Numbers Chapter 11 Discussion

  • Chris - in Reply on Numbers 11:23
    Hi Jeanette. A day's journey would be between sunrise & sunset, yet allowing for factors such as prevailing weather conditions, ability of the travellers, & time constraints. However, a rough estimate would be approx. 25 miles per day, though this figure could be altered depending on the above factors.
  • Jeanette Simmons on Numbers 11:23
    How long is a days journey for the Israelites?
  • Jo Jordan on Numbers 11:23
    God hates ingratitude. It displeases Him when we are ungrateful and just like the Israelites, we would have to suffer the consequence of our actions.
  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on Numbers 11
    Hello Elaine,

    ( 1 Corinthians 10:13

    Then James 1:13-14 just stating that God is not the one tempting.

    God Bless you sister.
  • Pastor Fred on Numbers 11
    We should make sure what we be about is really what we be about. Usually after we've made a decision without counting the cost, is when we begin moaning, and complaining that we shouldn't have done what we've done. However when God hears our complaint He checks the record and that's when His anger is kindled.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Numbers 11
    beareth is to carry. A suckling child is a baby that is not weaned from his mothers milk yet.
  • Anne on Numbers 11
    When God provides for us we should not murmur and be discontented. He knows our needs and we must learn to trust Him in all things.
  • BSP on Numbers 11
    Verse 1~The constant complaining of the people showed a lack of faith on their part. They witnessed all that Jehovah God had done for them and for them to complain and show doubts was displeasing to God.
  • Ersatzangel on Numbers 11
    Yes that comment does sound strange. When I read the surrounding verses it seems Moses was frustrated. God provided manna and the people complained that the food was better in Egypt - where they were slaves! Numbers 11:5. In Numbers 11:11-15 Moses vents his frustration. Numbers 11:17 God provides him help. Moses felt burdened like a nursing Mother for these people. He was crying to God for help.
  • Peggy Davis on Numbers 11
    In Numbers 11:12- A nursing father beareth the sucking child? Fathers cannot nurse or bear a child!!! this verse sounds odd to me.
  • Philip on Numbers 11
    God hates peoples nagging nor complaining,,, he want us to be thankful in all manners
  • Boog on Numbers 11
    they never sowed of themselves again but sowed of the father and jesus christ and they are never ceasing true or false i believe true
  • Deborah Sledge on Numbers 11
    I can't understand, why in some translations, Numbers 11:25 says did not cease, and other translations says they never did so again.
    That is two different things!
  • Thobeka on Numbers 11
    We should always be grateful for what God has done for us. also be content for what God has blessed us with and seek not for what our flesh desires. When we stop reading the word of God and praying, craving of sin tends to increase in us, but when we eat the word of God we feed our spirit and we are able to overcome temptations.
  • Grace4today on Numbers 11
    It strikes me that the people were complaining, not because they were without food, but because it wasn't what they desired ... the craving of the flesh. Also, they were looking back in spirit to their days of bondage because of that lust or lack of satisfaction for where they were present day. I see that I too have been guilty of the same ...
  • Dianne on Numbers 11
    I wants to give my Almight God the glory and praise for what he is still doing in my life and my son..He is a awesome God I love Jesus within my heart. Give you all the honored and praise.. Thank you Jesus for not leaving my side Amen
  • Simbiso on Numbers 11
    we thank God more and less of complaining.we should focuss on what the lord has done for us ,thank him for the problems that we do not have.we should remember that as he has done for us in the past we will do it again and again.thank u LORD
  • Sharon on Numbers 11
    GOD wants us to be thankful for what HE 'S done for us, HE doesn 't want for us to complain and murmur all the time, but to worship and praise HIM in all facets of life. I know as for me , I get tired of hearing my children complain about what the don 't have, instead of focusing and be grateful of what they do have,and what I 've done this far. Same thing wth GOD!!!! Oh Give Thanks For HE iIs Good!!!! Thank You JESUS!!!!
  • Lilian on Numbers 11
    God wants us to seek him first and obey his commandments. God has appointed time to do miracles to the people, we must do what he says as his words gives us life in abundance, blessing, joy, peace and love. If we delight ourselves unto God all things that we need will be added. God is faithful to his promises and he will always complete of what he is started. Thanks to Jesus for his precious blood that shed for us. Jesus loves you
  • Thank you LORD for pouring out your Holy Spirit upon all flesh! But you shall recieve power, after that the Holy Spirit is come apon you and you shall be witnesses unto Me both in Jerusalem, and in Judea, and in Samaria, and to the uttermost part of the earth.
  • Akadzro stephen on Numbers 11
    God want to demonstrate to the people of Israel that he was powerful than all the gods of Egypt that he is bringing them out of slavery but he want to obey his commandment as in the exodus 20
  • Albert on Numbers 11
    The people of God were not use to what God was trying to feed them with because all they had know was the food of a slave. God was trying to show them what He had for them. Feeding them with what was from Heaven. Showing them Your Are My People. But first he had to prove them who would follow His commandments. Exodus 16 4
  • Catherine on Numbers 11
    The number 11 in the order of numeration falls into the second phase of counting from 1 to 10 Literally Alternatively 11 symbolises WEAKNESS POVERTY LACKING INABILITY and of such 11 is INSECURE
  • Peter Anozie on Numbers 11:1
    It shows that there are certain things we say that God overlooks and there are things He takes seriously.How He weighs what we say depends on where we are in our relationship with God.
  • Peter on Numbers 11
    In this chapter we find the Lord having feelings and demonstrating his mighty power. The quails comming from ths sea is replica of the creation in Genesis. as the birds did come from the sea. the amazing thing is this. the volume of quails that came is astounding as there is no species in the entire world has this volume. our lord of Glory can do aboundantly more than we can ask or possible think.
  • Beverley on Numbers 11:23
    is the lord's hand too short for anything at he not in control ,isnt he faithful,just,true,merciful,loving& kind .he can do what his word says ,so we can believe him for our healing,finances,restoration our challenges,families marriage whatever so easily besets us.

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