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  • BSP
    Verse 12~Even though Moses was not allowed to enter the Promised Land, Jehovah God allowed him to see the land. This was a kindness on God's part.
  • A disciple
    Hi Irene; What the daughters of Zelophehad were saying to Moses, was that their father was not a part of the wicked rebellion of Dathan, Abiram, and Korah; (which was as it were, a high-water-mark of the intense envy, hostility and unbelief generally in the whole Nation of Israel); and that "he died in his own sins," I take to mean, generally, as we all have sinned. Does that help?
  • Irene123
    Numbers 26:3 - states that Manasseh died in his own sin; I went to 'Got Questions', but they didn't even mention a sin. I wonder what it was. I'm 'almost' sure it can be figured out if we really study on Korah and then following Manasseh's story, but to save ME the trouble - I th'ot maybe someone else might know ..... ?
  • Stanjett
    Remember, Jesus was not born yet. They were still under the law of which if a man do them they shall live by them. We all were born in sin. He will be judged by the things done in his body.
  • April
    When I pray to God and have things troubleing me or maybe things that just don't make sense,I talk to him but I also say I mean no disprespect Father, please look into my heart and my mind and know that I mean no disrespect,I really am just wanting to know or perhasp curious,I try to consider that Gods feelings can be upset or hurt as well, and I love our Father and he loves us all,God Bless,Amen.
  • Peter A. Okebukola
    God's ways are not our ways. He had ordained that Moses will take the Israelites out of Egypt up to a point on the way to the Promised Land and Joshua will take over command around Mount Abarim. God implemented this plan in Numbers 27. This tells us that we must leave everything to God and let Him have His way in our life, just as Moses did.
  • Iboro
    Moses resignedly gives over the government of the children of Israel to his right-hand man, Joshua, as the Lord commanded. This expression of prize meekness is reminiscent of Christ who died, resurrected and ascended into Heaven to summon our Comforter, the Holy Spirit.This, among others, is an attitude which every born-again minister ought to have.
  • Michael Ebhodaghe
    God is full of mercy and just. He feels what will feels. That is why he listen to the demands of the daugters of Zelophehad. We should learn to do the same as his children. Also God expect us to speak as his children and present our desire to him in the most modest way.
  • Eileen
    We are certainly living in the time of grace and mercy such a faithful man, the meekest man on earth but yet because of one disobedient he mist the promise land. thank you Jesus for extending mercy because we would all be lost.
  • Carolyn Davis
    Women needed to speak up and they did
  • Fakolujo Oluwafunmike
    Moses intercede for d people bt there is no one to intercede for him. Despite d fact that he will not get to d land he still pray for a leader to lead d people in his absence , what a great man of example .
  • Skinnymoose
    God allowed Moses to see the Promised Land. But already God had said that Moses would never enter it (Numbers 20:12). God reminded Moses why he would not enter the Promised Land. It was because Moses had not obeyed God at Meribah. So like the rest of his generation, Moses would die before he could enter the Promised Land.
  • S. Lynn
    From my understanding of the reading, God needed
    Moses to complete his calling before he joined
    Aaron. They both displeased him in the wilderness
    of Zin. Because he loved both of them so dearly
    due to their faithful service, their deaths were
    in honor and peace still before the people.
  • Toby Williams
    Shows women gain the same inheritance in the new testament God is no respect of persons there is neither male nor female in the spirit. I like how God handed over their fathers inheritance to the 5 duaghters.

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