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  • An Abused Sibling in Christ on 1 Peter 5
    Please pray to GOD #1--to Praise Him on my behalf. GOD withheld mine heart from anger both yesterday and nigh ALL of today. Save now, I am beginning to get riled up within my spirit, again. It IS righteous indignation. The abusers which abuse, stalk, lie, and fight to keep me from being free of their control, abuse, and harm...they are as Christ enemies, and they are of my OWN HOUSEHOLD. They have hated me my entire life--WITHOUT CAUSE! GOD was MERCIFUL to me yesterday, and the majority of today in keeping my heart from any anger or wrath--"like water off a duck's back--" my enemies wielded their swords--but the LORD...FOUGHT BACK! Praise HIM for me, but too, also do this, brethren: #2:Pray that the LORD now return nigh unto my soul. For the witch that IS my mother--would me to be angry. She IS a witch, as far as I know. Yet, sadly, as many wolves, she adorns her outer in SHEEP'S CLOTHES! And sews unto herself, a fate she KNOWS she'll reap. So said the LORD GOD, unto lowly a younger day, in dream! Yet sustaineth He me--via the blessings and help--those that would to succour--via the Pslams of those who've TOO felt EXACTLY as I'VE felt! Lowly fellowship with our forefather--David (the king)! And not just he, but nameless and even OTHERS! THe abuse and the damage, caused unto my body by my father and mother--mainly by her--my body she destroys. And others before me--human lives--to the wicked as toys. And exceeding the bounds, of the indeceny of wickedness, so hath my mother found, the unbound by her darkness--as souless as so odious. Yet detest I this the most--surely please pray, for me--#3--that the LORD WILL to bless me BE FREE of these (...enemies without a cause). Thank you to all, who succour me with prayer, lest thy sibling in Christ fall and praise the LORD who helpeth mine steps. As the psalmist said--"Unless the Lord had been my help, my soul had almost dwelt in silence."-->for none other stood FOR HIM too!
  • Serge Lauper on 1 Peter 5
    Hello, my name is Serge Lauper from Zrich, Switzerland. On the 3 February I accepted Jesus Christ as the savior. I was very confused before, dabbling with Jewish religion and spirituality in general. I'm very happy to have learned the truth! I learn as much as I can, I pray, I repent. I hope I won't die when judgement comes, which might be soon according to many signs. If you would be so kind, please include me in your prayers. Thank you for your time!
  • Stephanie Salomone on 1 Peter 5
    My husband was incarcerated these past 5 yrs. He's an addict. We've been doing this off and on thing with incarnations for 20 yrs. He has a yr clean on the outside and I'm really proud of him. I thought when he came home this time around that he would want to be with me every weekend or at least most. I'm finding that out to be not so much. He thinks he's doing great, and I will admit, compared to times in the past he's doing awesome. I just Need more. I waited forever to build a life with him and I feel that I'm being passed by once again for something else. With that being said I don't even know how to do this for my situation. I just know I'm miserable. I have been looking to my husband to fulfill my joy in life & its not working. Somethings got to give. I can't count on him for much & he definitely doesn't want to do things with me like I'd like him to. I what I really need is for God to calm my heart and mind while he is making these adjustments in my life and I need to accept and grow from my experiences. I just don't understand why they have to be so painful & why I can't have the husband that chooses me in most everything.
  • Tegan on Mark 6:3
    Hi,Dose any one know a chapter i could read to help me get out of a place where i feel stuck?and it feels like a weights on my chest and i can't figure why and it like the lord has put me on pause.lately it feels like i'm drowning in my self I know the lord will never stop talking to me but it feels like he went away it feels like life is coming at me by myself and i'm over whelmed.

    yes i'm saved but haven't been able to go to church lately and its been wherein down on me hard I need some guides.
  • David on 1 Peter 5
    Pray for Kristie and myself , she is going through so much , please pray the Lord gives her the strength and the courage to do as she needs to do, pray that the walls that separate us be removed once and for all ,
  • David Allen on 1 Peter 5
    please keep me in your prayers
  • Lena on 1 Peter 5
    Prayers for Tyler strength to overcome - he is going to a sober house it is another step in the fight to be free

    from drugs- in the name of Jesus and may prayers cover all in need-amen
  • Cyryl on 1 Peter 5
    Thank you all for the amazing support and the prayers.

    If you have some time on your hands please uphold me in your prayers so that God can show me if there's a way out of the hell hole im in. In a way that suits me and is in his will. And to tell me what i should do.

    Also to experience the least amount of suffering or agony while im on this Earth until the time comes that Christ decides to take me home. And that i would die in the least painful, least agonizing death he can grant me as i am in tremendous emotional pain, along with a ton of other physical problems that are just delaying my agony.

    So please pray that he takes me home in the most unagonizing way, and without suffering as much as he wills.

    As well as grace, peace, and mercy for everyone as much as he wills. And for Him to save my friends and family. And to not punish us for our sins as much as His will allows.
  • Sindi on Philippians 4
    For my relationship with Jesus Christ of Nazareth to be fully restored and that I do His Will and His Will only. Amen
  • Gabriel on Philippians 4
    Hi please pray for my family's health and mental health. Also please pray for my father that he will cut down on the wrong foods he could have a heart attack and please pray for my mother she has health problems thanks.
  • Jenny on Philippians 4
    Hi all please pray for me I have really bad Acid reflux I think I am bleeding. Please pray that it's not cancer or any disease and that God will heal me and that I will get the right help for this.
  • Amy on Philippians 4
    Please pray that I can find a place to live. I'm disabled and living in a shelter. I have never been homeless before and it's very scary for me. Pray that i can financially can afford my own place. Please pray for my fiance who went to jail for acting foolish because he was using. Please pray that the walls between my kid's Elle and Liv and myself come down and they come to love me again and not belive foolish things said about my life. Please pray I get to know my grandson whom I've only got to hold in the hospital after he was born. He is now 6 yrs old. Thank you all who pray for others and their souls. Please pray for the souls of purgatory that they may have a fresh breath of air and are closest to heaven. Amen
  • Norman Walker Butch on Philippians 4
    I have a serious problem and I do not ask for help hardly ever but I need you all to help if you would. I got on pain pills a long time ago and I never in my life ever thought anything would get a hold of me like this. It was all under a Doctor's care and I did not push the issue I was in so much pain I could not stand it and when I will take my pain pills I at least can so things around the house and run errands and be use full around the house but now I have to have them to do anything at all. I am going into a program where they wing you off of them and I want this so bad! I start Friday with the new Doctor and it is not a methadone clinic it is stopping just by cutting back little by little and I need your prayers that I will stay strong and do will and I know Jesus can and will help me through this also. Thank you so much and I will pray for you any time you need me to! My email does not work so you will have to request it on here and I will answer you! Thanks and Praise God!
  • Liezel on Genesis 1
    For healing of eye disease of my husband, financial freedom, healing of my daughter and son illness and healing of my lungs disease
  • Liezel on Genesis 1
    For healing of eye disease of my husband, financial freedom, healing of my daughter and son illness and healing of my lungs disease too.
  • Sharon on Genesis 1
    Prayer for strength to go through a time of acceptable fasting. Deliverance for a loved one who is confused about sexual orientation and mental illness.
  • David on Genesis 1
    please keep Kristie and myself in your Prayers , Pray the Lord give Kristie the strength and the courage to do what she must do pray the walls that separate us be removed once and for all thank you and May GOD bless you all who takes the time to pray for others
  • April on Genesis 1
    Prayer for God's hedge of protection around me, all my children, my grandson, our minds, spirits, bodies, health, souls, lives, destiny, cars, homes, lands, jobs, ministry, pictures, signatures, names, favor, blessings, love, joy, peace, popularity, riches, fortune and fame, social media and for God to fight all our battles and keep us protected and covered in The Blood of Jesus now and forever. Prayer for God to destroy all lies and rumors and return it back to the sender in Jesus Name & restore our Christian Integrity.
  • Shyrl on Romans 6
    Can you guide me to scriptures on the Christian journey life takes walking with God, not being alone
  • Stelphine clark on Psalms 2
    Pray that god will heal my body so i can be able to stay working to pay off all my bills and to help others thats in need
  • Vanity on Psalms 2
    I need a prayer request for my supervisor because she keeps picking with me and bullying me and always calling me names i need a favor for me to make supervisor or move me to the courtroom because she has done alot people wrong and it's not right at all she ran an elderly man off on the job everyone i spoke with the administration about this matter one of the administer her name is Rheunte made a joke about me being bullied in a recent meeting we had i never felt so belittle nothing has been done and this can get out of hand because nothing has been done and im new and others have come to me about my supervisor i need justice in this work situation she been doing this bully and picking with employees for 30 years it's in writing numerous complaints on her im so stress every day i come to work and im not even sleeping well any more thanks!
  • David on Psalms 2
    Please pray for Kristie and myself today , pray Kristie to have the strength and the courage to do as see needs to do , pray the walls that separate us be removed once and for all
  • Andr on Psalms 2
    Please pray for my son Ethan is sick.

  • Gabriele on Psalms 2
    Hi all please pray for me I have acid reflux it's ruining my daily life I've had it for 5 weeks. I am really struggling to breath and eat. Please pray that I'll get the help/medication I need and that I'll get an endoscopy done ASAP thanks.
  • MELVIN BRYANT on 1 Kings 1
    I have no where to live and very little money i Amos 69 years old .i need pray.need help now.
  • E. on 1 Kings 1
    Asking for strong protection and faith and trust to receive our breakthrough. Asking this for us and all others in need.
  • Michelle H on Exodus 20:12
    Pray for my husbands and I finances and for him a job.
  • Cathy on Exodus 20:12
    No longer want to do life alone. Need people who have been in my shoes who can help me pray and make better decisions for my children. Lord we don't know how to guide them. We decided to adopt children not knowing if it was your will. Forgive me Lord, Forgive my husband Lord!! Still Bless our children in spite of me. Lord I am broken and don't know what I'm doing!!! Please help me Pray for mercy and Grace. Please soften the consequences for our decisions that were unwise. Mercy and Grace Lord. Amen
  • Malch on Exodus 20:12
    Prayers for Christ to elevate my family's creativity, impetus to work long, and do justice in God's world. Let us teach like cops, color the world in Spirit and Beauty.
  • Bob M Woodin on Exodus 20:12
    Please keep me in your prayers.

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