Prayer Requests

  • Loveluck Augustino Mushi on 1 Peter 2
    I am a mother of three a daughter and two sons a grandmother to two daughter and son. My prayer request is for my daughter Rachel and her husband Charles are going through a hard time in their relationship they have been married for about 10 years now have two kids a girl and a boy. this year since January their relationship has been interrupted by spells of restlessness disagreements in viewpoint about the future of the marriage.

    My daughter does not have or know of any reason to justify separation or divorce they have been living happily all the time they have been married until March 2020 when the husband started behaving in a strange way
  • Melinda Amburn on Psalms 70
    I am a christian and i have been very depressed during this time of locked down on this colona virus out break. I have talked to my doctor and have all the things she suggest i do so far they are doing so far.. But still have times of sadness and blue feelings that over come me at times. I am asking that i may have peace and control to over come these feelings i am experince ing at this time. And strenght to over come and begin to feel stronger and better. God Bless Melinda
  • Nana on Psalms 70
    Yes, and I'm very much grateful and thankful for the message on giving your life to Christ Jesus of Nazareth Thank you so much for the teaching and explaining every step to repentance and SIN Please, I need prayers for my family, I'm the grandmother here over 5 young Boys and one granddaughter I live with my daughter and her husband and grandsons I have pulled away from the worldly things and have decided to follow Lord Christ Jesus of Nazareth I'm in so need of prayers for strengthening of myself, I'm weak at times, I'm the only person in the home that has pulled away from the worldly habits and things of the world I have no one to teach me, pray for me, I'm in prayers daily, Cummins, I do my best to listen to channel's that seems to be teaching the word of God The Lord has given a message to a Sister in Christ Jesus that I just came out of the wilderness this past February 2020. Hallelujah hallelujah Praise God Any help in prayers will be Sincerely appropriate and grateful God bless you dearly and the Ministry Sincerely thankful Teresa
  • Elivod on Psalms 70
    I was lost but I came to decision of wanting to devote my life to Him. Please pray the Lord to save me and my closest friends and family, help me change to the will of God, to become more stronger in expressing the word of God, to push away the sins and temptations, to live a life that God wants me to, to follow Him completely, that I come closer to God and that I receive the peace and confirmation of my salvation through Holy Spirit. Thank you.
  • Katie Bradford on Psalms 70

    If you can hear me ask that you protect my mother when I can't, she doesn't believe in you but i'm hoping that my love for you will be enough to protect her when i'm not there
  • GLENISE Holmes on Psalms 70
    Pray for the head,they falling how could the followers stand.
  • Ebony Burke on Psalms 70
    Prayer for myself and my children prayer for a better understanding prayer to getting closer to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Prayers for all of Gods children in Jesus name Amen
  • Scott 3939Spiritual Awakening3939 Old Soul trapped in this body the vessel which on Psalms 70
    I open my heart to my lord in savior to ask for mercy on me to restore the light of righteousness to encouragement and bless my body and soul for guidance of being more positive vibrations coming from what my mind thinks to lead more positive to less vocal toxic when someone triggers my inner thoughts that comes out of my mouth to speak more of being a humble person when I speak the lords name to others that laugh to mock or turn a blind eyes.

    I'm a little under stress and fear that my beloved pet who is almost 13 and is under the weather to where days are good some days are bad. My best Friend Poodle mix with spaniel named Meatix aka Meathead who kept me out of the darkness to bring me closer to my lord for 13 years and I'm scared and fear to lose him...I made a commitment to him to be there and to be loyal through sickness to getting old where he is getting weak and asking for a miracle for him to be blessed with a healing of light pass through his body to get well and strength to have him here for more years even though there life spand is short,please my lord I'm asking for a miracle...He needs me and I need him in these trials of test to world current events to keep me focus on the right path..Dylan needs a miracle and asking you to guide him and bring him out of a coma to be with his family..he's to young to die..Have blessing on my family to give faith to be close to our heavenly father to awaken the hearts to a spiritual awakening and bless them from getting sick to any health issues may occur daily to give them the light of encouragement to bring us closer as off now the family is not speaking to one another and it burdens me..I request for you to have mercy on his soul to rest peacefully that my friend Brad who passed away last july 7 unexpectedly where his girlfriend and I did everything we could to bring him back not knowing the cause of health issue before the ems got here to them doing everything ....I carry a burden on my heart Amen..
  • Amanda on Psalms 70
    Prayer Request

    I'm trying to move home but really I want to stay where I am. I am having a wonderful time at work, but my home life is completely trash. I have not been able to find a comfortable place to live in the city and state where I live. I live in Murfreesboro TN which is outside of Nashville, so the cost of living is beyond my means. I have had to have roommates each time that I have been in an apartment. The habits of the other people and my desires don't mesh well and I am not well liked because I am not overtly friendly because I want to be respected. Each time I have moved the roommates have been unscrupulous and I end up being a victim to the other people whom live there. I have been chewed out and told that I am nitpicking when having to clean up after the other roommates or listen to the constant moving and noise.

    My lease at this place is about to be up on July 15 and I'm trying to go home or find somewhere else to live. I don't have many belongings but I just talked to a moving company and they are saying to move one room of things it will cost 3200. I'm just tired of the conflict between me and this other young lady. We share a bathroom and it causes conflict because of the cleanliness of the house. The girl is very manipulative and thinks that the whole situation is funny and is entertaining to her. I received a text message from the owners of the house saying: Manda why in the world he's picking a fight over toilet seat being up?It is literally the most minor thing in the world.Please stop making your point of causing anxiety and discomfort. I feel this is wrong because the other young lady has been leaving the seat of the toilet up intentionally for weeks. I have had to ignore her for weeks and had to buy ear plugs because the girl is loud rude and obnoxious. She even went to the length of placing socks that she worked in on the island counter in the kitchen. And the people are defending her. I told the owners of the house and I am the o
  • Sandra M on Psalms 70
    PLEASE pray for a complete healing of body for James B. He has rectal bleeding and digestive problems. THANK YOU & GOD BLESS YOU.
  • Leih on Psalms 70
    When I went to sleep about 2 months ago something attacked me for about 6 hours. I felt my soul go elsewhere and I was lost somewhere. I saw 4 horses scatter in 4 different directions of the earth. I couldn't tell what was real or fake. My heart had been hurting as if I were dying before that night. I was crying out to God and staying up until 4am reading the Bible. That night I didn't do it. My mom & sister spoke tongues over me & I came back but then I sang "Messiah" & I cried but it was blood that came from my eyes. Then it stopped. I had been having a lot of dreams before that where I would end up crying & I was scared to sleep. I'm doing better now but please pray that God keeps me safe. I love God & I always will. I don't know why that happened but I never want it to happen again. Thank you.
  • Sue on Psalms 70
    Pls pray for my daughter. She has such a world view of things going on and just thinks I am wrong and wants to argue and thinks she is right about everything. She is only 26 and think she knows everything now because she went to college and is extremely smart. I am finding myself not talking too much because I don't know what to say anymore. I can't bring up anything that is going on right now because she just tells me that I am wrong. I keep praying for I am getting very sad at her thought process and feeling discouraged.
  • Mishael - in Reply
    I pray God would guide the surgeons hands and hold you In His Hands the whole time.

    I ask that ministering spirits surround your family and comfort them and undergird their faith. Fear not, for the Lord prays for all His saints.
  • Dan on Psalms 70
    My prayer request is to pray for this country , the USA.
  • Nicole percy
    Pray for my children and my family for understanding
  • David
    Please Pray for me
  • Terry
    Please pray my heart is totally healed. Pray that the surgery on June 12 goes perfectly and I recover quickly. Pray Denise, Brian and I are healthy and safe and avoid covid. Pray for all those impacted btcovid and the riots and heal our society. Thx
  • Precious Muchemwa
    Pray for me and my family for financial breakthrough and pray for my mother Theresia she worries about her children may she have peace of mind and good health.
  • Deborah - in Reply on Psalms 1
    My family needs Prayer for someone with addiction please
  • Susan wylie
    Please pray that GOD will cover me and spare me all of the consequences of the court over this DUI and that I can remain sober in recovery.
  • Van
    Please pray for my complete healing in and throughout my head and body.
  • Vivian delores ramsey
    I claim my sight be restored this month of June, 2020.My left eye praise the LORD.
  • Getting attacked by antichrist spirits on Revelation 7:9
    I have been getting attacked by antichrist spirits and by neighbors through witchcraft for a longtime now for taking a stand for my Lord Jesus Christ. It has been going on practically my whole adult life as long as I can remember. Please pray for me in the name of Jesus Christ The Son of God.
  • John omeonu on Revelation 7:9
    Saints of GOD please pray for John Omeonu from Benue state Nigeria, for healing and restoration.

    WE BELIEVE BY FAITH ,HIS IS RESTORED. The spirit of infirmity is broken. he is free.I see him laughing with his 10 grandchildren.

  • Prabhatkumar Mali on Revelation 7:9
    Pray for financial miracle blessing and breakthrough


    Gospel work

    Bible distribution work

    Film ministry

    Church planting

    Monthly help support for 200 villages pastors an evangelist

    200 bicycle for 200 village pastor an evangelist

    Pray may God bless us and make away

    and providing the needs miraculously supernaturally

    Pray blessing of our ministry

    Children home and family

    Thank you
  • Carl Helsby on Revelation 7:9
    I have decided to worship and return to God. I don't believe I am worthy. I have been a christian all my life but for the past 15 years or so I have been a none believer.

    I want to spend the rest of my days learning how to return to God. At the moment I feel that I am asking God to be in my life for selfish reasons, to be saved and have everlasting life in Heaven with God. I am a spiritual person and I believe in being from other realms, I meditate and try to reach my inner self, but I find it difficult. I have doubts in the stories in the bible and the message it is portraying.

    I used to feel emotional and feel the closeness to God. Now I find it difficult to feel.

    Please pray for me to feel that closeness to God, and help me to wash away the doubts I feel.

    Thank you.
  • Mary R on Revelation 7:9
    Please pray for my brother Richie/his blood sugar went too low last weekend and he passed out and was out for a couple days. He is now in ICU on a ventilator with brain damage!! The doctors are encouraging us to take him off the ventilator and let him die!! But we are believing that Jesus can still and wants to heal him!! He's only 64 years young and has children and grandchildren and great grandchildren!! please pray that He does!! and that all my relatives get faith in Jesus Christ through this miracle of my brother getting healed in Jesus Christ name!! thank you so very much!! I pray God will answer your prayers too! God loves you all!!!
  • Ambioris
    Please pray for me to beat this cocaine addiction that I've been struggling for a few years and the will power to do so.
  • Ana on Psalms 70
    For a lady father name Jose that he can be free from homelessness and addiction that God can send an angel to speak to him and protect his live from evil also protection for his family who are trap or curse from their generation to generation
  • Arissa Nolastname on Psalms 70
    Protection.For Shavuot 2020/Hebrew year 5781. For revelation, knowledge, understanding, application, & fulfillment of Holy Scripture in my life, as I commit to reading/meditating on it as often as needed.

    Pray against the python/Jezebel/anti-Christ, opposer/adversary, antagonist that tries to stop all things relating to the move of God in my life.

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