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  • Ras Kofi - in Reply on Numbers 5
    There are two aspects here, regarding men. Firstly, when a man and a married woman are caught in adultery they were both to be punished by death. Secondly, a married man need not fornicate since he was allowed several wives.
  • QWilliams on Numbers 5
    Jane, Leprosy is still here today! Qe may ask, why is there so much cancer? Sin has covered this earth and especially America. The sins of today, has become good and Not many want to Repent. We must separate our selves from this evilness and shine our Light in this darkened World.
  • Darlene Jackson on Numbers 5
    Verse 20... Simply says, if the woman went out and have laid with another man, she shall drink the bitter water and her belly shall swell. Which gives the sign of an adultery wife. Therefore she will become a curse and many people would know what the women was found guilty of. Also if not guilty she will be free to go and conceive a child with her own husband.. However your sin will find you out.
  • Gracie Gragg on Numbers 5
    This is the chapter that deals with causing a miscarriage which is also causing an abortion.
  • Roger on Numbers 5
    Several schools of thought about this. One is that "leprosy" was a generic term for any type of skin disease. Second, not fully understanding how diseases were spread, proper precautions might not have been taken, and people may have inadvertently become contaminated with the leprosy bacteria.
  • Jane on Numbers 5
    Why so much leprosy cases in those days ?
  • Anne on Numbers 5
    Thank God for the blood of Jesus which cleanses us from all unrighteousness.
  • Insight 777 on Numbers 5
    Jealousy is considered sinful and it is difficult to be in a marriage when jealousy destroys the trust and harmony between the couple. It needs a resolution to restore the marriage. Verse 15..Barley is a self pollenating grain that represents the marriage union as ONE and not as 2 people going different ways. An ephah is a unit of measurement used with scales. Scales today is a symbol of the Justice system. By bringing the wife before the priest the suspicion of infidelity became a path for forgiveness and a healing for the marriage. However, the possibility of venereal disease, the curse, was made known so the community would be informed if she was guilty to save others from the same fate.
  • Fred on Numbers 5
    Answer to Frank s question Putting the sick and defiled outside the camp is an "act of quarantine " to prevent the whole camp from becoming infected by the few. It is a righteous act to separate the sick from the healthy so everyone does not have to suffer the sickness of a few.
  • Tom on Numbers 5
    I think it s because all this happened before Jesus was sent as a sacrifice
  • Frank on Numbers 5
    i don't understand the first four verses of numbers. jesus walked among the sick and people with blemishes . why would his father in heaven want them outside the area of the tabernacle?

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