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  • Linda Sibande
    Philippians 4 just lifts me up when im down
  • does it mean we can do all things, or more like, we can cope with all things?
  • Olga
    For all things give thank "s
  • Louise
    Sam, God does give all that we need! Himself! His Son! What more is needed? Yes, I suppose we all have earthly "needs, " but those are more of just "wants. " We can survive a fiery furnace or a den of lions or living on the streets with nothing but the presence of the almighty! Hebrews 13:5 - "...For He hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. " Do not be discouraged brother! :-
  • Elizabeth Tetzner
    VS 19: I can say from my own experience that God has always done what he says he will do: He says that he will meet all our needs but in HIS time and in HIS way. I am a widow who has had a lot of hardships in life, but the Lord changed my circumstances every time and brought me through all my struggles. I did what He expected as well. I lived and breathed His will which is always meditating on Him and His word. I found life and strength in spite of my circumstances. I prayed a lot and waited for Him to answer my prayers. And I realized that He gave me strength to go on. He gave me hope not despair. I hope this helps anyone who feels life circumstances are overwhelming them. Love God Jesus with all your heart and strength.
  • Camilla Duckworth for verse 8
    Only the word of God is true, good, pure & lovely. Philippians is telling me to think on my Lord and savior, and to meditate on His word in Jesus name.
  • God must not have too many riches in glory to supply my needs because He isn 't. Either that, or He is so rich and disconnected up in his heaven that he has no idea what it means to have 3 cars all needing work, while my old house slowly decays because I don 't have the money to fix it. Also, no guaranteed, reliable income as I am self-employed and working 3 part time jobs besides. Not impressed. Also, grew up a PK in the fundamentalist baptist mindset.
  • Rc Lalchhuanthanga for verse 13
    Only Jesus can satisfy me!
  • John W.Hatley
    Philippians Chapter 4 is one of my favorite because God always brings me up out of anything that I am going through. This is a powerful chapter that when I need a answer I can always go to this chapter and read 4 11 which God will supply all of my needs.
  • God has given me everything. He brought me up from the deapths of sorrow and despair. He is who I draw my strength from and who is with me all the time.He is my savior and knows I can do all things through him.
  • Renea for verse 13
    Thank you Lord for the strength you give us.
  • Queen Itis
    What a blessed chapter! We must be content in everything joy, pain, sickness, heartache continue on in the Lord with prayer supplication thanksgiving. Finally, think on the things that are pure, lovely, honest of good report contentment is the key!!Rejoice again I say rejoice!! God bless!!
  • Wilbert Allen for verse 19
    God promised that we lack nothing , as long that we,re living.
  • Linda Poindexter
    Right on time, I needed to here this.My budget is God 's budget. Shout Fire if you Believe! !!
  • Lashanda
    God is always an on time God. We ask him to supply our needs and to work out problems in our life. God does it in his time as long as we serve him. God will always supply our needs and never leave us or forsake us. God 's love is truly amazing.
  • God is with us always. When we are on the mountain, or in the lowest valley. His love and mercy will always give us strength. We are never alone.
  • Braveheart for verse 19
    But my God... Wow I know my God and I know what he is able to do. He is a SPECIALIST in supplying of needs. may tarry by your budget but by His own budget He is still in time...Shout FIRE!!!
  • Jennifer Coleman for verse 13
    Philippians 4 13 gives me the strength to live.
  • Valentina montella for verse 8 experience this or these verses is the ultimate of satisfaction in Jesus Christ. To experience his power of grace to us has given me one direct word to know the lovely ness of Christ. To know He cares so much and He knows you and helps you in your life.... Is the ultimate of satisfaction and lovely ness that I need to stay motivation in Him and to keep me moving forward. An experience should keep us going and falling in Love with him more and more.
  • Linda Manns Linneman for verse 19
    This is such a great verse for me. I need to bring this to mind when I go thru struggles.
  • Junior for verse 19
    Father in heaven, I believe in you I won 't lack. In all situations may keep my trust in you for a breakthrough.
  • Eugene scruggs
    everything about this is true i love this god is great he do any thing for you because he loves you and me
  • Rico Goodman for verse 13
    This scripture tells us that Jesus will never leave you nor forsake, and his power is everlasting!
  • Eugene Fuller, Jr. for verse 6
    Fear not and don 't be overly an,ious for anything but pray begin to praise GOD now for hearing and answering your prayer and you will have peace that surpasses all understanding!!! Eugene Fuller Stroke survivor, by the GRACE of GOD!!!
  • According to his riches and glory would simply mean your blessings will depend on how God will be glorified in your riches.
  • Pastor Blanche Campbell for verse 11
    Be at peace with in your heart.Dont be worry about nothing.
  • Oliver Benjamin
    Vs 8 declare to us follow the truth and never value worldly things,be of good character and ur ways will be clare for u.
  • Kayla for verse 13
    God is good. I know when ever I am down the lord is there to strengthen me. Hard times are what make you. God is only there to help.
  • Given for verse 19
    just believe the scripture and leave everything to god don 't try to figure out how, just know that all you need will be meet.
  • Roland
    Gives great advice about idle thinking

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