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  • Kim
    What is the abbreviation for the book of Philippians?
  • Edwin
    It encourages me to stay in the lord because I can do everything through HIM who gives me strength.
  • Mary
    Philippians is a book I love so much because Paul has put a lot of emphasis in virtues, and the more we practice reading them, we shall live them and eventually be able to be like the way God wants us to be. Today I am preaching on the book of Philippians 4:8. Amen.
  • Taylor
    Last summer I was with my grandparents and I was asking a whole bunch of questions and then GOD told me to look up to Philippians 4:13. I will never forget this verse because it’s special to me. I am only 13, so it was so exciting when GOD talked to me.
  • Yes! I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthen me.
  • Timothy Wayne George for verse 8
    Having the mind of Christ is what allows us to put this verse into practice. Jesus said as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. So we must learn to think good thoughts, and rebuke those thoughts that are not Christ like. So whatever things are true, honest, noble, pure, praise worthy, and of good report, think on these things. As we meditate on these things, we will be filled with the joy of the Lord, which is our strength, and we will be able to rejoice in the Lord always. May the Lord who gives us strength prepare our hearts to put these things into practice every day of our lives.
  • James fisher for verse 1
    With the help of the Holy Spirit I continue to remain STEADFAST IN THE LORD.
  • George for verse 13
    Literally, it means when taken I can become like him in all essence and being one with him capable of what he is capable of, sharing his abilities and his power to create unlimited worlds and life of lives, miracle of miracles, greater works shall you do, always love and forever in eternal awe.
  • Humble
    My beloved I know what it is to be abound and abased, for many years and currently. I like Paul have received gift offerings because of my poverty. I receive them as blessings, I do. God’s love is present in my life. Yet, I know I'm not to be anxious for nothing. But I do worry about my family. When I was in abundance, I did not follow Jesus, but kept Him in a metaphoric box. Today my life is filled with Him. Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit. He is my everything and my daily passion is to serve Him and serve Him and I do... Humbly; ministering to the sick, crippled and dying, feeding off His Word to keep me strong and nourished spiritually... My wife and daughters are recipients of this dilemma because of the lack of monies. My wife and I always have shut off notices laying on our counter and have gone through bankruptcy. Yet still today we still face the same worldly responsibilities without enough monies to handle them. We are penniless, Yet, we press on trusting and loving our Lord and His teaching. And reject the lies of the enemy as each moment is hard. I feel humbled daily by Our Lord's Grace. And I feel humbled venting all that I just have. Pray for my family.
  • Clarence douglas for verse 3
    Philippians is a book I love to read. Would there be more information on yoke fellows? Please send. Thanks.
  • Marion
    Philippians for reminds me to think about all positive things which come from the Lord. Also that I am able to do all things through Christ. That is true motivation!
  • Ayoola O.
    Philippians 4:4, 5 and 11, Rejoice in the lord always Brethren, let your moderation be known to all men and I did not speak in respect of want but I have learned in whatever state I am to be content and give thanks. This words lifted up my spirit and I received peace and joy from meditating on it.
  • Wendell Johnson for verse 6
    Always put GOD in every decision you make in life!!!
  • Michelle for verse 8
    This should be a central part of every Christian's life if we are to live victorious lives. Put a copy of this on your bathroom mirror, dashboard, desk at work, fridge... THEN BE AMAZED AT THE DIFFERENCE IT WILL MAKE IN YOUR DAILY WALK WITH GOD!!!!
  • Beersheba for verse 19
    So long as our needs is not for our own selfish interest He will surely give us all our needs.
  • Anonymous
    Take no thought about tomorrow. GOD WILL SUPPLY ALL OUR NEEDS.
  • Carol
    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, I know to suffer needs, and be patient and wait on the Lord, he promises to provide for us. Amen.
  • Laura for verse 19
    We should never worry about anything. God is always there to supply all our needs. It may not be what we always think we should have but God knows what is best for each of us because he knows everything we are going through.
  • C.brian for verse 13
    Christ is always there to give us strength to attain all we need in righteousness.ther is no need to go an extra mile and doing evil to be successful,lets just go to Jesus,the Champion of peace.Paul says i can do 'ALL'mayb u really dont have to 'do ALL'but just to 'GIVE ALL'to Jesus
  • Ranti for verse 2
    It's relevant/applicable to all godly relationship.
  • Emmanuel kelechi
    Do nt worry so much abt de tinx of dis world, matt. 6
  • Idowu Olabisi for verse 13
    This version is the best, if someone didn't have this version, he/she did not have bible. Thanks God bless you. But we need more Yoruba and English Language. Thanks
  • this is a wonderfully learning and caring directive from our Lord. A friend of mine would tell me after i spewed out a bunch of worries, concerns, and troubles, "tim. your doin' ok, take it easy and keep comin' back." And so i did, and so i am, and so i will be closer to my God in Christ. ty, tim p.s. my friend was not refering to religion, or even spirituality, but it transitions beautifully w/ Phil.4:6
  • Ann (Verse) 13
    After reading this in Our Daily Bread (ODB). I was convienced again that my whole life is in his hands, the good an the bad. I have this verse 13 in my living room given to me by a woman from India. It shows me daily where my strength comes from.
  • Rev. D.A. Floyes,Jr.
    Powerful message Paul is delivering from a Roman prison, to rejoice in the Lord, be content, think on the good, and don't care about the things of this world!
  • Trent for verse 6
    I love this verse. Don't be anxious or over concerned or over 'careful' about things, but ask God for help and trust in him. Very encouraging.
  • Carolyn kurzpalmer for verse 13
    “And not being weak in faith, he did not consider his own body...he did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God, and being fully convinced that what He had promised He was also able to perform”
    (Romans 4:19–21, NKJV)
  • TJ
    Living in my own personal jail of sorts, Verse 13 has become my mantra for the week.
  • Thomas for verse 13
    the first time i saw this verse it was tattooed onto a ufc fighter's chest, but it only said 'Philippians 4:13'. i was curious of what it was so i looked through my bible and this came up. it has been a big inspiration to me.
  • Timothy Wayne George
    Rejoice in the Lord always is a command. God wants us to praise him, and be thankful for all that he is doing in our life. We must pray about everything, and worry about nothing. Our God supplies all our needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Just as Paul learned to be content in every situation he was in, and we too must do that to be happy in Jesus. Remember Paul was in prison when he wrote this letter to the Philippians. So give thanks in all things, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for us.

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