Philippians 1:6 Inspirational Image

Philippians 1:6 Inspirational Image

"Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:"
Philippians 1:6 (KJV)

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"And God does not lie, He is faithful"
"My God is a faithful God. He always complete what He starts. No unfinished business with Him. Hallelujah! I'm so excited to be His child."
"Dat is my faith in God"
"Ameeeeeeeeeeen....indeed...the word of God it shall nt return void bt it shall accomplish the mision wch it send 4."
"Good I don't have to perform. I'll let Him perform through me. I am His instrument."
"My only confidence! What an Anchor!"
"Amen...Without Him I'd be nothing but dung as the bible says....If you can admit that you are a born again sinner saved by the precious shed blood of Jesus...."
"Do we realize when the Day of Jesus Christ is? It's until His second coming. He will be continuing the good work in you until that day. Can you imagine!! Thank you Lord Jesus. Praise your most Holy name."
"God has better things to do than waste His time! If He starts something He's gonna finish it! You can take that to the Bank!"
"Our lives began before they began because God told Jeremiah that before you were formed in your mother's womb I knew you. Jer 1 vs 5. And God went on to say I ordained your as a prophet , which meant that his ministry and purpose was inside of us when he was brought forth into this earth. We need not fear when we face tribulations in life as long as we are doing God's will and because God has given us the power and authority when He ordained us before birth, He will see to it that What He has began in us will be accomplished indeed, God said to Joshua, Fear not !!!"
"Philippians 2:13... "For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.""
"Praise God. For he loved us first when we were unlovable."
" be it ...!"
"Amen thank You JESUS. HALLELUJAH"
"Amen...I appreciate all of my blessings...Thank God!"
"Can't wait until that day FINALLY arrives!!!"
"Did you catch that one brethren? UNTIL the day of Christ which is His second coming.....Praise the Lamb."
"God never fails!"
"He is the only one who will never forsake you"
"I believe in You, Your promises are true. Thank You, Jesus for loving us."
"I know that the Lord wil finish the gud work he started coz its nolonger i who lives but christ."
"Oh my God,this is one of my favourite vs,may God continue the work he started in me and my loved ones."
"Thank u Jesus. We can c it happening. Amen and Amen."
"Thank you Lord for your pateince. Glory to Jesus"
"That is a very good picture"
"Use your skills God gives you..."
"Ameeeeeeeeeeen oooooooooooooh"
"Amen be so!"
"Amen o. Lukn 4ward 2 im 4 my 2nd part of my acedemics."
"Amen Robert, you better believe it"
"Amen! He is the authour and finisher of our lives"
"AMEN! I love this verse.................."
"Amen! What a divine promise! Am 4eva confident of it."
"Amen!he's a faithful God......"
"AMEN,Oh yes....he wl dfntly see me thru 2 the finishng line!thank u Lord Jesus!"
"Amen,word of God is faithful"
"Amen. Thank You, Father God."
"Andre Miller: We are not to eat (obey) all things from Genesis to Revelation. Study Exodus 12:8-9 We are to eat (obey) the Lamb (Word-Christ is the Word) roast over the fire (Holy Ghost fire) with unleavened bread (without sin) and with bitter herbs (suffering). We are not to eat it raw, (so when you have a sermon bring it to God to roast it all (make sure the meat is well done roasted by the Holy Ghost fire) eat it all, but that which remaineth burn with fire...this is the Mosaic Law that Christ destroyed on His cross, nailing it to the cross taking it out of the way. The Lord bless you."
"Blsd b the name of the LORD"
"Can't wait til' that day FINALLY arrives! Hopefully, it's soon."
"Eat form genesis to revelation all the book"
"Faith in god is all we have, i have faith"
"Father u re so good,i thank u for ur word concernin my life,i receiv it.Amen."
"Glory be to God forever"
"Glory be unto de almighty God."
"Glory to the living God!"
"God is not through with you or me, but will continue building us until Christ returns!"
"Hallelujah. Selah"
"His word is all wisdom n glory , with this said i will make sure is done right,. in his powerful name!"
"Hlp me God,amen"
"I can't wait untill Jesus comes"
"I count on it"
"I feel confident in working through Christ and yes I have faults, But I have written a testimonial to the King James Online that is providing us with these great scriptures and I have even contacted them and There reply back was ,"They will get in touch with me if THEY feel like it." Does this sound like a Christian service to you.? They should be opening there hearts and helping, not just writing scriptures. Maybe someone should enlighten us (me) about the true meaning of a christian service."
"I know he works in me."
"Ifanele yona Imvana ibe lalo tdumo. Siyavuma. Siyayikhothamela. Amen."
"I'm a work in progress~"
"I'm waiting, i'm tired of ds world"
"In othr words he keeps on performin ths good work in us day by day"
"It's a challenge to fear goin thru hard times; yet Long t see our Good End Product; goin fo it now!!!."
"Lord increase our faith."
"Lord, I long to see yo glory on tht day, when u have kept me thru all this..."
"Love ut"
"Makatendeka jesu"
"My Faith in God has carried me all my life. Amen."
"Obedience to God's word always bring blessing"
"Perform ur word in my life, Lord coz in it am confident."
"Still the best translation the world had ever known, bar none!!!"
"Surely He will"
"Thank u lord for making us healthy and safe everyday for providing us our everyday needs.amen"
"Thank you Lord for your word which is true"
"That word is for me... amen."
"This is one of the verses I like the best."
"This verse just keeps coming up to me everywhere lately."
"Tremendous promise from His Word!"
"What really counts is the motivations of our heart. As far as we are yearning after things that are pure, good (as listed in the second last post of this page), GOD’s hand will always be there to show us the way toward perfection… Of course mistakes and faults will come along, but we have a perfect intercessor, our lord Jesus Christ to plead for more grace and call us back to the right path… This is the way of holiness, walk ye in it…"
"Yea n amen"
"Yes am very confident of d good work He has began on me"
"Yes amen thank you Lord for your mighty word"
"Yes,I believe this Word of sure hope & confidence in GOD. HE IS ABLE !"


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