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  • BSP on Numbers 34
    Jehovah God made sure that all had an allotment of land in the Promised Land. This shows how orderly and just that God is to his people.
  • Christ Magnified Glorifying Jesus on Numbers 34
    Day 36 of Bible Reading in a Year. So much information. I would love to have the time to take and read this with maps in hand. It is so interesting that God did not give them the idea that they were conquerors in the way that other nations and leaders view conquests have and are still today. That is God gave them land and not anymore than what He said he would give them. They were to be Holy.
  • Frank - in Reply on Numbers 34
    You can get maps. Just type in map of the holy land in search. I got lots of maps.
  • Phil on Numbers 34
    If our life is already chosen for us, how can we possibly have free will? To genuinely have free will our lives cannot be chosen for us. If our life is chosen for us, we, by definition, have no say in the matter of how our life will play out because it has all already been decided for us.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Numbers 34
    The only thing chosen for you was life. How you live your life is up to you. That is free will. choose truth and life and you will live for ever.
  • April on Numbers 34
    Wether you are poor, mighty or small, the LORD has a plan for us all,to heed to signs and open up our eyes,our life was already choosen for us,but he is just and fair,he gives us free will and it is then up to you,at the end of our days what side will we be standing on?,when all feels lost dig deep within,for we can find his holy light shinning brightly for all to see,even in the darkest places...
  • Salvation on Numbers 34
    In choosing who and who is to be a leader or who head a department, we need divine direction. Moses did not choose these leaders but God did it Himself. That is y we need God the most when it comes to some critical issues. May God continue to lead us in Jesus name.
  • Anonymous on Numbers 34
    @ Jess

    That is true. God see's everything, and everybody, and all their intentions.
  • Jess on Numbers 34
    God is specific in the size of inheritance for His people and who are in the leadership position. He sees our hearts and knows who is qualified
  • Jeff johnson on Numbers 34
    it would be helpful if there was a map showing all these historical events IE from egypt to the promised land


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