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  • Stanjett
    The Jews kept the Sabbath and still do. But we worship on the Lords day, which is Sunday. Jesus rose from the dead on a Sunday, which is why Christians worship him on Sunday. Of course, we should worship him every day.
  • Vernon Brown
    God wants people to live A holy life if they don't they will not make heaven. We are going to be judged by the 66 books of the Bible. If you take part of the world you will not make heaven. Most Churches do not preach holiness any more and tell people it is ok to go to movies , sporting events, and dance clubs and bars and it is not ok. It is part of the world and we are suppose to live holy
  • BSP
    Verse 15~There was one standard for the Israelites and for any foreigners who joined them. This shows that Jehovah God is impartial and fair.
  • Hayley Harvey
    God rested on the 7th day and the 8th day he made it the first of the week. So Saturday is Sabbath Day. I also read that it starts Friday night at sunset till Saturday at sunset. Someone else can let me know if this is incorrect.
  • A disciple
    Judy, good questions! The seventh day is "Shabbat;" which is the original Hebrew word for our English word sabbath. It comes from the root Shin-Beit-Tav and means to cease, to end, to rest. When the Emperor Constantine "became a Christian," he held to his worship of the Sun-god; (which is where the name Sunday comes from); and decreed that on Sun-day, all citizens must come together for Church.
  • Judy
    Sabbath law is confusing. Is it Saturday or Sunday? When God created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th day, He said to keep the Sabbath holy, to rest on the Sabbath. The days of the week didn't have names then. Was a day then 24 hours? When did God say Saturday was Sabbath. He said the 7th day. What calendar did God use when he made the world? I don't want to sin, I keep Sunday as Sabbath.
  • BSP
    In verse 39 God made a physical sign for his people to remember that they must be different.
  • Jean
    one needs to pay attention to JEHOVAH RULES and beg his forgiveness for spared life
  • Tukaroto
    Numbers 15:38,39 How would you relate to these verses in truth KJV only ?
  • Jerry for verse 29
    it 's pretty clear that obedience to God 's law is for everyone who believes has faith in Yahweh
  • James
    Penalty for violating Sabbath is death by stoning Isn t it very severe why is it so severe
  • Joel
    I am wondering the same thing . It seems extremely severe.
  • Will
    There is a tremendous emphasis on obedience seen throughout this chapter and prior ones. The preacher Andrew Murray wrote a book called, The Blessing of Obedience" I have just started the first chapter.
    Even as by one man's disobedience sin was brought another man's obedience we can be saved from sin and hell.
  • Isarelites Juda tribes
    I myself brought me the fringes, and blue ribbon to wear on my border garment for in remembe of the commandent and not to seek after my own heart and mind. Shalom
  • Joy
    Numbers 15v38 teaches that the children of Israel ought to dress spiritually and not just physical, one must take the word of GOD Spiritually at all times. Spiritually speaking, Christians must always put fringe of the border a ribband of blue on their Christian life as well as on their physical life the precept and concept to this book is Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18 and 23-5. GOD Bless You.
  • Anyasteph
    I thank my God for making me to undestand his word. He saved me from the sacrifices of lambs,bulluk,ram etc. Through Jesus Christ.
  • Mokihana
    Today's word to me is about keeping GOD'S commandments,he has given me rules to follow in my life. If I should fail or fall. He gives me the rememberance of his promise. He bought me out of Egypt and saved me so long ago. That I got lost and now I'm back in that dark place that he saved me from, all I can say is please forgiven me for I'm a sinner. I do LOVE U with all my HEART JESUS.
  • Sister Bonnie
    I thank my ''LORD,GOD'' this morning for brand new mercy that ''HE'' continually show toward me, even though I am undeserving, ''HE'' yet pour out ''HIS'' mercy upon me, so I continually offer up my whole self unto the ''LORD'' each and every morning as all manner of offering that I may keep ''HIS'' commandments in this as I am commanded. Again I say thank you ''SIR''

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