Numbers Chapter 36 Discussion

  • David on Numbers 36
    First cousins then were not the same as today. It does not say they HAD to marry their brothers sons but that they did marry them. Moses only said that God had told him to keep their marriages in the tribe.
  • David on Numbers 36
    It's very simple. Follow and obey God.
  • John Shekhar on Numbers 36
    Most societies are patriarchical. In Israel tribal reckoning is through the male line. If a man has no male heir the inheritance passes to the daughter. If she marries into another tribe the inheritance passes to the tribe into which she marries. If this process continues one tribe can lose property to other tribes and will eventually become weak and impoverished and due to other factors might lose its identity. Also though the language suggests that the girls married their first cousins on their father's side the following verse clarifies that the girls were married within the tribe. Even a distant cousin is called a 'brother'.
  • Shadrach Shambee on Numbers 36
    This was an interesting book showing how God kept His people safe and regulated! And shows where society gets some of their moral practices from!
  • Osomo mojisola on Numbers 36
    iv never see a she goat marrying a he dog cos there of nor same kind of animal,if it happens,who will the baby look like?,since it does not share the face of dog or goat,he or she can not enjoy the inheritance of either also the daughter of God,if u marry outside or fathers family[christians],u cant enjoy the inheritance of your father.
  • Betty Sheffield on Numbers 36
    I guess for the sake of the inheritance. The fathers daughters had to marry his brothers son's which would be first cousins. If the other families that came to the city to were of the same nationality. Why would it not of been o.k to marry them. instead of family?
  • Dr. Martin on Numbers 36
    women are recognized by God as God wants us to be in not want but among the blessings of Abraham, because we are Abraam 's seed.

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