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  • Dgjot - in Reply on Numbers 35
    Thou shall not steal. But if you have no problem with people taking things that don't belong to them or that they didn't pay for, you should put all your stuff on the curb so the thief doesn't have to break into your dwelling to get it.
  • Chris - in Reply on Numbers 35
    Amen. We can only look to God & trust Him to administer true justice. Even though lives can be extinguished early, whether in the womb or mature age, accompanied with the grief & anger that may be our emotion, we must ultimately leave the matter entirely with our Great Judge & know that however weak or deficient the Law might be, none will escape His dealings.

    And from my own musings on this, I wonder how our law-makers, justices, & governments will stand before God, when they have failed to exact the correct punishment for the crime. When a rapist, child-molester, or murderer, for example, is eventually set free, to then commit those crimes again against other innocent people, I ask, does not the govt remain equally culpable to severe punishment by God as He also gives to the unrepentant criminal? What then is the difference between such govts & their acts, & those done by criminals? But it is somehow more convenient to us to turn a blind eye to all this, usually preferring to consider the well-being of the criminal rather than devastating effects of the crime done to innocent people. Of course, I take into account the possibility that even the Law is fallible; some being incarcerated in prison who are innocent of criminal behavior. But God does all things well & we can take comfort in Him & not in man.
  • Dgjot - in Reply on Numbers 35
    I agree with you. As Christians, we are caught between a rock and a hard place.

    When a convicted felon is sent to prison, they have the chance to repent and seek forgiveness. But will they?

    Meanwhile, what about justice for their victims? Did their victims know Jesus? If they didn't, then they were cheated out of a chance to have salvation.

    I go crazy thinking about these kinds of things. Only God knows the truth. We have to trust Him.
  • Chris - in Reply on Numbers 35
    I agree with you, as far as governments should apply the law correctly to capital crimes; that's why they are appointed, in part for the punishment of crimes to ensure the safety of their citizens.

    Yet, from a believer's perspective, the death of anyone, innocent or guilty, brings on sadness, as lives are being taken away without knowing the love of God & His forgiveness to all who repent & turn to Jesus. Time needs to be served, even some receiving the death penalty, but the eternal state of one's spirit should be uppermost in our thoughts, however grievous the crime.

    And this can be a conundrum to a believer: how should we appropriate the rightness of a severe punishment given to a criminal and yet hold a tender heart towards him, for the welfare of his soul. Not an easy thing to do but for the ministry of the Holy Spirit with our spirit & mind.
  • Nats - in Reply on Numbers 35
    Repeat shoplifters ?
  • Dgjot - in Reply on Numbers 35
    I've always been in favor of the death penalty. I think the worst offenders should be permanently stopped. King Solomon saw what happens when the wicked are allowed to run rampant.

    Ecclesiastes 8:11

    Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.

    We see the folly of showing mercy to rapists and murderers, or repeat offenders.
  • Luke - in Reply on Numbers 35
    Moreover ye shall take "no ransom" for the life of a murderer, if he has unlawfully caused death: but he shall

    be surely put to death.

    bribe, pitch, ransom, satisfaction, sum of money.

    Only God can redeem!
  • Chris - in Reply on Numbers 35
    Hi Dgjot. Just looking at both the verses that use the word, 'satisfaction' ( Numbers 35:31,32), I see an entirely different meaning in Hebrew. The word is 'kopher', and its primary meaning would be, 'a payment'. However, depending on the application, it could apply to 'the price of a life', a ransom, or even a 'bribe'.

    In verse 31, the meaning is that no other payment, whether monetary, goods, etc., can be received in exchange for a murderer's life - he had to pay with his life: life for life.

    In verse 32, the story is of a murderer who has killed unintentionally (what we might refer today as 'manslaughter'), and then flees into one of the six allotted cities of refuge before he is caught & taken to the judge. Here he had to remain until the death of the high priest & was then free to go home if deemed innocent; though he would probably continually have to 'look over his shoulder' for the rest of his life, in case the deceased man's relatives were still looking out for revenge. Even to this man, no 'kopher' (ransom) could be paid to secure his release from this confinement in a city of refuge - he had to remain there maybe for many years.
  • David - in Reply on Numbers 35
    Dgjot. Since God is the author of life it doesn't honor him when someone

    Sins worthy of death. So we should not take pleasure in loss of life.
  • Dgjot on Numbers 35
    Numbers 35:31 Moreover ye shall take no satisfaction for the life of a murderer, which is guilty of death: but he shall be surely put to death.

    What does this mean? That we shouldn't feel sorry for them, or smug that they are being put to death???
  • Patty Tozi on Numbers 35
    Do you ever think about your life in these days? How close we are to losing our life faster then before. As the trees come down we will see more of God's creations die. So what does that mean? The less of God's creations our strength is harder to get. Unless you study and pray for our Heavenly Father to help us. Do not straddle the fence. Do not stop seeing day to day how God can take you away as we take His creations down. The sprays- the pollution..all killing us now slowly..or the silent virus that comes in a wink of an eye to get us. His warriors are struggling as we fight the evilness this world has become. We know now we live day to day. Never knowing without God close we would be gone in a wink of our eye. We most totally rely on our Father. Even our air we breathe. This world has turned way worse then l ever studied in 2012. Lies and deceit everywhere. Our God is our strength. Mankind our enemy. The evilness will show up right away if you have the light for strength around you to see. For everything will be exposed to you. Days going faster now-- have you noticed? Have you slowed down enough to really see the truth of our world now? Well, you should. Our life can end as fast as it began. So reach up to the Heavens always...not the world.
  • Mishael on 2nd Timothy 323-26 - in Reply on Numbers 35
    In 1962, I was 11. People were so fascinated with the space program that they didn't notice the old lady Atheist that caused God to be kicked out of the schools! No pledge of allegiance to the Flag of the United States; no singing America the Beautiful. Definitely no Bibles. No praying over lunch.

    This is what DECADES without God has done for us. I don't need to make you a list.

    Everybody and their gecko is out of the closet. How lovely for our children to be learning about sex in first grade; and I don't mean male/female.

    LOOK at this nation!? There are active curses as described in Deuteronomy on this nation. The only reason we are hanging on by a hangnail is because United States blesses the Nation of Israel: the Apple of God's Eye. Mr Biden is against Israel. Which speeds up Heavens Clock. Why? Because of what is happening now all over the world. The Bible tells of 1/3 of earths population dying, in Revelation. 1/3 of our oceans are dying because of filth and dumped chemicals. Rain Forests are being burned down in South America. We're going to see more fires all over earth; floods; violent storms. This planet is on Heavens Schedule now. I feel it in my bones and some of you do too. Doesn't anyone read a balanced news source every day?

    We can't just hop a plane and evangelize 3rd world countries anymore. Do we pray to God to open doors for it? Radio &Internet ministries need that money because they ARE getting through.

    People see the Signs of THE TIMES we are living in NOW. Please.

    Why are we commenting on flat earth and the Jews of Israel that are split now: 1/2 Jews; 1/2 Messianic Christians. We're making progress at least, because we await the completed Fulness of the Gentiles.

    Can you see now what earth is going to look like with the Antichrist at the helm for the planet? Who wants to stick around for that ?!

    Be careful. Co-VID is blooming again.
  • Chris - in Reply on Numbers 35
    Jeff, I believe you are referring to verse 7 also, to applying it to teaching children. I think that in any situation within the family, society & the world (both good & bad), children need to understand who God is & His Love for each one of us. And for them to understand this, they need to see its application to what may be going on. And as you know, children can be very observant & take things in quickly. They will see it in the family circle, therefore how clear & unhypocritical our lives need to be, showing them that the parents' love for the Lord is the same intense love they have for their children & this love is manifest in our behaviour & treatment of each other.

    When they see or learn the 'bad' things that are happening around them, still the clear command is to "love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might". And that this is not a vague expression towards God but that knowing that men's hearts are inherently evil & God is altogether Good, our children might learn to understand why the world is the way it is, & why God is Who He is. That this Holy & Righteous God will one day save His people & judge the world for their sin. We are cast upon Him & His Mercies each day to experience His Love & Peace in a fresh way. If you're specifically referring to the pandemic & explaining this to kids, then this is one of the many sufferings that come upon us, and apart from its present severity & loss of life, it ought to make us cling more heavily upon the Lord & trust Him for our lives & to pray for those suffering. I think children will understand these Truths when explained more simply.
  • Jeff Everetts on Numbers 35
    How does Deuteronomy 6:1-5 relate to teaching children in this day and age. An with what is going on.
  • Chris - in Reply on Numbers 35
    Guillermo, Numbers chapter 35 was God's direction to the children of Israel concerning Cities of Refuge, where a murderer, who murdered someone unintentionally, could run to one of those cities for protection & safety, until the matter was dealt with by their justice system. There were to be six cities appointed to serve those types of murderers. But those who wilfully murder someone, the justice to be served was death to the perpetrator; and this could be done even by the avenger (one who might be related to the deceased).

    So, the only way for the murderer who didn't kill wilfully, could get off, was that he would live in one of those Cities of Refuge until the death of the High Priest. He couldn't even go for a walk outside the city walls in case someone came after him. After the death of the High Priest, he could return to his own city, presumably he wouldn't be sought after by an avenger. But if a person wilfully murdered, then the death sentence would be given to him.

    But that was Old Testament Law & practice & by the yearly offering of Sacrifices, atonement was made for the sins of the people. However, no sacrifice in that system, could ever remove a person's sin (e.g. sin of murder) - the sacrificial system was temporary & pointed to the time when God's Sacrifice, Jesus Christ, would come to give His Life on the Cross, to give a perfect & permanent forgiveness of sin. In the OT, those under the sacrificial system, had to express faith in that shedding of blood of the animal & that faith & change of heart carried them through into death, awaiting for Christ's death & resurrection. Then those with real faith & love for God (not as the false religious leaders & faithless Jews), were also raised to Life; all others, as those today who die outside of Christ, are confined to Hades, awaiting their final fate.
  • Mishael on Murder - in Reply on Numbers 35
    Apostle Paul (when his name was Saul): had Jewish ancestry but was working for the Romans, when he assisted with the stoning of Stephen. Heaven opened to receive Stephen's soul right then. After, Paul was on his way to kill some more; Jesus Confronted him and blinded him and spoke to him; person to person on the Damascus Road. He got radically saved that day. Got his sight back a few days later.

    I watch 700 club for news and see former murderers on it often. Which means: if a person comes under conviction about any sin (by the Holy Spirit); if they truly repent of all sins, past and present; turn from their wickedness and turn to Jesus for forgiveness; they can be born again.

    You can't be born again and live sinfully like you once did. Jesus paid in blood for all of our sins. The new life is lived in reverence of His sacrifice. Gods call is to all the World. He loves you, sent his Son to the Cross for you. You give your life to Him and He gives His Life to you.

    We must be born again. He's not ashamed of you; so in return we tell others our testimony of how we came to receive Jesus.

    If you ponder on the act of murder: people do it other ways too. Gossip, slander, back biting and biting back; abortion; character assassination of children and others. It's brutal and God has to judge it.

    We have to repent, confess and get that stuff covered under the Blood of Jesus as soon as it takes to get on our knees.

    The Good News is that Salvation and cleansing is available to all who ask.

    I hope your question is answered.
  • Guillermo Francis on Numbers 35
    How can a people of blood shedding (murder) on homeland become purified. be freed from curse according numbers 35?
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Numbers 35
    Tell those to show you in the bible that this is changed. They can't because it was not changed.
  • Freddie Lee Caldwell on Numbers 35
    Many people say that Numbers 35 no longer apply to us Christians today. They say that Jesus changed all the rules about "The murderer shall be surely be put to death".

    This is also the reason we live in a polluted land today, because we do not put murderers to death. The land is defiled by innocent blood of children and young people who should be alive but are dead because of murderers.
  • BSP on Numbers 35
    Verse 2~The Levites were set aside for a sacred service, but Jehovah God made sure that they were taken care of.
  • Steven on Numbers 35
    Think of it as having a full blood swap. ( transfusion). Our life, as the Bible tells us is in our Blood, but it is Defiled by sin. Jesus was without sin, whereby he was not defiled. So by giving us his blood, that he shed upon the cross of sacrifice, his pure sinless blood cleanses all who by Faith believe, Jesus is the son of God. for by grace are you saved, by faith not of works lest any boast
  • Peggy Askew Cain on Numbers 35
    Provide to the Elohim of Israel priests
  • Vivian Barnes on Numbers 35
    God told them not to defile the land with blood,and the land could not be cleansed but by the blood of him that shed it. God is still the same no one should defile the land with blood, I believe thats part of the turmoil in our society today to much blood shed!!!!

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