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  • LEE
    we are all GOD creation and we are fearfully and wonderfully made irrespective of your colour or race with exception of same sex marriage. when GOD created the world HE saw that all HIS creation was perfect, so let respect and treat each other right and avoid offending GOD by our speech action etc. May the good LORD show us mercy and help us live according to HIS will.
  • BSP
    Verse 1: It seems as if Miriam and Aaron had a bit of prejudice against Moses' wife Zipporah. They needed to root that out of their heart in order to maintain the peace and show love.
  • Anne
    Psalm 105:15 admonishes 'do not touch my anointed ones; do my prophets no harm'..
  • April
    I think that ultimitly GOD is the judge over all, it is he who will deal with judgement, and I feel it wasn't anyone's place to try an handle anything unless the LORD have commanded them to do so, when we make judgements due to anything other then what is just, we ourselves are technically sinning, this isn't a verse, just my opinion, from previous chapters to now,and 2 mention all the whining
  • We as Christians should not allow ourselves to be carried away with the familiar
    Comment* What happened to Mariam was a result of her let down to God's anointed. We should avoid it.
  • Myling
    I have learned some powerful truths concerning criticizing God's decisions. I repent of any criticism of God"s anointed in thought or otherwise. Praise God for correction into righteousness
  • Marty for verse 3
    Jesus was also meek ,but he drove the moneychangers out of the temple with a scourge of cords poured out the money and overthrew the tables
  • Clyde Garrett
    I believe that God is not against different races marrying unless of course they are of the same sex.
  • Bro John
    its interesting to me you cite Numbers 12:1 as a verse that teaches against interracial marriage, where Miriam and Aaron speak against Moses for marrying a Cushite black woman . But in the very same chapter we see Miriam is stricken with leprosy by God for being critical of Moses and his marriage? Not sure that 's a great verse to make your case.
  • Zack, ask God for the interpretation of your dream, as Joseph proclaimed, interpretation of these dreams comes from God. Ask him, He 'll tell you. God bless.
  • Jose\'
    We need to stop murmuring and see the inner beaty in people. God sees what 's on the inside not out. We are to quick to judge people of diffreant races but each one of us has a special gift that God has given us. But most of the time we are stuck or trapped by things of this world.
  • Kenny BATTLE
    I think Miriam was of color just a lighter shade. When she complained of the Ethiopian God took away all her color.
  • Kathy
    I think the story is to remind us that God created all colors of people. By Miriam condemning Moses marrying an Ethiopian woman, who we know must have been black as night, she in turn was struck 'white as snow ' put out for 7 days. God kinda turned the tables on her to see how it feels to be of different skin.
  • KIMBA JOHN GABRIEL for verse 3
  • Margaret
    We musthumble ourselves and be obedient to Almighty God Our Holy Father of righteousness.
  • Anonymous
    interceed for others when they have wronged you
  • Gift
    this chapter is trying to scode us not to be envious of those whom the grace of God is upon them genuily we shud doubt the annointing of God he decid to use who he pleases always pray asking God to use you can be the moses or elijah of your day or generation if your way pleases God pray for the Grace of God and his annointing
  • Barbara b
    Numbers 12 We are all God children meaning that he is against hatred ,racism. God gave Moses a charge to gather 2 of every animal etc. From this, different nations was create. Moses sons had children and there children had children. This is why the world is so beautiful. God is awesome in everything he does.
  • Moses was noted for his meekness as nobody has ever disproved because he was a complete humble man.
  • Faith Opnga
    We should not speak ill of the servants of God and their families if we do God will place His curse upon you and the same will not only affect you but family members, community and nations. Servants of the Most High God MUST be respected.
  • Sparkle
    Zac's comment about verse 6 on 9/25/2011, 7:49am...

    What a beautiful experience. I do not interpret dreams or vision but you did not just have a dream, you had a divine intervention. Maybe something troubling was happening in you physical life. I cannot give any explanation but I remember quite recently feeling what I call "being touched by an angel" I will encourage you to continue believing and serving God, because your experience is a special one. God Bless
  • Shirl
    Reference (Chpt 12)

    I pray for us all to remember,when we are given
    his grace time and time again please say thank
    you. I believe if it is said from your heart,
    it is one of his greatest joys. I am so glad to
    have found this available network for bible
    discussion. God Bless.
  • Kyle
    Zac I had similar experinces in 98' and tried to push them aside and return to the secular world. 13 yrs later they have returned, I get a sixth sense on many matters and have a difficult time understanding what is all evolving. I read Proverbs 6 which states to keep a low profile, it is difficult because those that are desperately looking for hope know who you are as well as those that wish you harm.
  • Zac
    It's possible that you had a brief episode of the messiah complex. Common amongst believers of all faiths, who feel that they specifically have been chosen by their god to do his will. It might also just have been a dream.
  • Tina
    Maybe the Lord is showing you that you will lead lost souls to him. They may be resentful or even doubt what you have to say in the beginning but if you continue to follow the commandments of God and allow him to guide you I believe you'll see these souls turn their life to God.
  • Esther
    Zac, ever heard or come across Elisha Goodman of firespring ministries? If not google-search about him and his teachings about dreams and prayers. Am sure you will get help.
  • I had a dream in 1998 that has been left on my mind, to know an answer or if there is one? I am just asking for assistance and a meaning or to come to some understanding.
    My dream was as if I was in the time of Jesus... people shouting at me with anger and saying "we look up to you for our guidance and you have let us down, mislead us and you have lost trust"
    I ran to a stable seeking refuge from the angry mob? Not understanding what they are asking of me?
    I start to prey in my dream and ask "Dear father, why are these people asking this off me and if these people look up to me asking for guidance and I do not know why, so if they look up to me, who do I ask for guidance to help these people?
    A blue light from above covered me with warmth and a voice came to me, "my son fear not, If these people look up to you and I your father am here for your guidance, you just need to ask? by the time you awake these people shall follow you and all will be the same as it was again and no one will hate but will once again look up to you " As I started to look up and by the end of the sentence I felt a hand on my head, as soon as this hand touched my head I instantly had a feeling of love, warmth, purifying/cleansing sense of my entire body and the soul… leaving me with a sense of weightlessness which I could not explain, It felt as if I was floating this is how I felt, so light an experience that is very difficult to explain.
    I woke up with tears running down my face and actually awake, but knew there is something wrong because I felt as if I was levitating in air, feeling so light (I wasn't) this is how I just felt and a sense of so much love in my soul and as if my whole soul had been cleansed.
    I got up and it still felt as if I am floating in the air? I am walking but cannot really feel the floor. This went on for 15 minutes, where it felt like I was floating…
    I walked into the lounge and explained my dream to my wife and tears were streaming down my face for no reason? With goose bumps and trembling over my whole body, but still having the feeling of god’s love and blessing over me for the whole hour, this feeling is not the easiest experience to explain or if it can be explained.
    I have really kept this to myself for 13 years and thought I would try getting some answers / guide or if anyone else has had a similar experience. Please I am not asking for anything else or proclaiming anything just a word of guidance? I thank you.
  • Scott for verse 1
    prerapes we are presumtuiss a litte ha what my farther would think is a bite more inportint don't you thing.
  • Jessica
    i love it it show that the annointed of the Lord like Moses is Proteced by the Lord and if The Lord accept cross tribal, cross racial Marriages who are we to complain. It is a lesson to inlaws and family memebers

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