Prayer Requests

  • David Allen
    please remember me and my family today in your prayers
  • RicoUS
    Asking for extra strong protection, peace, joy, strength, encouragement, love, guidance, wisdom, to live lives pleasing to the Lord ...all this for us and all in need.
  • David Allen
    please pray for my daughter Jessica and her family please pray for me
  • Jose Solano
    how do I give my life to Jesus I want to do so bad but I keep going back to sin Can someone help me and help me get over my sin and give my life to Christ

    please and thank you.
  • David Allen
    please remember me and my family today in your prayers today
  • David Allen
    please remember me and my family today in your prayers
  • Chiefrobby
    Thank you to all the commentors above and may God Bless You for your prayers for our family. Thanksgiving 2023 just passed and we really didn't have the heart to celebrate since Aaron died on Thanksgiving. We're taking it one day at a time. I remember my mom losing two of her children (as children); one by crib death and the other when a neighbor accidentally backed over her with a car. I remember the whole family nearly lost our minds and nobody would dare talk about it; thusly we all kept our feeling to ourselves as well as our guilt. In talking to my siblings years later each one blamed themselves for her death. No counseling, therapy, etc. Not the way it should be. My mom and dad both born again Christians and dad a preacher but they never were the same. I'll never forget my dad saying at her funeral: "I don't know why this had to happen but I think God just plucked her from this old world and transplanted my baby in his garden in Heaven" Now, Dad has gone on and is with his two babies and a grown son. Loss is so hard even when we know it's for the best ultimately. Pray for my family and the lost.
  • Star1964
    Please repray this over and over, yet my life has not yet changed......
  • RicoUS
    Lord Jesus please fight our battles. Asking for strong protection, deliverance, healing, salvation (those not saved) and the outpouring of your Holy Spirit. Praying Eph. 3:14-19. Asking these things for us and all others in need. Please glorify your holy name in our midst Lord. May you show those around us that you are the Lord and no one else. Thank you. In your might name I pray Lord Jesus. Amen.
  • Oxman
    Hello fellow brothers and sisters, I have suffered very deep onslaughts directly rdd we laying to my intercessions against that wretched thing called pornography and that abominable thing called human slavery, continual onslaughts have kept me up nightly for 6 years even suffering attacks in regard to my mortal life, please pray the LORD Carrie's me through all things and that the destruction of such things occurs saving a multitude of souls for his glory in the earth. Thank you, OX
  • David Allen
    please remember my daughter Jessica and her young family please remember me in your prayers
  • David Allen
    please remember me and my family in your prayers please pray for Jessica
  • Bibleman72
    Please pray for me to start to read my KJB Bible again.I am so overwhelmed right now.
  • Jema
    All thanks to God Almighty , the Holy One of Israel for answering my prayer and for calming me , comforting me and strengthening me . I thank God for hearing my prayer and for allowing me to know that He has heard me . He has restored my rational mind and shown me great pity and mercy . Thank you Dear Heavenly Father , through Jesus Christ the Righteous , thank you , may your righteous will always be done . Thy Kingdom Come , Amen .
  • Seadaisie
    Have a back muscle injury causing numbness in legs. Need healing.
  • Tdianne on Psalms 150
    I need prayers, I have to be out of my home by April, it is so hard to find a place when you get a very small SSI check to live on. Now my sister is here, homeless, supposed to be off drugs but I don't believe her. it is cold out so I can't say no but I can barely take care of myself. The utility bills are higher, the food is disappearing as fast as it comes in. she contributes nothing but she lies and things just vanish now. I know I am supposed to help her but I feel like I am fighting a loosing battle. pray God puts me on the right path, my nerves can't take much more. I love her but I am almost 70, and I'm tired of taking care of everyone.
  • David Allen
    Please remember my daughter and her family today in your prayers please remember me
  • David Allen
    please pray for my daughter Jessica and her family please pray for me
  • Pureheart333
    Hello, would you please pray for Ruo? Please pray God restore her soul, heal her broken heart and infirmity. Thank you!
  • Oseas
    Ps.97:2-4: -2 ... Righteousness and Judgment are the foundation of GOD's Throne. 3 A fire goeth before Him, and burneth up His enemies round about. 4 His lightnings enlightened the world: the earth saw and trembled.

    Yeah, Righteousness and Judgment are the foundation of GOD's Throne, both Righteousness and Judgment are implicit in the Word of GOD-the Word is GOD, self-executing.

    Revelation 4:4 - And round about the throne were four and twenty seats: and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment; and they had on their heads crowns of gold. "GOD, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, Hath in these last days spoken unto us by His Son,whom He hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also GOD made the worlds- Hebrews 1:1-2;

    And who are the 24 elders clothed in white raiment and sat on 24 thrones? They are the 24 messengers of GOD's Word. GOD the Father, beginning by Moses, has already crowned them. And they are already enthroned around GOD's Throne clothed in white raiment and they have on their heads CROWNS of gold.

    GOD did choose and elected 24 men unto which He would reveal His Word to write the books of the Old Testament - the first Covenant - the first heavenly place in Christ. (Now we are in the 2nd heavenly place in Christ, the 2nd Covenant, the Covenant of the New Testament - Ephesians 1:3. Take a look)

    That said, here goes the 24 elders showed in Revelation 4:v.4

    1 - Moses

    2 - Joshua

    3 - Samuel

    4 - Ezra

    5 - Nehemiah

    6 - Job

    7 - David

    8 - Solomon

    9 - Isaiah

    10 - Jeremiah

    11 - Ezekiel

    12 - Daniel

    13 - Hosea

    14 - Joel

    15 - Amos

    16 - Obadiah

    17 - Jonah

    18 - Micah

    19 - Nahum

    20 - Habakkuk

    21 - Zephaniah

    22 - Haggai

    23 - Zechariah

    24 - Malachi

    And out of the throne proceeded lightnings and thunderings and voices: and there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of GOD sent forth into all the earth. Praised be our GOD. Amen.
  • David Allen
    please remember my daughter and her family today in your prayers
  • CSmith925
    Loneliness. i probably never going to get married or have children because it would be too much for me to handle. so i'm asking God to take these desires away. i'm only 27 but due to mental health and mental disabilities. i don't think it will never happen.
  • Ghena
    Please pray for my Licensure exam for teacher on Dec 7, 2023 result to pass it, to have courage and wisdom to face life difficulties, praying also for my son to be faithful and devoted to Jesus, and disregard worldly things around him, in Jesus name, amen.
  • Emptylostsoul
    I'm Battling Demond's have been for a while. I feel nothing anymore and I have lost all hope. I've tried everything. I work every Sunday haven't been to church in a few years and it bothers me. I pray and cry, but I really don't think he hears me because I'm not saved. It got so bad I called the suicide hotline. Any ways I guess I was just needing something. thanks for listen.
  • David Allen
    Please remember my daughter Jesssica and her family in your prayers today please pray for me
  • Dixiechick8466
    Pray that my children and grandchildren and my immediate family would find God. One of my grandsons is relying on drugs. I've been praying for his deliverance so please join in agreement with me that God will change his lifestyle. My other grandson is trying so hard to do right and needs our prayers. I have one grand daughter in the Navy and I pray for her safety while away so far from home. My other grand daughter has a problem of not being loved. Her mother just threw her around from house to house and when you try to love he4 she gets very hateful and uses such foul language. She is presently living in sin with a guy.

    I know God has his hand on my family for I'm believing with all my heart that they will be saved. Also pray for my Neice,s husband suffering from congestive heart failure. In general just pray for all my family and friends. God knows each one. Thank you!!
  • Dixiechick8466
    Please pray for me to find knowledge and understanding of Gods word. May God help me to grow in his word that I may be approved.
  • Oddaye
    i would like prayer for deliverance from a sinful habit from child hood and to lose weight and to get fluid out of my body and for my wife to be healed from kidney failure she is on dialysis for almost 10 years by the grace of God she is doing well but i am believing God to heal her kidneys amnd to help her walk better we have been married for 50 years and we been saved ever since we got married My wifes name is Evelyn
  • Scrosby
    Heavenly Father, I come to you right now in your son Jesus name to ask you to be my peace this morning on this job. Lord give me the strength to hold my tongue and be in Christian like this day. Lord I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, let my spirt guide me to peace, harmony, love, and gratitude this day I pray, Amen.........
  • JoeChain
    I am a new Christian about 6 months now , My vehicle let go, I lost my job, and now I'm about ready to be evicted from my apartment, and the demons are working hard to destroy my faith.. Please pray for me I need a miracle.

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