Philippians 4:13 Inspirational Image

Philippians 4:13 Inspirational Image

"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."
Philippians 4:13 (KJV)

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"Yes Christ...I can....but send an extra measure of Your strength to me as I feel myself getting weaker, even though praying and trusting harder. Some burdens are really hard to bear, howwever your help brings me through. You alone will fight these demons that try to steal and destroy what we pray for most. It will take more than our feet to stomp satan out. satan has NO POWER where YOU alone abide, and that is within our heart. We have to be patient and wait upon You."
"Amen King James Version is Truly God's Word!xoxoxo"
"Thank the lord for his loving mercy and his saving grace a men"
"I can do nothing good in this world unless I have your help. I am such a low and unworthy person. Yet you have blessed me beyond measure. Lord the only prayer i ask for myself is you forgive my sins. Lord i thank you for the very special family you have given , and that you could find it in your heart to bless there health, Please hear our cries dear Lord. Amen."
"Thank you my only one LORD I will serve you forever and I accept you to be my only one saviour amen"
"The King James version of the Bible is the best!"
"We are able to breath b'cause he strength us,he lead us every step we do"
"And without Him I AM NOTHING!"
"Correct and true."
"Faith come by hearing, I repeat this scripture to myself. Praise God"
"He is my strenght and power"
"JJesus please help those who are left helpless and hopeless by the hurricane in NY and NJ. We love you and what you did so we could live in peace. Please restore the inner peace so many of them need today. Amen!"
"Matthew 16:19 is a good one."
"Reminds me of, "when we are weak, He is STRONG!""
"So so true,i luv da word of GOD..AMEN"
"Amen I believe it. Yes I do"
"Amen! <3 this scripture.. One of my Favs!!"
"Amen! Show nuf!"
"Amen. Very true."
"Amen.!!! "For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure." Philippians 2:13"
"Because without HIM I am nothing."
"By God's power nothing can conquer us,amen"
"Christ my redeemer my Lord my God."
"Every day !!! strength and my redeemer He is!!!"
"Everybody read verse 11 first, statement by paul comes out of one who had gone thro all manner of things gud or bad. And this describes one who had been disciplined thro harsh situations n @times gud. So he was used to both situations and he knew exactly, whatever came his way, he would face it confidently. Question is, how many of us can surely say, whatever the situation, i can handle it squarely! I personally find i cannot use this verse devoid of connetion with what paul had gone through earlier on."
"For he is worthy"
"For i am anointed i shall not fear the spear of the devil thus winning the wishes of this heart."
"For without our Lord Christ Jesus we can do nothing...#Amen"
"GOD is my (strength), my (Healer) A place of (refague) my (sustainer) "Genesis." 1 In the begining "GOD" created the heaven and earth. SAINT JOHN 1:1 In the begining was the word and the Word was with GOD , and the Word was GOD. Amen"
"He is my everlasting father..."
"He z able amen"
"Hey Bill, Love and miss you guys"
"I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him who infuses inner strength into me! (Amplified version I think)"
"I am so thankful that Christ gives me strength day by day, minute by minute. Without Him I cannot do anything. I praise him for carrying me through this time when my husband is recuperating for surgery."
"I can be ,and do all things thru Christ my Lord and savor,amen."
"I declear & claim it in Jesus name."
"I love it! Yes, yes"
"I was made through Him MostHigh'"
"I will overcome 2day by the will n riches of our Master-Jehova Shalom"
"In the name of Jesus, Amen"
"Indeed GOD strengthes me."
"Indid his onewho strengthing us, Amen"
"I've been saying that to myself for the last 2 days. Great verse."
"King james 1611,the only bible,anyother is wrong even nkjv i dont want new kjv,that means its been altered,rev.last chapter say any man that changes his word will not enter the kingdom of God.not a sermon.amen!"
"Let his love be know to one and other and each other."
"Like HE said with out ME yea can do nothing."
"Linda, This was my Mom's very favorite bible verse. Thank you. <3"
"Means all believer are divinely empowered amen"
"My favorite scripture verse!!! For all your blessings big or small for without you we'd never get thru them at all!! Thank you Lord for the mountains we climb & for the valleys we go thru, don't want to go thru them without "YOU"!!!!!! Can I get a "AMEN" !!!! God Bless America Again!!!!"
"My favorite verse, and at the prefect time <3"
"My life vews now :)"
"My song !!!"
"My stronghold,my daily strength"
"N i blve i can"
"Prays the Lord Christ Jesus Amen"
"Sooooo true!!"
"Thank God for that, yes i can do all things through Lord Jesus Christ..."
"Thanks 2 God Almight."
"Thats right!!"
"Thats the power to do."
"That's true hallelujah"
"The King James Bible is God's true Word."
"The only strength we have. The only strength we need."
"The verse I live by!"
"This is my favorite bible verse"
"This is my life verse, that I try to remember to claim every day, thank you for posting it today!"
"This is so true so ."
"We all should KNOW that nothing is possible without our HEAVENLY FATHER and if you don't know it I susjust you get out there and seek him while you can because he want sit on that MERCY SEAT forever, He loves us so much but all things has a begining and all things has an ENDING."
"When i need something to inspire, encourage me n also to remind me dat christ in me the hope of glory.Thanks todat"
"When I sit down in the morning having my coffee. This is on my cup reminding me of Who is in control of my life. Amen."
"Who strengthens me."
"Wit him all tingz er possible."
"With God everything is possible"
"Woh me, I'm getting there............"
"Wouldn't want to be without Him! Thank you Jesus! praise His holy Name."
"Yah with my God I can advance against a troop. With Him I can scale a wall"
"Yes God do alot if just ask him I did I got wife and kids that good for me keep family in preys"
"Yes i can with his strength.Amen"
"Yes Lord, I can do all things through your help."

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