Numbers Chapter 20 Discussion

  • Seth roper on Numbers 20
    It seems that the priesthood in the camps of Moses are like the Egyptians full of money power and traditions and fine clothes which is like future priests of Israel corrupt and self made
  • STEPHEN MEEHAN on Numbers 20
    It is interesting to note that while God would not allow Moses to enter into the Promised Land along with the Israelites because of his disobedience, that Moses did eventually enter on the Mount of Transfiguration when he appeared alongside Elijah and with Jesus on that mount. He may yet appear a second time when the two witnesses show up during the Tribulation period, maybe again with Elijah - the two who represent the Law (Moses) and the Prophets (Elijah).
  • Artie vanlandingham on Numbers 20
    We must remember the curse of enmity in Genesis 3:15 applies to anger and God is the God of peace. The anger of Moses played against his humbleness of heart and his discourse was not something God was proud to observe while giving life with water to the people and their animals.
  • Richie - in Reply on Numbers 20
    Aaron died because he had the opportunity to tell Moses that what he did was wrong but he didn't tell him.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Numbers 20
    God told Moses to 'speak' to the rock. But Moses disobeyed God and hit the rock with his rod. It still brought out water but for this God told Moses he would not go into the promised land.
  • BSP on Numbers 20
    Verse 10~Moses spoke as though he was the one who would bring water out of the rock, but he failed to give the real praise and credit to Jehovah God.
  • BSP on Numbers 20
    Verse 12~Moses was described as a meek man, but here he allowed others to provoke him and he committed an act of arrogance. He missed out on the opportunity to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land. We must guard against any form of arrogance.
  • Irene123 on Numbers 20
    P.S. - Aaron died because he was Moses' right-hand man; he was the priest and didn't counsel Moses against striking. He knew somewhere along the line to stop Moses, but he didn't. Aaron was God's mouthpiece; God is FAITHFUL, and would have warned Aaron of Moses' intent. No, it doesn't say all this here, but Isa. 1:18 - " ... let us reason together ... " He wants us to reason His word out.
  • Irene123 on Numbers 20
    Nobody remembered Ex. 17:6 on here: This was the 1st time this happened; God told Moses to SMITE ...; in Num. 20:8 God told Moses to SPEAK ... "; it was simply, with God, an 'obedience' test. The Israelites KNEW God, and not Moses, br'ot the water. The sanctification was in teaching, by Moses obedience, His people to obey. Moses and Aaron were to be EXAMPLES of obedience.
  • April on Numbers 20
    I think that the people should have realized that the LORD was suppose to be their rock,not their flesh needs and complaining,I hope that I will realize when I am being ungrateful for what I have
  • BSP on Numbers 20
    In verse 8, God gave Moses specific instructions. Moses didn't exactly follow those instructions and because of this he was not allowed to go into the Promised Land.
  • Karl on Numbers 20
    responds to Jane; Fearful of a jealous God? The LORD is wrathful but also forgiving to those of a contrite heart, true repentance is the lesson we must all learn. We much approach the LORD with humble reverence, some must first learn this through wrath. Do not fear The LORD, Jane, embrace his compassion as LORD Jesus taught. Hope this helps.
  • Jane on Numbers 20
    This passage made me afraid of God and understand what he means by he is a jeolous God who does not share his glory.
  • Priscilla on Numbers 20
    I don't understand why Aaron died while the Rock was hit by Moses to bring the water out and not Aaron who hit the rock
  • Fabian on Numbers 20
    Aaron was the mouth piece for Moses, he was punished first, Moses had to finish his work, in the end he was punish also. Let us obey God's word and lean not unto our own understanding. if we chose to obey we shall be bless, if we chose to disobey then we will be punish
  • Barbara on Numbers 20
    My thoughts are: What a powerful amazing passage and to receive the understanding of the miracles and the death of Aaron.
  • Nikki on Numbers 20
    I don 't understand why Aaron died. Aaron didn 't hit the rock. Verse 11 says Moses did.
  • Ann on Numbers 20
    They did not sanctify God by letting them know the blessing of the water came from God.The anger,failure to follow Divine direction and sanctify God, who had just provided a miracle.
  • Carolyn Swint on Numbers 20
    Clearly Aaron spoke for moses and they were told by god to speak to the rock which their anger caused them to disobey. They did not listen to god and trust in his word. moses was needed to finish his work and lead the people. Aron was punished for his anger. we had better be careful how we control ourselves before god. when they struck the rock,they struck god and he got angry. Aron as gods` priest failed him in disobience so he missed going to the promiseland. We must love and obey god in all things in jesus name.
  • Audley feare on Numbers 20:26
    Aaron was guilty as Moses his mentor according to verse 12. they both disbelieve and disobeyed God and was forfeited their life long desire the joy of Canaan. God spoke to both of them in verse 8 thus remind us to be careful to follow God's order above that of our mentor and more so admonish them when they strayed from the will of God
  • Robert mburugu on Numbers 20
    Numbers 20 and Exodus 17 explain the same message. We should do Exactly as the Lord commands and never add our things because this caused Moses not to reach the promised land of Canaan.
  • Timothy Wayne George on Numbers 20
    Aaron was gathered unto his people because he rebelled at Meribah and hit the rock twice. God told Moses to speak to the rock, but his anger got the better of him, which caused a faith failure. When the Priest committed sin, then he was removed from the Priesthood. The scripture tells us to be angry, but sin not. Anger rest in the bosom of fools. We must be quick to hear, and slow to anger, for the wrath of man, does not work the righteousness of God.
  • Nana Sarpong on Numbers 20
    I donít understand why Aaron died, can somebody explain to me. I need explanation with spiritual perspective.
  • Jessica on Numbers 20
    Yes, God said speak to the rock before their eyes to give the people water. As you read Moses did not speak, he smote it twice with a bit of a rude comment towards to group. So, in essence he disobeyed what God specifically told him to do. We really must obey our God.
  • Anonymous on Numbers 20
    Can somebody please tell me, why Aaron died? In the previous chapter, the congregation of the children of Israel were doubtful of God. It says that Aaron and Moses fell upon their faces, and that Moses gave them water from rock, as God commanded. I do not understand, what was the wrong doing?

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