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  • GiGi on Numbers 6 - 1 year ago
    Numbers Chapter 6

    The Benediction

    In Numbers 6, God instituted a way for leaders to bless the people with a prayer of benediction.

    We see this patterned by Paul, Peter, and Jude also gave benedictions at the end of there letters to the churches. I recommend to those reading this that we each read these benedictions from the writers of Scriptures as these are inspired by God, just as the Aaronic blessing came from God, too.

    One of my favorite part of church service is receiving the benediction from the pastor. I hold out my hands palms up to receive it for myself. How good it is to be blessed of God through the pastor God has put over me. The benediction binds the body together in a common blessing until they meet together once again. These "parting words" are valuable and endearing to me.

    As parents, we too can impart benedictions upon our children as they grow up and even when grown. I pray for my sons daily, but I especially look forward to the time when they will be receptive of me and my husband praying over them once again.

    LORD GOD, I pray once again for my sons, Brian, Rob, and Kevin, and for my daughter in law, Elfe. I ask that You will bring each of them to faith in Your Son Jesus, who is the only Savior for them. I ask that you will remove the stony hearts in them and do the miracle of giving them a softened heart that will turn to You in faith. I ask that You will remove all Islamic influences from Elfe and Brian, all the barriers erected by Satan in their lives and in the lives of Rob and Kevin. Break down all of the idolatrous altars in their minds and souls and show them the wonders of your grace and mercies in Jesus Christ the Lord of all. Father, because You know how it feels for Your children to go astray into unbelief, rebellion, and idolatry, I know that You understand my heart. I also know that Your plans are to redeem each of them in time. I look forward to that day when they will turn to You and be made secure in faith by the Spirit.
  • GiGi on Numbers 6:26 - 1 year ago
    Numbers Chapter 6

    The last section of this chapter contains the prayer that God told Aaron to use as a blessing upon God's people. He was to use this often to bless the Israelites. it is very wonderful that it was God's Words that Aaron and the high priests after him used to bestow God's blessing upon God's people. These were not words composed by Moses or Aaron or any other man. So, these words are fr us as well as for the Israelites of that time, as they have been recorded in His Word for us.

    "The Lord bless you and keep you

    The Lord make His face shine upon you

    and be gracious to you

    The Lord life up His countenance upon you and give you peace."

    Then the chapter concludes with these words

    "And they (the priests) shall put my name upon the children of Israel; and I will bless them."

    How good it is to marked as God's own children. The ancient Israelites were so marked by the name of YHWH as we are marked with the name of Jesus. YHWH is the Savior of the Israelites and Jesus is the Savior of both Jews and Gentiles. YHWH/Jesus is the Savior of all who believe, no matter if one is a Jew or Gentile, it is the one same God who saves us all.

    So we can know by this Aaronic blessing that God wants to bless us: to bring us good and not curses; to keep us: to preserve us in our faith and place in Jesus until we enter heaven. He wants to have His face shine upon us: to look on us with favor and acceptance that we may reflect the light of His face to others. He wills to be gracious to us: through grace He saves us and is gracious in all of His ways to His children. He will lift up His countenance upon us: He will look upon us with love, mercy, and grace; he will give us His attention; and He will never leave us nor forsake us. He will give us peace: Jesus is our peace, the Prince of Peace. In Him we have the peace of knowing Him and knowing that our sins are forgiven and that we can have the peace that passes understanding.

    What a beautiful blessing (benediction)! cont.
  • GiGi on Numbers 6 - 1 year ago
    Num. Chap. 6 continued

    So, perhaps Paul took this vow during a time of great trials and sufferings to receive strength from the Lord to endure and stay true to his calling.

    For us, there are times when we can be so distracted by the cares and trials of the world that we pull away from God than towards Him. These are times when we can remind ourselves of the value of the Nazarite vow (not that we follow the rules set forth in numbers 6, but we can set a specified time period aside for the Lord to work in us. It could be a retreat, a sabbatical, a leave from work, or other type of block of time where we pointedly seek the Lord for strength and guidance, renewal and rededication.

    Sometimes we just go and go and go and do not slow down because of pressures of job and life. Jesus would often take leave of the crowd and the company of the disciples and go away by Himself to a mountain or wilderness place to "be" with His Father in prayer and fellowship without the distractions of the world who needed Him.

    So, in keeping with the spirit of the vow of the Nazarite and not the letter of the Law, we can learn from this and apply it in Spirit-led ways to our lives to seek the Lord for many things that require a time of separation from the world and others and for the development of spiritual habits that help us grow and serve the Lord more steadfastly and sincerely.

    Perhaps John the Baptist also was one who lived the lifestyle of a Nazarite. He spent much of his time in the wilderness areas. He had a short intense time of ministry following all of that time in the wilderness. It seems that he did not know much of His cousin, Jesus, as He did not seem to know Him or know that He was the Messiah until God showed him. John said that He should be baptized by Jesus and not the other way around. But God had revealed to John how He would know the Messiah and this was indeed confirmed to John by the alightment of the Spirit of God upon Jesus after He was baptized.
  • GiGi on Numbers 6 - 1 year ago
    Num. Chap. 6

    There are two sections to this chapter:

    -Regulations for those who take a Nazarite vow

    -The Aaronic Blessing

    As to the first, the Bible does not explain the origin of the Nazarite vow, but it seems to imply that it was already practiced in some way. These regulations codify the terms of such a vow.

    The one who takes the vow is not to drink wine/strong drink, or eat anything from the vines grapes.

    He was to let his hair grow long into locks and not trim or cut it as long as he is under the time-frame of the vow.

    He is not to come in contact with any dead thing, even if members of his family die.

    When the time frame for his vow comes to an end, he will go to the tent of meeting, have his hair cut, bring all of the specified animals for the burnt offering, sin offering, peace offering as designated in Leviticus Chapters 1-6. His cut hair is to be placed under all of the offerings and burned with these.

    The text does not say why someone would make such a vow. But it is probably to set himself apart for a time for the Lord.

    Samson was on who was Nazarite from birth. This vow and lifestyle afforded him exceptional strength from the Lord. He was also a judge over the Israelites. But even so, he was easily taken by foreign women (Philistines) and this weakness caused his demise, as he was seduced into telling the secret of his strength and when asleep, Delilah cut his hair and he became weak. His eyes were gouged out. But as his hair grew back, so the Lord returned to Samson great strength.

    Samuel also was dedicated for life with this vow. 1Sam.1:11

    The apostle Paul as several of his companion took a Nazarite vow also ( Acts 18) and they went to Jerusalem to the temple to fulfill the rites that were to be done at the conclusion of the time of the vow. We are not told why Paul and companions took this vow. But, if Samson's story is given as an example, it may have something to do with strengthening a person for the work God has ahead for the person.
  • Liz tryens on Numbers 6 - 1 year ago
    what is a wave offering peace offer

  • Chris - In Reply on Numbers 6:24 - 3 years ago
    That passage was known as the Priestly Blessing. Today, it's sometimes spoken as a Benediction at the end of a Church service.
  • Ronnie J Story on Numbers 6:24 - 3 years ago
    What is the Blessing from Numbers 6:24 called?
  • Nina flora - In Reply on Numbers 6 - 4 years ago
    this IS only under law..Jesus death for all is the important thing now friend.
  • Regina on Numbers 6 - 4 years ago
    My sister who is about 40 years old has a boy friend that has taken this to extreme. how can she explain what this meanings so he can understand. I thought this is the law and not grace Please help
  • Frank - In Reply on Numbers 6 - 4 years ago
    Nazarites: here are two, Samson and Jesus.
  • Lorraine on Numbers 6 - 4 years ago
    Re: verse 9, are we to assume he touched the dead body and therefore sinned?
  • Stanjett on Numbers 6 - 4 years ago
    Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, When either man or woman shall separate themselves to vow a vow of a Nazarite, to separate themselves unto the LORD: Man or a woman? Every time it mentions a Nazarite after this verse it is either he, him or his. I know women make vows but it don't say they was Nazarites.
  • Mable on Numbers 6 - 4 years ago
    Its saying, we must sacrifice these wine, and not eat grapes for a while until we get these things of strong drinks out our system, and that we eat unleavened bread and meats and cakes and to make a change of the sacrificing ourselves. And we must keep ourselves on a sacrificial when we are coming into God and keep it like that and so that we help others
  • Tawanda - In Reply on Numbers 6 - 4 years ago
    Yes, speak the blessing over your family.
  • Ivy Johnson on Numbers 6 - 5 years ago
    V-22-26: It is so important for us to bless our: Families: Spiritual Siblings:
    the lost: God Loves, and cares for us all: we should too: we should never
    be discouraged: keep on praying: one day they will cry out to God as we did:
    God in His Mercy will draw them to Him:
    all things are possible with God: we cried out to Him: He reached out to us:
    God the Holy Spirit Wooed us: we Accepted!
  • Cathryn on Numbers 6 - 5 years ago
    I love this prayer and I love the whole KJB from Genesis to Revelation, it iz truely the Word Of God., and to me a booke iz just a booke if it iznt the KJB.
  • Mr.Kenneth L. Ennis on Numbers 6 - 5 years ago
    "I AM" Or they speaking of the 12 lost tribes of Israel that wore scattered throughout the 4corners of the world what and who you so called the black man although the shades of our skins are vast by nature the melanin that protect us from the sun which causes others cancer us that were brought across the ocean in bondage (slavery) and we shall suffered and still are suffering from wickedness 🕊.
  • Michael A. on Numbers 6 - 5 years ago
    The vow is vow from 1 Samuel chapter 1.
    Samuel and Samson sinned. The birds-turtles are same as in Leviticus chapter 12 that is done for man child on 8th day when circumcised.
    Luke chapter 2 Jesus Christ is born and 8th day circumcised. Points to Jesus Christ being holy from womb and without sin.
    God has shown me this.
  • Irene123 on Numbers 6 - 7 years ago
    Vs. 24-26 is a benediction. When a baby is brought to our church for the 1st time and he/she and the parents are prayed for at the altar - it's called a dedication; the baby is being dedicated t0 the Lord, along with the parents - to bring that child up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Num. 6 benediction is not used; just a prayer from the heart.
  • Dorothea benson on Numbers 6 - 7 years ago
    Thank you Father God for the understanding and the reading of your word . the Lord will make his Face Shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee.
  • Gloria on Numbers 6 - 7 years ago
    I have heard this blessing all my life and feel at peace when I read it again and again. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
  • Jean primus on Numbers 6 - 7 years ago
  • Rev.Richard Kusi Poku Acheampong on Numbers 6 - 8 years ago
    Am impressed about your books and website
  • Maggie Blaney on Numbers 6:26 - 9 years ago
    In Church of Scotland ritual, after babies were christened, the congregation used to sing this verse. Any idea why this would be used, or was it just appropriate?
  • Insight 777 on Numbers 6 - 9 years ago
    This chapter may be speaking of the process of Christians and Jews working together for a common cause. The separation may be symbolic of Jewish Christians. What is important is the head must be holy, without deceit or lies, and must be in sober agreement to share loyalty as allies not enemies. I think verse 6 means the Jews do not want the Christian Jews in their military as soldiers and they do not want any vengeance killing stated in verse 7 in case of a family member dying or somehow being killed. They will be treated as allies sharing information. They will be required to be under the Jewish laws of procedure-government and not to consider themselves separate from that if they live in Israel.
  • Thomas on Numbers 6 - 10 years ago
    That are real good to me
  • Cam on Numbers 6 - 10 years ago
    Notice the purpose of shaving the head was to place ones hair to be burned in the peace offering Also I see something I have over looked in the past that the Nazarite vow seemed to be much like taking a vow of separation much like going on a retreat did the Nazarite vow and separation come to an end after the blessing extended via Aron
  • Jon on Numbers 6 - 10 years ago
    I think God is saying to stay away from the ways of the world, from over indulgence of the things that tempt us into sin. Keep your focus on what God has to offer and to follow his word and will. God asks us to not allow temptation and influences of worldly ways to affect our focus and decisions we make. In the old testament there are rules and guidelines set by God and the church to follow. Many of the rules of the church are different or more strict than what is said in the New testament. Jesus teaches us to follow his word, his will, and follow the path he has chosen for us. Remember we are saved thru the Grace of what God has given us not by the works we do . As time went on the rules and traditions of the church became more important than the love God has for us. More than what Jesus preached and taught. Jesus was judged because he didn't fully follow the traditions of the church. Don't forget that the love and grace God shows us is how we should live not thru the traditions of the world or church. We are saved thru grace not by works as it says in Ephesians
  • Momps on Numbers 6:3 - 10 years ago
    i dont understand why he should not eat grapes.please help me out
  • Mohlotsi on Numbers 6 - 10 years ago
    Numbers chapter 6 verse 5 ,explains the image of Nazaree how God is expecting them to be ,and the most part How Jesus Himself looks like.When I' saying Jesus remember on revelation how did they discribe Him and his hair.

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