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  • GiGi on Numbers 26

    In this chapter YHWH again calls for a census of the people of this generation that will enter the promised land. Moses and Eleazar (the High Priest now since Aaron died) were tasked to number the tribes. This is why this book of the Bible is named "Numbers".

    All of the tribes of Israel were numbered. The total was quite close to the same total that came out of Egypt and who died in the wilderness due to their grumbling. Think of all that death in just 40 years. So much rebellion and murmuring by parents and grandparents of this present generation cost a great loss of life. Yet now, as they are on the edge of entering the promised land, God has sustained the nation and replenished the population to the same level as how many left Egypt.

    All tribes but Levites were to receive an allotment of land decided by God through the throwing of lots (perhaps a die or dice).

    God guided whatever was thrown down to divide up the land justly.

    Moses and Aaron had taken the census at Sinai at the Lord's command and this time Moses and Aaron's son, Eleazar, numbered the people at the Lord's command. God has His reasons for calling for such a census both times. Perhaps this time it was for several reasons:

    To determine the size of the allotment of land commensurate with the size of the tribe.

    To determine the size of the army that would soon battle many peoples that YHWH would drive out of the land as they followed His command.

    To show the nation the goodness of YHWH in building the nation up once again before entering the land.

    It was only the sons that were listed here, with the exception of a few daughters.

    The chapter notes how all of the generation that had come out of Egypt had died, with the exception of Moses, Caleb, and Joshua. Only Joshua and Caleb will enter the land with this new generation. Moses will die beforehand as God had said he would.

    The Levites did not receive land allotments because they are the priestly tribe.
  • GIGI - in Reply on Numbers 26
    Yes, Rick Christians worldwide should indeed pray for their country governments, and leaders. For the U.S,, (of which I am a citizen) we should be praying for justice to be rightly served and that those governing will do so wisely, honestly, and for the benefit of those they represent according to our constitution. We can certainly pray for God to set aright all of that which has been corrupted and used to oppress certain groups of people. We can pray for God to transform the hearts of millions in our country to believe in Jesus and follow His ways. We can pray for God to take corrupt governing officials out of office. We can pray for God to grant protection and deliverance for His people in our country from harmful government practices and the results of these legislative actions that diminish our constitutional rights. We can pray that God will keep us free to share the gospel openly with others and cause us to be strong and bold in the face of resistance to our free expression of religious faith.

    We do not know what the immediate future holds in our countries. We can depend on God in every circumstance. We can also believe that God can turn what seems like hopeless circumstances around for His good and ours. As American citizens we can continue to pray for God's blessing to return to our country, for God to stir up people's hearts through a true revival. We can pray for God to make this country a great country and beacon of light to the world once again.

    All is not lost in our countries. God can still do great and might things to reverse the wicked trends that we are experiencing. We should pray with faith for this and not give up on our requests made to God. The United States has the resources to alleviate so much need and suffering in our world. May God bless us with bountiful harvests and wise management of resources so we can bless our own citizens and also those across the world in need.
  • Jimbob - in Reply on Numbers 26
    Rick Colombe I think its to late to pray for God to show this Nation favor. God has shown us favor, we have been Blessed as a Nation for more than 200 years since this once great Country became a Nation. The Word of God will be fulfilled as it is written. I believe this Nation to be mystery Babylon whose power will be taken away, it will be taken down in the Lastdays to make way for the rise of the anti-christ, which will be soon! God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for sexual perversions, look at what this Nation is allowing today, and not just allowing but pushing it on everybody whether they agree with it or not. We are living the Lastdays now and it doesn't look like things will get any better according to the Word of God. Be strong in your Faith, trust in Jesus Christ, He will not forsake those who put their trust in Him. God Bless.
  • Stanjett on Numbers 26
    And the sons of Issachar Tola, and Phuvah, and Job, Is this the same Job as the book of Job?
  • BSP on Numbers 26
    Verses 10 and 11: The sons of Korah did not join their father in rebellion and it saved their lives. Loyalty to family should never be greater than loyalty to Jehovah God.
  • Joyce Joseph on Numbers 26
    April, I know I am a bit late but Aaron died at the top of Mt Hor. Numbers 20:28
  • April on Numbers 26
    It would be intersting to have seen what Israel looked like before, because now Israel is across the Globe, I mean how did Earth look before we were all concieved kind of thing, I notice it didnt mention Aaron dying, verses 59-61, just his 2 sons. I wonder if God has ever wept, hes repented for the exsistence of man before, Jesus wept, but I guess its a flesh thing?, God can get angry and jealous.
  • Tosin on Numbers 26
    God stuck to his words regarding re presentatives of ten tribes children of Israel because they demonstrated lack of faith at Jericho when they were instructed to go and spy Jericho.

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