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  • Sherry for verse 13
    When life gives you trials and tribulations, it is not the world nor the flesh that you can trust but trust in Christ and he will strengthen you.
  • Charles
    To Cleta re verses 11 to 13. It means to just live your day that the Lord has given you. Do not worry about the cares of this world in your life.By doing so,and by reading your Bible which increases your faith and by private prayer on a DAILY basis, the above verses will become a living reality for you. And then, with time you will have that simplicity in Jesus Christ, that beautiful thing.For your trust in Him will overcome the fears that paralyze us and remove our peace.See ? Daily prayer and some Bible time ensures this. about 10 minutes per day out of 24 hours .So few Christians can do this.Nothing else required.
  • Myrna for verse 13
    standing on His promises we, can overcome any obstacle that may come our way. We can do all things through Christ and Christ alone. Believe and receive.
  • Iriquirii
    To Cleta vs.11, paul has told us in whatever state he or we are in to be Content! because, God has will always supply Our needs! vs.12, he or we Know how to be abase lowly , 7 he or we Know how to Abound grow or prosper with God 's leading when the time calls for it to show lowliness abasement at 1 time at other times to present ourselves to abound or prosper! all for and to the glory of God! Finally, vs.13, we can do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Paul, You and me as believers Followers of Christ!
  • Cleta
    explain philippians 4 verse 11 13 for me please no one has responds
  • Betty Gant for verse 19
    I believe, I will receive
  • FRANCIS for verse 13
    This scripture strenghtens my faith. I can do all things including healing the sick, raising the death, casting out demons through Jesus Christ who strenghts me. May God strenghts u all in Jesus name... Amen.
  • Rather than looking to material things, we should look to God to satisfy our needs.
  • Khali for verse 13
    Very powerfu scripture that reminds us that, he is the ultimate pillar of strength when all else fails, our own strength and pride become invalid once you accept Jesus as your Lord and savior.
  • Mike Leader for verse 8
    as I read this scripture I see and find these words are all descriptions of who Jesus Christ i. and he alone is to occupy our thoughts he alone is the light the alone is the truth Fix our eyes on Jesus our Lord
  • Boyejo Olusesan Philip for verse 6
    Our God is beautiful for situation, He wants our joy and happiness, any time we are in trial, let 's look up to Him, and He will give us good end.
  • All my successes is due to the Almighty. He who gives knowledge and wisdom. Praises be to the one and only true God. Trust in Him that He can do all things for you!
  • Michael Njagi for verse 13
    I trust only in blood of Jesus Christ in everything in my life and I overcome all since everything is possible through Him
  • This scipure verse give me hope that Jesus will give me the faith, relevation, love and ability to fullfill the will of the LORD and bring forth fruit that will glorify the his name. Taste and see the Glory of the LORD.
  • MockingBird for verse 13
    As I read a verse or two ahead of this one says I know how to be abased and I know how to abound. everywhere and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry both to abound and to suffer need. Then I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. God did not call me into His Grace to go this alone. He gave me holy Spirit to comfort and guide and teach me how what where and when to do all things through Christ. Praise God I will never be alone.
  • ALL things we can accomplish through Christ Jesus. It is He that does the work through us.He is the author and finisher of our faith. He is going to make a way out of no way. We need the refreshening which comes from the Holy Ghost which is poured out on the people of God by Jesus. He baptizes us with the Holy Ghost and the fire. We are going to have trials and tribulations, but through our faith, through prayer, through song and priase, God is going to bring us out with a mighty hand.
  • Francine for verse 8
    I struggle to bear these instructions in the forefront of my thoughts and actions ..surely we NEED to HEED this spiritual advice in a time of all the Negative news, Media, "advice ", ..gossip, and general climate of fear, cynicism, warnings , and practice...
  • I know that Heavenly Father knows how we bring on our own self afflicted worries and fears..he also knows that when we turn to him his peace that passes all understanding reaffirms that all we need do is keep our hearts on him,walk with one eye single to himand to his glory..he reminds us also in the next two verses phil 74 7 8 what we should think on...our Heavenly Father knows us and is mindful of us..How I love him
  • I know that Heavenly Father knows how we bring on our own self afflicted worries and fears..he also knows that when we turn to him his peace that passes all understanding reaffirms that all we need do is keep our hearts on him,walk with one eye single to himand to his glory..he reminds us also in the next two verses phil 74 7 8 what we should think on...our Heavenly Father knows us and is mindful of us..How I love him
  • Chidinma Eziyi
    Our thought pattern is one of the most important part of our lives.What we do with it determines what fruit our lives bears.God wants us to think on things that are pure,lovely and of good reports which means we should check the contents in our hearts to make sure they are pure and clean thoughts blc the issuess of life springs from there. Which means also is a power line of faith what comes out of it determines our actions and all of these is directed in trusting and meditating on the word of God which helps shape our thoughts.We walk by faith in the spirit not by sight and so cannnot have our thoughts in the physical and with prayer and suppliccation we are asked by God to make our request known unto him Amen and Amen.
  • This scripture gives me all my hope in my life. Nothing or no one on this earth can top it or be above it with thier power or riches.
  • Ola Mccullough
    God have all we need
  • Betty B for verse 13
    I believe in God and. I know that he can do all things sometimes I get discouraged when things don 't happen when I want them to God he is an on time God and I pray God for patience God is my Saviour in him I love and trust amen.
  • Oge
    Philippians 4 helps me trust God for all my supply. God is awesome! The word of God is the manual for life.
  • MashuduTshikororo for verse 12
    through this position of a scripture it made me realize that even if I am enveloped by Circumstances God Has no Boundary,He Enters where people can 't , He opens Doors never opened,His indeed a Sovereign God
  • Melinda
    Chapter 4 let me know that we serve a God that wants us to trust Him. He does not want us to worry about anything, for He is in complete control of the universe. He lets us know that all of us will have triblation, but our joy and peace comes as a result of our relationship with HIM. He wants us to pray all the time, for when we accept the Lord and Savior, He lives inside of us. Glory, Glory and Glory!!!!
  • Ty
    Only by believing in the Lord Jesus may we be saved. Before His birth, the angel revealed His name as JESUS, the savior of the world. His name is JESUS, the Christ is added as a description of his sole mission as the MESSIAH of Isreal and the whole creation. JESUS CHRIST is the ONLY begotten of the Father. The rest of us are Adamic and CANNOT be Christ. We cannot be saved by our being of Christ consciousness. We are saved, sustained and eligible to inherit eternal life only by BELIEVING in the only begotten of God. Please humbly pray for humility, because the moment the enemy succeeds in getting us to the deny or trifle with the divinity of Christ , and attempts to make us sons of Adam, redeemed by grace pride ourselves in being equal with the son of God, he defeats us all over again as he did at the garden of Eden, and thrusts us directly into divine judgment just as it happened to the enemy Lucifer himself who fell because he equated himself with God. I could tell you more by His Spirit but there is no time nor spsce. Our Lord is Jesus Christ, Lord and God.... "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved ". Fast and pray so that the wicked one loses his suggestions and go away for I discern you are a faithful seeker of Christ Jesus but the spirit of error is ominously lurking in the dark of our intellect. Believe His word....the world cannot believe it because of darkness.....but you Christian, believe only His word and lean not on thy own understanding. Stay in perfect peace.
  • Blessed
    The lord is my salvation. I am weary of people who are always talking and thinking negative thoughts. In CHRIST we are new creatures. We have new thoughts Philippians 4 8 is what GOD SAYS is his will for us to engage ourselves in. HALLELUJAH
  • "Thou will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee. " Isaiah 26 3 If we think on these eight "principles " there is no way for us to go wrong in the sight of God. Things that are true, pure, of virtue, good and of praise, glorify God. We can have nothing but peace of mind and joy in our hearts, because God will bless those who think on Him. He even writes it down in His book of rememberance when we talk about God one to another. If we truly want peace, then think on things that are godly.
  • Iveline for verse 4
    I think this is a encouraging verse for christians

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