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  • Thoompunkal markose for verse 20
    in ch22 of book numbers verse 22 GOD permitted BILEYAM to go with people sent by BALAK. then why GOD got angry with BILEYAM pl explain.
  • Chris for verse 20
    I agree with you, that there seems to be an inconsistency here, with God at one point (v 12) telling Balaam not to go with those men, and then in verse 20, telling him to go with them. The only way to understand this paradox is to see it from God's viewpoint. God specifically told him not to go with them; Balaam then had some doubts about God's Word & wanted to check with Him again (v 19). This was where Balaam failed the Lord: in his doubt & his desire for some fame & fortune (vv 17,18). So, God gave him over to his lusts (v 20), which Balaam was more than happy to 'oblige', but as we know he was severely reprimanded by God (the angel & his ass) to his great sin of disobedience.
  • BSP
    Verse 20~God allowed Balaam to go with the men, but Balaam could only speak what Jehovah God told him to. Balaam continued to test Jehovah God and this eventually led to his downfall.
  • BSP
    Verse 12: Balaam was specifically told by Jehovah God not to curse the Israelites. He was so greedy that he willingly disobeyed Jehovah God.
  • Lu2677
    "stupid,idiot,crazy?"We do have these in holy writ: Matthew 23:33"vipers",Pro.21:27"wicked mind"pride, depraved,Hebrews 11:20 fools, Daniel 5:20"mind hardened in pride",reprobate mind, carnally minded,feeble minded,debased,liar.The person that does not have God's wisdom,understanding, knowledge, knows nothing. God brings down mans wisdom.It was a good day when I realized how stupid I am about his word.
  • Irene123
    Num. ch. 22 - it is my understanding that at the time of Bakak - Balaam, that Israel was obeying God, but after the 3 attempts to curse them, then Balaam was inspired to tempt them with their OWN lusts; showing that we are sinful in ourselves, but if we are right with God no one can turn us away IF we don't want to be turned away. we are truly - sinner-saints
  • Irene123
    Numbers 22:19, 3:35p.m. - " ... God does NOT change ... "
  • Irene123
    V. 19 - " that I may know what the Lord will say unto me more." This is EXACTLY where Ballam made his mistake; he did NOT obey the Lord; the things Balak was offering 'settled' in his mind, so he 'tempted' God, and God knew his heart so - He told Balaam to go with the servants to show His Glory to Balak and to Balam - by not letting Balaam curse Israel.
  • Peter A. Okebukola
    God works in wondrous ways. He uses humans as well as animals to achieve His purpose. If we are stubbornly heading for destruction, God has a way of shoving us back on track for the reason of His love for us as He did for Balaam.
  • Irene123
    To Roberta on Balaam- Read v. 12. This was God's 1st command. One does NOT dicker with God. You do what He told you the 1st time. Balaam dickered with God because he had his eye not on the things of God, but on 'advantage' for himself. He was PROPHET of God. He KNEW God's laws. Yet there was 'something' in his character that was wrong. He wanted what Barak (a type of sin) was offering.
  • Bobby
    That God sometimes works in mysterious ways and uses people we lest expect or in this case even a donkey.
  • Bobby
    That God is gracious, even in our disobedience. It 's not his will that any shall perish. I guess that 's why it 's called Amazing Grace and it existed even back then.
  • Cbarz
    My preacher today jus used this as the Sermon...and one of the main things he said is be nice to everyone....because God May place Donkey 's in your life, of course Donkey representing a less respected person...or someone u look down upon....may be the one trying to save your life
  • B.J.Manuel
    Comment on ch22.vs33: The angel was speaking directly to Balaam. The beast of burden had seen the angel, turned from the danger and avoided it 3 times. Balaam in his stubborn madness had blinded himself and did not recognize the miracle of his compassionate animal to spare both their lives. I have seen visually challenged people start to cross a busy street when their faithful guide dog would block the way and help them avoid danger. We all need to be more thankful for what these special creatures do to help us avoid disaster at times. May God be glorified in their work of preventing us from rushing headlong into almost or perhaps altogether certain destruction.
  • Katie
    Roberta and Zelda. Roberta first. What Balaam did wrong was that he didn 't do what God told him to do. God said IF the man come to call thee, rise up and go with them. That isn 't what he did. He woke up and went on his own. The men didn 't come call for him and he didnt go with them. He went along. He had decided he was going regardless. Now Zelda Verse 33 what I think it means is if not for the donkey God would have killed him Balaam and now Balaam is beating the donkey for it. I think God is telling him that since the donkey saw the Angel of the LORD the donkey ended up saving Balaams life and to stop hitting it.
  • Roberta zaremba
    I dont understand why God became angry with Balaam when he did what God told him to do . confusing
  • Zelda for verse 33
    What does this verse mean please translate Numbers 22 33
  • Kely muinde
    it is important to hear and do what God requires you to do
  • Christiana
    Balaam I realize is a prophet of God bcos God spoke to him a couple of times and tell him not to go with Balak. he repeatedly refused to go with them but consistently show interest in the worldly presents been offered him. Sometimes we tend to deceive ourselves pretending to love God. As soon as fame,money,etc comes in we compromise our faith. Balaam lost the relationship he has with God through greed and disobedience. Despite God's efforts to save him, he refused to turn back. He gave room to Satan to use him. I think his is a willful sin.
  • Ryan
    God was angered with Balaam because he said to wait for the princes to call him THEN go... but Balaam just went ahead with them (it doesnt mention that they called him to).. the Lord forgave him though, i suppose becuz Balaam didn't really know he did wrong, and Balaam admitted to his sin immediately w/o question, then admitted his ignorance
  • Don Priess for verse 23
    From where did the Angel get the sword
  • Lenora
    in verse #20 the said that God told Balaam to go, but then he became angry when he went what am i missing in this passage.And God came unto Balaam at night, and said unto him, If the men come to call thee, rise up, and go with them; but yet the word which I shall say unto thee, that shalt thou do.
  • Dina S Diaz
    GO Straight do not look to the left or to the right.
  • Tosin
    This chapter appears to be funny to me, but it is full of lessons. Just like chapter 21,God cause fear upon every enemy of his children because he fights for them. TTherefore, enemies of children of God do everything to fight children of God. If you are a child of God, God will protect you in every way. Curse can be reversed on you if you are God's child. Now, tell me why God will not want all those who hate his children not suffer or die. If you are good parent, you might do more to protect your children. So, God will not allow anyone to curse you because you are his child. Perhaps, you are living under curse, this chapter would let you know that the curse could be removed from you. Galatians 3:13 makes it plain that Jesus had taken your curses instead of you. Therefore, if anyone calls himself or herself man or woman of God and is trying to curse you, it will not work in as much you are not sinning and you are God's child. Amen
  • Javier
    It's sad that sometimes in life we get caught up with others, or things that are not of God that we become so spiritually blind that we don't and can't recognize when the lord is speaking to us.

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