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  • Stanjett
    Balaam also the son of Beor they slew with the sword. Why did they kill Balaam? He never cursed them as he was told to do but blessed them every time.
  • Gary Olsen
    Balaam was a seer or prophet. What he told Balak was given him from the LORD -23:3, 24:13. Balaam didn't bless the people. The LORD did -22:12. Then Balaam instructed Balak on how to turn the LORD'S blessing into a curse so that he could make war against the people and defeat them -22:6, 31:16, Rev.2:14.
  • Gene
    This chaper was informative. This was to cleanse the area of the sin the Midianit's had caused upon the israelites and the area. The women and girls that had been with men were killed because they were unclean. They saved only the innocent.
  • Marcus Lawson for verse 50
    The people were killed to stop evil from spreading through the Jewish chosen nation.
  • Geraldine wilson for verse 38
    Did not understand why some women and children were killed, though not questioning God,s actions
  • Samantha
    I am having a hard time with this chapter. I 'd it possible that we are all looking for a meaning behind this chapter when there may not really be one? It is simply telling us what was going on at that time. However I dint understand why God would tell Moses to have all these people killed especially the children.
  • Hiram Hills
    Diana re verse 28. It is inconceivable to me that God would condone that which He detested in the heathen cultures. ie human sacrifice. Therefore, the only conclusion is that they were used in His service by the priests. Also note the 32 virgins in verse 40. Another thought, to my knowledge asses were never used for sacrifices, and so the list in verse 28 does not mean these things were used for that only that they were used in the Lords service.. my2cts.
  • Hans Terlouw for verse 18
    And IS do also in 2014 !!!!!!
  • Diana Herec for verse 28
    I was wondering if there was human sacrifice meant by 1 in 500
  • Ted Grant for verse 35
    These little ones were saved from slaughter, unlike all the other Midianites. We don't know why they were saved; we can only guess at God's purpose here and I'm puzzled as to the procedure for identifying these lucky ones. Exactly how it was done defies imagination - 32000 is a lot to examine.
  • Ted Grant
    We are supposed to believe the baby boys killed deserved to die, because they would mislead the Chosen People when they grew up. Hmmm. I'm not sure this is a good reason for killing baby boys. Also the baby girls were kept, not for sinful purposes, but as slaves. Again, I am not convinced. The God Lovers will have to try harder. Besides, God said Do Not Kill, but here He commands that extermination of the Midianites. I'm having trouble reconciling these conflicting instructions. Maybe it's the Devil in me that is blinding me from the truth? Perhaps, but who made the Devil? and who made me? It's all very confusing.
  • Sonni
    Human beings have always strived to understand the meaning of their existance. Even today there are many people in the position of authority (Moses was the authority figure in this chapter) who say,"God said this or that. God hates this or that" when no such thing actually happened. Its just what they would want God to say, especially when it helps to justify their decisions and allows them to "lead"the people in the direction the leader wants them to go. Believing that God actually "said" anything is pretty naive. Believing that God takes sides when all it does is justify doing horrible things to other people is just plain wrong. Every time a story is told it is embellished and changed by the very human storyteller. Keep that in mind when you look at an interpretation while trying to read it looking for absolute fact. Use your common sense
  • Anonymous 2
    Anonymous on 11/09/2013 saw the truth of this Chapter. I say this: much to myself as to others like me: we all are standing before a Righteous God and time is ticking. His mercy is as fierce....AS His Judgement. He will love us to the end if we acknowledge Him. His fierce Judgement on the Midianites is no different from the Final Judgement. Oh may we see the truth in this Chapter...and embrace the love of this Great God which He has made available for us through His Son Jesus Christ.....before it is too late. Let's receive His love and learn how to love our neighbors, because ONE DAY it shall be over for us as humans...and then we'll slide into HIS MARM GLOW OF LOVE FOR EVERMORE or....perish......for...ever. It is a choice we make as the clock of our lives tick each day we live, in the way we live our lives. The Midinites and their ancestors made their choice long before that day. The neighbors of NOAH also made those choices years before the day the Flood came. I pray that all ...from henceforth, be touched by and covered with the love of Christ to make the right choice(s). Oh that all may see the truth of this Chapter I pray.
  • Anonymous
    While the truths of Numbers 31 are difficult for my human heart to confront, and the terror of an utterly righteous God overwhelming, I must find a way through this fearful maze while at the same time knowing this indeed is the God with whom we all have to do. Consigning myself to hell because I do not like his terrible justice does not seem like a reasonable solution and denial will not change the fact. So I am left with recognizing how very worthy of God's fearful judgment I without question a transgressor and finding it wise to make peace which, ah, joy of my soul, I find in Christ alone, upon whom I cast myself with total abandon for alas, he is my only hope. But what a hope he is! Hope of the hopeless, help of the helpless, Jesus what a name for sinners!
  • Patty
    I was asking myself the same q why did these girls kept alive and taken to the camp, n? other q these girls seeing the way that there fore parents and congragation worshiping false Baal Pe,or,s contaminate other girls in the camp with their false god,s? that,s why God was angry at what they did? since they ,re already there, God gave them a chance to know the real God?
  • Julian Adams
    I suppose Numbers 31 is justification for doing to another human being or people just about anything a human mind can imagine so long as it's done "for the Lord".
  • Guy
    What exactly is a "heave offering"?
  • Evans Achieng
    This is not human sacrifice. Remember all the first-borns were 'offered' to The Lord. They were later redeemed by animals. The same applies to these girls.
  • Sally
    As far as I can understand, Moses is told to give 16 young virgin girls to Eleazar as a heave offering to God, this seems like human sacrifice, and I am quite shocked, why would the bible say that if it were not true?
  • Anyasteph
    The Lord dosent want the midiante to replanish again by commanding moses to kill all the male and all the women that had known man by lying with them. But why did they brought back those things in vs 50 which the Lord was angry to Aaron?
  • Lorraine.h
    The simple answer is because it was the adult males and promiscuous females that led the children of Israel astray. They kept only the virgin, juvenile, and younger females alive because they could be absorbed into the congregation, as men of that time had total control of the females of their families.

    The female children did not inherit and were really considered a property of their fathers or husbands. A female becomes part of the people she marries into.

    The male children would always be considered Midianites, as evidenced by the practice of passing the inheritance on to the male offspring - the future warriors, etc. If the male children were to grow up and they were to marry any female of the children of Israel, then those females would become a Midianite by marriage.
  • Sean
    Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.

    18 But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.

    anybody able to justify this?....

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