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  • Freddie Lee Caldwell
    Many people say that Numbers 35 no longer apply to us Christians today. They say that Jesus changed all the rules about "The murderer shall be surely be put to death".

    This is also the reason we live in a polluted land today, because we do not put murderers to death. The land is defiled by innocent blood of children and young people who should be alive but are dead because of murderers.
  • BSP
    Verse 2~The Levites were set aside for a sacred service, but Jehovah God made sure that they were taken care of.
  • Steven
    Think of it as having a full blood swap. ( transfusion). Our life, as the Bible tells us is in our Blood, but it is Defiled by sin. Jesus was without sin, whereby he was not defiled. So by giving us his blood, that he shed upon the cross of sacrifice, his pure sinless blood cleanses all who by Faith believe, Jesus is the son of God. for by grace are you saved, by faith not of works lest any boast
  • Peggy Askew Cain
    Provide to the Elohim of Israel priests
  • Vivian Barnes
    God told them not to defile the land with blood,and the land could not be cleansed but by the blood of him that shed it. God is still the same no one should defile the land with blood, I believe thats part of the turmoil in our society today to much blood shed!!!!

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