Philippians 4:8 Inspirational Image

Philippians 4:8 Inspirational Image

"Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."
Philippians 4:8 (KJV)

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"The King James Bible seems to be the most popular post on Facebook. Isn't that just ,wonderful!"
"Amen!! one of my very favorite scriptures <3"
"King James Version The true and Living bible"
"This is one of my favorite scriptures, and one we memorized in BMA when I was in jr. high. Today, when I see all the turmoil and carnality in the church, I know why. This is one of many verses that tell us what to think about and fix our mind on. We're filling it with too much senseless, vain, evil clutter! Seems even these things listed anymore have an underlying ulterior motive. Get rid of that, and from a pure heart you will find out what this verse is talking about and see your spiritual life grow."
"This eliminates lots of TV programs!"
"Ephesians 2:10 For we are Godís handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."
"Guard your mind with *pure things....... the Word of God!!!!!!! Speak it out loud!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!"
"So so, true!"
"Thank you God for your recipe for my life...your word, truth ^ Pure Love..AMEN"
"Best Book in the whole world.thank you Jesus.for the road map,from Earth to Glory."
"God please quicken your Spirit in me and let this mind b in me that also was in Christ-Jesus amen."
"I love this chapter...this is lovely...amen Halelujah!"
"I memorized this verse many years ago. A great and amazing thing to me is, sometimes when I need direction...God's word just pops into my mind. But that "is" what He promised us He would do, and I'm so glad He does."
"Its the only "authorized" word in my household, and I love HIM."
"My Almighty God , has spent the better part of my life.....cleansing me from bitterness of childhood, to finally look on Him my redeemer, my forgiver, if only the beginning of my life had I know-en Him like I do now...... but, it's never too late....."
"Think, pray & act on this verse! So good! Chase away that devil with the sword, the word of God. Amen!"
"This is a great verse to memorize. And once done, ask yourself from time to time: Am I thinking things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of a good report? Is there any virtue, or praise? If not change your thinking; and you will change your circumstances and how you feel. This is how we develop the mind of Christ in us."
"This verse is good treatment for depression."
"Amen! wed need less depression meds if folks keep their minds on these things..i know my thoughts are less bleak by keep my thoughts on these things!"
"Be of good courage.. :)"
"Boy, that would leave out of lot of T.V. programming!"
"Encouraging word of God."
"God pls give me d grace 2 do ur will."
"He is indeed worthy.... Praise jah"
"Help me God( grace)"
"How many of us as Christians actually do this!"
"I love my King James Bible! <3 <3 <3"
"I need to read this everydy!"
"More proof that God indeed used Paul as his instrument of communication.Please note he said," think on these things." An invitation to understand from whom all good things come....Very Typical Paulian thought once Paul was saved from himself...Amen"
"Oh God,help me to meditate on tins above n not on the passin tins of this world."
"One of my favourite scriptures"
"One of my very favourite verses of the new Testament."
"Praise and glory be to the Lord God."
"PRAISE the good LORD & the KING JAMES VERSION is the only BIBLE i believe in"
"So why do people keep posting bad things?"
"Thank you, Jesus for my beautiful Mother who continually told us this scripture!!!!"
"That was a beautiful to wake up and read! Thank God for a wonderful day"
"The word of God is powerful as God Himself,study and live the word to be enabled."
"This is de word of God"
"Tnks for d word lord"
"(For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth;) Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord. Ephesians 5:9-10"
"(Psa 119:105 NASB) "Thy word is a lamp to my feet, And a light to my path.""
"*give us the strength to love in any condition"
"....KJV 1611 ..Gods preserved perfect Word ...."
"...It Lightings up my day :)"
"13th article of faith!"
"A favorite verse. Think on the good things, free your mind from any evil."
"Ah, you've started another Book. Beautiful writing as well as beautiful message. Go, James."
"AMEN ... a great scripture .."
"Amen god is good he love"
"Amen one of my all time favorites"
"Amen! I count my blessings one by one!!"
"Amen! I praise and give Glory to God!! HALLELUJAH!!!!"
"Amen. First scripture I ever memorized"
"And may God get the Glory."
"Apostle Paul: thank u God amen."
"Ballap bredrens"
"Enlighten my spirit everyday. Thank you..."
"Father God, please help me to always think on those things mentioned in Philippines 4:8. Thank You Lord. Amen!"
"Give all our love Linda"
"God is good all the time!!"
"God's word is real"
"God's words endure forever."
"Got to keep my mind there."
"Grace 2 obey, I pray. Amen"
"GUD VERY GUD!!!!!!!"
"Holy sweet"
"How rich an pure! Amen"
"I endorse this fully"
"I have to repeat this alot because of stinking thinking"
"I love reading the bible everyday"
"I love the KJV also."
"I love the lord bec he's so goo to me ps to us"
"I love this verse. I remember trying to memorize it as a child and having a hard time keeping honest, just, pure, lovely, in the right order."
"I memorized this one! A great reminder......for EACH DAY. AMEN!"
"I think this means that we are not supposed to listen to politicians!"
"I wish this could be posted in many public places as a reminder of healthy and kind thinking and actions."
"If we keep our minds stayed on these things we will be keeping our thoughts stayed on Jesus."
"If we think on just, things or pure.lovely things we will always have a good report"
"If you don't believe God 's Word (KJV) How could any of these words be true honest just pure lovely of good report any virtue any praise come on know t h i n k on these things.'"
"In everything, give thanks to tha'Lord!"
"In these days....let us try, by God's grace, to have Christ always before us..."
"Its amazing you posted this today, I have been thinking of this all day :) I guess it is my 2nd confirmation:)"
"Let God's will be done."
"Live in the spirit not the flash stay focus on positive not negative"
"Lord help my carnal mind!"
"Lord, I think about your love and everything that you have given me. I"
"Lord, let thy will be done"
"Love how the shadow of the candle forms a heart on the Bible. Jesus Light of the World and in my heart!"
"Love the King James Bible. I like to read it for the beauty of it. Some things, to me, don't need to be 'modernized.'"
"May God bless the Scripture. Amen."
"Must be applied to all areas of life!"
"My FAVOURITE Bible verse ( or one of them anyway)"
"No better verse to start a new school year on that that one!"
"Nthuse Jehovah!!"
"Of course ..."
"Oh how I miss the king James version"
"On earth as in heaven"
"One of my favorite verses. A great one for young people."
"One of my favs:)"
"Phil 4:8 is one of my favorite verses to share with young athletes regarding their thought processes during competition: Keep it Positive...! This Glorifies God and pleases our Heavenly Father...! ~Coach Sam"
"Philippians 4:6 praise god amen"
"Please Father help me remember when I'm overwhelmed. Take my mind off of discouraging things and remind me of your love and grace. Please bind the enemy away from me. give me your comfort and peace! In Jesus Name Amen!"
"Praise God. Amen!!!!!!"
"Praise the lord alleluia amen to god be the glory"
"Praises to JesusChrist his love n his precious words amaze me every second it is so awesome it has everything for me Aleluya"
"Preach it, sure makes life a lot easier."
"Remember: physical acts of obedience, done in faith, release spiritual realities. So if Phil 4:8 is performed in faith, then the God of peace will be with you. Phil 4:9b. Expect the peace of God, regardless of your circumstances. Merry Christmas."
"So true with King James Bible."
"Thank u god amen."
"Thank You Jo Ann"
"That which we keep in our mind determines what our life will be. Following Philippians 4:8 sure makes things much better."
"The apostle Paul was one of the most brilliant men to ever walk the earth other than Christ himself. His style and writings are so profound and certainly inspired. Gives me a lot of hope and inspiration to read his epistles."
"The true word of God"
"The word of God (Jesus) is all these things!!"
"These things can no longer be found in the world...only in the hearts of christians."
"Think on these things...So none of us should ever watch the news. HA! Well some things are true on the news. Not in politics, but the local weather, traffic and crime are usually spot on."
"Thinking shapes you to enter heaven"
"To keep your hearts an minds in tune"
"Truly needed this verse today! I thank God for his Holy Word!"
"U cant keep your mind on things of this world it will destroy u think on these things amen"
"Walk in the spirit not the flash focus on the positive not negative"
"Watch your thought today guys....thoughts have power..."
"We all need to memorize bible verses. Amen"
"Well Glory!!!!"
"What can i say. Amen"
"Wonderful scripture from the Apostle Paul. Inspired by God."
"Woow Amen lyk ese verse much"
"Yeh praise the lord"
"Yes Amen & Amen. THANK YOU FATHER GOD."
"Yes let us think on these!!!!"
"Yes! Lord for You are Worthy 2 be praised in everything You do!"
"You have to train your brain to cut off the negative thoughts, reciting scripture helps, meditating on God's word, focusing on it."

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