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2/27/2021, 12:58pm by "mitiku": How is salvation is like apromised Land

2/27/2021, 5:15am by "Chsmpeen": Chris Praise God. Your God given wisdom must be shared with all people's. Your insight to Psalms 4:6 is comforting. God blesses you.

8/31/2020, 9:01pm by "Vincent": Might I also add, the communist regime was/is by far the most ruthless and vile means of government. If people thought Auschwitz was bad, why not take a look at the hundreds of millions massacred by the Reds before a WWII and after. Lets look at the death toll Islam is racking up. Afrikan tribes hacking people up with machetes. No, this current dilemma we are in with international riots and a pandemic of flu-like proportions, is not apocalyptic. It is merely a more obvious evil than what we are used to. Yes, the end is ever more near and what is happening is as the days of Noah. Unfortunately what we see is just a conglomerate of what has always been there.

8/31/2020, 8:27pm by "Chris": Jeremy, I suppose that would depend on one's perspective & world view. For those who have had a fairly comfortable, free & peaceful life (particularly those born post WWII), might think that this ongoing pandemic, collapsing businesses & economies, various weather upheavals & wars & skirmishes in some parts of the world, equate to some degree of apocalyptic phenomena. For those who have been through the world wars, those Jews who lived through or survived Auschwitz or the starving suffering families under despotic governments in third world nations of past generations, might have believed the end of the world was nigh for them. However, if we can grasp some of the descriptions of the coming days of suffering & torment in Revelation chapter 6 onwards, I think what we're experiencing now (& what those of yesteryear encountered) are but a foretaste of the horrors to be poured out upon this God-forsaking, Christ-rejecting world. It will be a time of God's Anger that hasn't been seen since His destruction of the Earth by flood. Yes, I agree with you, things are looking quite bad for humanity, but even through the present mild sufferings, we can only trust that the hearts of men are being torn open to look to their Creator for salvation & hope and to see the fickleness of this life & its vain offerings that are of no eternal value. The Lord has His Way of alerting man to his real need & once again fall to his knees to cry to Him.

8/31/2020, 7:39pm by "Chris": There are two that the Bible speaks of: Enoch (Genesis 5:22-24); and Elijah (2 Kings 2:9-11). The Jewish Midrash speaks of a further six people who didn't face death, but these cannot be verified in the Canon of Scripture, so are not given here as factual.

8/31/2020, 6:09pm by "T. Levis": Philippians 4:7-8 Philippians 4:11-13 Jude 1

8/31/2020, 5:59pm by "howard algeo": Who did God take to heaven without dying?

8/29/2020, 7:41pm by "Jeremy Vandevelde": We are seeing evil on an apocalyptic level arent we??!?

6/22/2015, 7:08am by "Jeanette": Jesus heard my prayers and healed my family. Thank you Jesus.

5/31/2015, 6:16am by "pst okoduwa lucky": We are creators in His hand let us allowed him to do all for us by telling him what we need and wait for him to bring it to pass ,HE is the same yesterday and forever

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