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  • Emmanuel for verse 8
    We all have problems in our lives caused by sin and our disobedience to God.We can choose to think and live in our sins leading to the opportunity to live more sinfully or we can think on what is true, honest, just, pure and lovely. That Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and loves us so much that he gave his life for us, so we may have life abundantly. Not only physically but emotionally, spiritually and life after this world
  • Believer
    philippians chapter 4 lets us know that we can have perfect peace by trusting and believing in Christ Jesus and letting our hearts and minds staying on him
  • Kylah for verse 13
    This scripture is very encouraging. It lets me know that ALL THINGS CAN BE DONE THROUGH MESSIAH - The Prince Of Peace :) God Bless You All.
  • Dr. Wogari for verse 6
    God is omnipotent we to submit ourselves to Him expect Him to reveal His Will.
  • BLACK_ROSE_KAGE for verse 7
  • Akinwamide Ebenezer for verse 19
    God is all -sufficient who has all the available resources to meet all our needs .Though human wants are numerous yet God supply is limitless .He can supply all our needs because he is rich,bible says silver and gold are mine, then what else do you need.The seal to this provision is Christ the only begotten Son of God that was sacrificed for the remission of our sins
  • Thinking is a form of doing what is good. Thinking or doing what is good causes positive reactions, benefits, and products. This scripture is important because it tells us to choose or decide to do what is good mentally, emotionally, and physically in order to cause positive products that insure our mental, emotional, and physical well being. There are many good examples of what to do in the Bible. They are all showing us to choose or decide to do what is good mentally, emotionally, or physically to cause positive reactions, benefits, and products that maximize our well being with minimal effort. Thank God.
  • Tisha
    Philipians clearly states to me how Jesus will supply whatever we have need of when we trust him. And Paul emphasizes that we need to love and help one another.This age we are in I think people need Jesus more than ever.
  • Yes, i can! This scripture gives me courage to deal with my drug addict son on a daily basis.
  • This is one of my favorite verses because it really shows the value and power of prayer. Going to God in prayer and just pouring out your heart has such a calming effect. He gives you his peace beyond anything that we can even comprehend. We can't even fathom how this is possible when we are going through such distressing situations, but this verse always proves true.
  • James Macorny for verse 13
    This verse really inspire me, meaning ye who believe can do all things not some. all things can be done for them that believe in The Lord
  • Emmanu Etim for verse 13
    It means all things in this world is nothing to us if we can only work with God and his path. God bless his scripture.Amen
  • Frank Kenneth Abraham for verse 13
    whatever i do it is through Christ who strenghtens,guide and shield me
  • Glory to God for He & He alone gives us strength continually as we stand in need! What a spiritually inspiring verse! It lifts you up just to believe that one day we will look upon His face & gaze upon His glory & beauty!
  • Dont be fearful of anything, Pray about everything and tell the Lord about your desires are and what you have need of and he will take care of you....he is a all sufficient GOD.
  • Patricia Jackson for verse 6
    These are beautiful words from God telling us ,how not to worry and be not anxious about anything. He is our all mighty God and is with us.we need only to trust and believed in Him.
  • Francois for verse 11
    I am learning to let my faith take control.
  • Ato Koufie for verse 13
    I shouldn't be alive by now but I will testify to the world that CHRIST JESUS FATHER IN HEAVEN IS MY TRULY VINE. AMEN.
  • Felicia Pettigrew for verse 19
    The Lord is not slack concerning his promises. His word is true!
  • VIOLA HOLLAND for verse 6
  • Kemi Amowoyagi for verse 8
    God's word is a lamp that guides our feet and our entire life endeavor. Abiding by Philippians 4:8 equals to total surrender to God's guidance, which is what we need to survive in this life, and to fulfill our destiny. May God continue to light our path and guide us all.
  • Mapule for verse 6
    This verse simply says to me that, God is my Procector, my Giver an Able God, Trustworthy.
  • Willie kilamanu
    Because the LORD knows what we need before we need it, its' better with Him than against Him.
  • This verse is for people (Believer of the Lord)who is having worries or fear in life. And that we are instructed to rather kneel down and ask for help to God with faith, with full confidence, believing that whatsoever we ask we shall receive.
  • Maria for verse 6
    I belive this saying, so far as He has called us and not that we have called Him, no matter what comes, our end is glorious.
  • Kasey Burt for verse 6
    I think the verse is saying that we must trust God. Our world is so chaotic right now and trust is something difficult to give in the world, but I know that God is not of this world and that His standards are far higher, His moral ethics beyond reproach, it is he that I trust with everything, there really is no where else to go.
  • Jacob Gharbin-mensah
    Standing firm in the lord and been one in the lord jesus christ.
  • Titus Phillip
    Chapter 6 is emphatic that by prayer and supplication of thanks giving, our wants are secure with God. Therefore givi ng and appreciating is crucial than recieving and requesting.
  • Juaquin Seumptewa for verse 7
    You can search the world seeking but only through Christ can we find the truth that gives us peace joy and light
  • Ben oyaro
    God doesn't want us to get worried but to make our request known to Him through prayer and supplication. if we do this then his immeasurable peace shall be with us. Christians should think good thoughts:true,honest,just,pure,of good reports. if this is hard then we believe in Him that he gives us power to do so. John 1:12

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