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  • Librarygal143
    God, thank you for providing for your children. You know that my needs are simple. I do not wish for a Mcmansion, expensive clothes, jewelry, or cars. Never did, never will. I only want to have enough to live decently, to provide for those I love, to help those who are in need, and to have you, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in my life. I love you, Heavenly Father.
  • Adi Mere Vueti
    He is a mighty King."
  • Irene123
    V. 22 - All the saints salute you ..........of Caesar's household. That just sent chills of joy up my spine when I first read it. In the GREAT MAN'S house, saints were busy praying for others living and working there. I love His Word; it has so many little 'things' we miss in our general reading and skipping to our favorite verses. It's these 'hidden' things HE shows us.
  • Cassandra
    I closed my eyes, asked God to guide my finger and I was led to Philippians. I read the whole book.. i couldn't stop reading. I am very familiar with Chapter 4 Verse 13. But I've never actually read the whole book.
    Thank you Lord for opening up my study life with you.
  • Lilian
    Only thru Jesus we can have peace that passes through understanding in our hearts and in our mind. I will worship you Lord for you alone are worthy. Thank you for the blood Lord you're my only JEHOVAH JIREH MY PROVIDER MY RIGHTEOUSNESS, MY HEALER MY SAVIOUR. YOU ARE MY GOD WHO CAN SUPPLY ALL MY NEED ACCORDING TO HIS RICHES IN GLORY THRU CHRIST JESUS. THANK YOU ABBA FATHER FOR UR LOVE
  • Jared
    Yes. God, through Christ alone must rule our hearts and minds.
  • Betty newton
    I just think god how he holds me and comfort me and crazy everyday life. He always there for us all we have to do is tap in and listen to his voice and follow instructions amen.
  • Carla
    Looking at this scripture l see it gives an application for prayer in addition to the famous Lords Prayer. It reminds us of a wonderful way of how to understand and live righteously remembering out blessing but also our perils to come too. So in this message of wisdom is to be thankfully as godliness with contentment is great gain. Thank you ABBA FATHER x
  • Tony Sabin
    We can do nothing without Him, but everything with Him. With I'm in front of possible you have impossible but add a H to impossible and you have Himpossible. I know it's not a word.
  • Kathleen for verse 4
    This verse is the climax of being a christian. No matter is happening in this world that we are suffering, it does not move us to be what the world want us to be but to rejoice in the Lord because we have faith and trust that we will end in the LORD who is our Alpha and therefore, He will also be our Omega. We have the peace that the world cannot give. Even if we die, we die in the LORD and the Lord has shown us that there is a home and a mansion prepared for us. This world is not our permanent home. We are just here for a while. But we will be with our GOD forever. Therefore, Rejoice in the Lord alway, again i say rejoice. May the Lord bless this message in Jesus' Name. Amen
  • Anne
    We can endure all things through Christ who strengthens us. No matter what afflictions, hardships or challenges came our way. He will see us through.
  • Lady blue for verse 7
    I will Never Understand why my sister had to die so soon. But ...when I think about all The Blessings God has Provided, and I think of ALL He has done for me, and how He created this beautiful river that runs so deep, and the birds singing in the trees, I Do have The Peace Of God, and this Peace Will keep my heart and mind in Christ! This Peace i have DOES surpass ALL understanding!
  • Jacques meyer for verse 19
    this I will believe till my death, no matter what!
  • Stacie for verse 4
    Rejoice in the Lord always again I say rejoice. We as Christians should always rejoice no matter the situation or circumstance bad or good. We are the face of what Christ wants His believers non believers to see grow in upon. if we, as Christians rejoice good bad it allows our light that God wants shown to be revealed in the positive way that He wants it revealed. Giving, courage, inspiration hope to the weak, uninspired hopeless, to come to the Father. Not expecting all to be good always, but knowing that it will not always be good that too is fine. Because with through God it will work out for the good or as God, the Father will it.
  • Tammy
    I love this verse everytime i get down and out i turn to this verse to strengthneth me through christ..
  • Anonymous for verse 8
  • Blessed
    the lord has spoken obey
  • A. M. Conatser
    Verse eight is my life verse. How blessed our lives will be if we strive to live by this admonition.
  • Vannywilliamson
    yes our god is so good to us HE will supply ALL our needs god love us so he send HIS SON TO DIE FOR US that meant any thing we ask in his name he will supply thank you jesus i love you
  • Steve for verse 19
    100 TRUE!! Repeat it out loud and by Faith... BELIEVE IT.. :-
  • Corrine Clinton for verse 19
    Yes God will supply all are my needs according to his riches in glory because everything i need my father has it whether it love,joy,happiness, peace, no matter what God got it so the verse is so true my God will supply all my needs.
  • Blessed
  • Allen for verse 12
    The essence of this passage is almost ecclesiastical in the sense that Paul, like Solomon have come to understand Christ is in the full spectrum of our circumstances! This is truly a relational revelation as much as a testemenony.
  • Allen for verse 12
    The essence of this passage is almost ecclesiastical in the sense that Paul, like Solomon have come to understand Christ is in the full spectrum of our circumstances! This is truly a relational revelation as much as a testemenony.
  • Pst okoduwa lucky for verse 6
    we are creators in His hand let us allowed him to do all for us by telling him what we need and wait for him to bring it to pass ,HE is the same yesterday and forever
  • Felita
    Philippians 4:13. This is a powerful verse .There is hope. when you think you can 't succeed .This verse reminds us that we can do all things thru christ which strengthen us what a blessing.
  • Nichole
    This chapter reassures me that God takes care of his people even when we think there is no way out. All we have to do is trust and obey HIM!
    i really like this commentary,
  • Sophieya
    Almighty lord you are great, many times I doubt on your blessing still you were there with me holding my hand and guiding me. Many times I was not humble for your decision forgive me for that father. Thank you for your unconditional love and blessing in my life . Help me not worry but be strong with prayer

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