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  • K.W. King-Kwame on Philippians 3
    We need to forget our wrongful past knowing that God has forgiven us if truly we have listened to his words, accepted His words, Repented of our Sins and Confess Christ as our personal saviour and Baptised and doing things right presently allowing God to work in us preparing us for the future glory.
  • Rev. C.E. Gayle on Philippians 3
    Paul expressed his concerns to the Philippian church of the dangers of false teachers.He caution them to beware of dogs,evil workers,and those who embrace circumcission as a necessary component for salvation are enimies of Christ.He desire that christians serve God from a true heart
    should circumcise their hearts and have no confidence in the flesh.He showed himself as an example,outlining his achievements and faithfulness to the law,but gave them up for Christ sake.He wants us to understand that all that we have is useless with out salvation. The zeal of many,with out the true knowledge and understanding of God is a great danger and can lead many to believe they are doing God's will when they ar not.
  • Emmanuel Fiagbenya on Philippians 3
    should forget things in the flesh and take jesus because jesus christ love us.
  • Lance Browne on Philippians 3
    Powerful stuff. Paul enjoins us to set our priorities straight if we would meet Christ in peace at His coming. May this be our sole ambition..

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