo hard talking to these kids about on games all day play something educational we all needs help please pray for us all my husband needs to stop drinking every time he trys o stop he starts back cause he hands shake soo bad he have to take drink to stop shaken and please pray that my daughter find a place to stay she been livin with me 6months cant find an apartment cause the state not givin her enough money on the vouger to cover please pray she finds somewhere before she looses it thank you all soo very much God Bless
  • Laura Tucker on Luke 11:32
    I will pray for B.J. I will also pass it on to others. God Bless.
  • Debra L Hamilton on Revelation 12
    Dearest Lord my Savior please give me hope for myself Ive been in and out relationship with this guy not sure if he is a Christian. Too many fall outs for me to believe he really loves me. Give me the strength to move on. Dear God in Heaven always in my heart. My heart is full of love Amen
  • Andy L. on Revelation 12
    "Hi I need prayer to completely defeat lust in my life and the after affects, it has been a source of many of my problems, thank you very much for your prayers!

    Also... I need prayers so that I can go to bed early, so that I can be productive during the day, also that I can pay all my bills off. And get out of debt, so that I can give generously to deserving ministries... marriage with Rosa (newly weds)! Reconciliation with my daughters. And a good relationship with my Ex.

    Dyna that she would be on fire for God! Thank you very much for the prayers... amen... blessings to you!... Andy"

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