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  • Bruce
    There are Only 2 Groups 1 On The Left, 1 On The Right. Sheeps Or Goats. Jew Or Gentile. Whosoever was Not Found Written in The Book of Life was Cast into The Lake of Fire(Revelation 20:15) 1 With The Savior / 1 in The Lake of Fire..Forever/ Choose Who You Will Serve. We will Hear The Trumpet Very Soon.
  • Obbie Beal
    Again, Jehovah / GOD pronounce judgement on a nation / people and GOD explain why HE has ruled ruled the way HE did; plus GOD reassured the remnant of another nation / people ( whom HE chastised ) HE shall restore them again. GOD,s wrath and faithfulness / LOVE is again shown in the above. WOW! WOW! WOW!
  • Abigael
    Restoration and age enduring prosperity is been received.Holiness will be their life style.
  • Geoff Gordge.
    You say in your comment, " The latter glories of the church " Obadiah has nothing to do with the church which was unknown to Old Testament writers and was a revelation to the Apostle Paul only. Obadiah the second part is about the future glory of the nation Gods chosen people.
  • Lovely
    Absolutely cant be the arabs because they don't use they don't exault themselves using the eagle, they haven't stolen from every nation. It also can't be the arabs because they are descendants from Ishmael... This prophecy has not yet happened, hence "the house of Esau for stubble, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them; and there shall not be any remaining of the house of Esau;"
  • Sharon vanburen
    How many times has God sent a warning to America? We call this nation great, but this nation like the Edomites turned away from God. The people turned away, because they refuse to read and study God word, and depend on the leaders in the church, which many are false and perverters of the gospel. We are all responsible to have a personal relationship with the lord, built on our faith, in Jesus.
  • Morgan
    I believe its the end of the nations of Esau's during the end times. The wickedness of Esau's has reached our heavenly Father and Obadiah has made it clear. The bible says the earth is given in the hands of the wicked, who's the ruler of the earth? Obadiah talks about Jacob being the flame, meaning the ruler of the next kingdom. Israel is my first born!! Esau's are not Arabs
  • A disciple
    Helene; In the Original Text, the word you are writing about is Hebrew 'shemuwah' meaning something heard, i.e. an announcement - bruit, doctrine, fame, mentioned, news, report, rumor, tidings. Additionally, the King James English also has to be understood the way it was in the 17th Century, not by today's. The archaic or first meaning of rumour is din or clamour. Modern English has lost a lot!
  • Helene
    Rumor...is a statement that has not been validated yet, but something that may take place in the future...so because Edom was not brought down yet, it was considered a rumor
  • Torian of Yahuda
    In a nutshell Esau, the Edomites or the modern day Arabs will not rule again. If u look at the old biblical maps and compare them to modern day maps, you will see that Edom is in Saudi Arabia which is pretty much Mecca. Also Teman is n Saudi Arabia which proves my point. Esau watched and helped his brothers and sisters of Jacob go into captivity. Esau will be cutoff when Yah returns.
  • Loe
    esau is not the arabs its caucasions. so called white people are not white they are red
    "WE", as the people, "HEARD", as some people listen, "RUMOR", as some people talk about, "From The Lord!, as some people are revealed Wisdom! "an ambassador is sent among the heathen, Arise ye, and let us rise up against her in battle." - Now, Who Are The Heathen on Earth?
  • Baby Beth
    God was making a point. He was sort of questioning the Edomites belief in him. He went into talking about how stubborn and selfish they were if you read on. Almost like the Edomites did not really believe God was who he said he was.
  • A disciple
    Mark (cont.) In addition to learning the original meanings of words, and understanding within the context of all that is being said; it is important to NOT rely on our modern-day usage of language, as it is greatly lacking in many cases because we simply do not understand nor use many words in the same way as in earlier times, and knowledge has been lost due to man's pursuit of ignorance of God.
  • A disciple
    Hi Mark; The Hebrew word translated into our English King James Bible as, rumour, is more accurately, something heard; as an announcement, news, report, etc. Another example is found in the place where it talks about the "fame" of Jesus spreading... the word in Greek is better, "the hearing of Him" was spreading... Compare Obadiah 1 with Daniel 4:13
  • Bud
    Mark Verrell, I am no scalar of the word, but read verse 3. I get it in my understanding that the rumor is really from what Satan said when he tried to take over the set of GOD. I’m interested in the reply’s of others.
  • Mark verrell
    I am confused in the 1st verse of Obadiah" we have heard a rumor from the.LORD " I don't understand the LORD DOES NOT SPEAK IN RUMORS WHAT DOES THIS MEAN ARE THEY CONFUSED AND NOT SURE OF WHAT THE LORD IS SAYING??
  • Tivette Smith
    I thank god for keeping his promise to the chosen people jacob
  • BSP
    Verse 10: Esau and his offspring showed a violent spirit toward his brother Jacob and his offspring. For this unjust treatment, they would have to face the consequences.
  • ART
    The LORD IS AT HAND....If we are reading this chapter GOD is talking to you ,telling us he's coming someday only GOD knows, but he is coming, so LOVE ONE ANOTHER and FORGIVE ONE ANOTHER..LOVE YOU MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS..MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND UR ENEMIES
  • God's Girl
    Debbie, I think you are absolutely right! We should have respect towards God. Just look in the first book in the Bible, all that he made was for us. :) I am grateful that we have a loving God.
  • Rev Franklin Miller
    Please all that leave comments, capitalize "God" when you are referring to the most High Lord of lords and King of kings. Obadiah gave this respect for Him and who are we that cannot or will not?
  • Irene123
    This chap. - all about Edom/Essau. I've done some reading on Petra/Edom south of the Dead sea. It's a HUGE red rock structure, carved by hand thousands of years ago, by the Edomites, Essau's descendants. Essau means red and his descendants carved a red city. Anyway, the physical Edom/Petra was destroyed, just as Amos says, by God. But try to tell that to atheist archaeologists.
  • Genesis
    I love this bible. You can listen to it and you can read it when you want. It teaches you about god and what's going to happen in your life so I like that bye
  • BaNathShal Ahayah
    This book is the final destruction of the Edomites (Idumea, Edom) as told by Obadiah from the mouth of the Most High. While it clearly outlines the destruction that will happen to Edom and the future victory for Judah and the Children of Israel, I believe there is more pages to this book that are not here. I truly believe there is more destruction coming to Edom that is not shown to the public.
  • Stephen F. Zielski
  • Stephen F. Zielski
  • AKANINYENE for verse 17
    In mount Zion there is a place where believers meet God face to face. A place of prayer where our rights is taking by force.
  • Noemi garber
    I believe that the lord is not through with edom and Esau. God says do not touch the apple of God's eye. He will avenge his people because when they saw their brother in trouble they went Into their country and brought more destruction in their lives. They laughed at their brother and for that they will pay says the lord.
  • Teresa
    I believe through Obadiah God is trying to tell us that we are vain people and we see everyones sins but ours sometimes.we forget that God is in charge.when when we leave God out then he convicts us to rember that he is the almighty and without him our lives are distarous.

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