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  • Mishael on Listening to Scripture
    I just checked on YouTube, that has Alexander Scourby reading King James Version scripture.

    What a wonderful way to relax and listen to the Word of God.
  • Mishael on CULTS that say God is female
    I just did a quick Google on cults that teach that god is a woman. It comes from Europe. You can read this on Wikipedia.

    Ariana Grande has a perverted painting promoting the same idea with a new CD.

    That's what cults do. They promote some new outrageous thing in hopes of making some fast money on the suffering of others who are willing to buy into anything new.

    I briefly saw that there's another one saying god is female and male.

    I guess Satan thinks he can gather all the weak-minded fools to populate hell. He doesn't care who he hurts: he just hates God.

    We have a responsibility to google these things and warn others.
  • Jeanette Throgmorton
    Promise is a covenant. How cool. Creator of whole universe remembers his promise everytime a rainbow appears. Read:Genesis 9:8-17
  • Brent marlin ferguson for verse 23
    I love jesus christ today and always! He is my hope and my Savior.
  • Mary Sue Morton for verse 11
    What are the fruits of righteousness ? Love, forgiveness, humility, joy, peace, patience, kindness, discernment, wisdom ?
  • Rod
    My Thought could be Galatians 5:22-23 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.
  • James T
    I just heard a voice holy spirit say read Philippians, so i gather the father is a sure-ing me he is cleaning me up to go home with God the father and our lord Jesus Christ in heaven. THANK YOU YAHSHUA.
  • Sunday Oladimeji
    God does not embark on any project and leave it not completed.He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it Philippians 1:6 .
    Thank God for this word. It spoke to my heart when I saw this post. I know that our God is faithful. We as the body of Christ has to believe even when we are facing hard times.
  • Dianne
    I certainly am blessed by the whole chapter, especially by verse 6!! Apostle Paul is my favorite writer and apostle in the Bible!! Thanks GOD BLESS!!!
  • I, even I, am that Michael Isaac Dale:
    Concerning this Sabbath: shall the woman, the fatherless and the widow be condemned for their work if GOD giveth their sleep? Nay. For GOD gave nor sent his Son to condemn the world but to save the world: in which, as in the days of Noah, the like figure of eight souls remain. Therefore to him that knows to do good, and does IT not, to him it is sin. For the Son of man IS Lord even of the Sabbath.
  • Glenn
    I am looking for the verse that says rejoicing in the lord defeats Satan.
  • Brian Dougherty
    The only verse that I can find is Luke 10:20 which includes the word rejoice in it and also includes unclean spirits.
  • Adam
    Philippians is my favorite book of the Bible. Dense with spiritual nourishment.
  • Nancy
    Amen! Praise the Lord for the Word.
  • Adam
    May God bless you through His holy Word!
  • Vanessa
    Walk in Christ be bold for the word and never be ashamed for it. If we speak the gospel in truth not make anything up , most suffer for it even today we are called crazy. I feel sorry for them, they are going to miss the joy of meeting our creator. This is the oldest written history and yet they wont teach it or read it God bless them and God Bless you all, walk in faith, trust in God always
  • Shajin Hashemi
    I know why I suffer now. I agree. Suffer for the Lord!!!
  • Oscar Kaubi
    I compare the passage to Joshua 24
    where Joshua calls on all the people to pledge commitment to God
  • Sean
    I am understanding more clear. I often fear rejection but the love i have is deep and can never be turned away from. I need that assurance to let go. Trust and confidence
  • Linda Altadonna
    Love this book, in response to someone named Nicole G. about how to reach the Lord. One of my hardest things to learn in life: Be still, be quiet, pray earnestly and the Lord will reach out to You Nicole.
  • Janet Gleespen
    Well, today my Mom has been in heaven for a year and I thank my God upon every remembrance of her. God Bless You All! Love
  • LadyA
    Be Thankful unto the Lord and Bless his Holy Name, For All Things....
  • I asked too
    Nichole - Jesus Loves You! Just ASK-

    Ask and it shall be given unto you
    Seek and ye shall find
    Knock and it shall be opened unto you.

    Read Read Read His Word! Talk to Him! Prayer is more direct than any chatroom. The Gospel of John answers your question!
  • Bruce
    Nichole: When The Lord Calls, you will Know: John 6:44. ASK Forgiveness 1John 1:9. He will Wash you in His Own Blood: Revelation 1:5. You will be Baptized with The Holy Ghost: Mark 1:8. All Things Will Become New: 2Corinthians 5:17. You will Know! Your Heart and Mind Will be Changed. Read The Bible Daily. Tell Others What Happened. Tell them how they to, can be New. Saved by The Blood of The Lamb.
  • Nichole greeson
    how do you reach the lord
  • A disciple
    Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ: Now these things are important to us because it has to do with knowing what Spirit we are of both in our relations with other disciples, and with those who don't yet know the Lord, whom we hope to influence well and lead them to Jesus. And what is important about that, is that these are the things in which we shall be appointed our place and the work which God has for us in the world to come in His Everlasting Kingdom. Now we can probably suppose pretty accurately, that men like Moses and Samuel, Noah and Daniel and Job, will without question be the ones appointed to the highest places in the Kingdom along with David and the Prophets and Apostles because of the kind of men they were, as they walked with God in their generations. But of the innumerable multitudes of His Saints in all ages, including the myriads who have been tortured and persecuted and slain for their faith and fidelity to Jesus there is an incalculably unknown area of knowledge, that only that individual and God has by which He will decide and appoint to everyone their name and place with Him.
  • Glenda
  • A disciple
    Eutychus; What do you think a Saint is? How can one who is not a disciple really be a Saint? Disciple indicates one who has consecrated himself by a course in life, OF DISCIPLINE. To walk in truth with a good conscience and without "stage-playing" can only be performed by grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, by OBEDIENCE, which means DISCIPLINE. Saint means a holy one, which MEANS sanctification.
  • Eutychus
    "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." Philippians 1:21.

    Really? To live isn't watching the widescreen god? To live isn't playing sports? It isn't paying total attention to "devices". To live isn't to spend one's time in an all out drive to be entertained, even when in church?

    If all that is living, then you bet! that dying in Jesus is a gain unsurpassed on this very earth...

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