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  • GiGi on Numbers 11:23 - 1 year ago

    Moses was also bringing his complaint to God, but God was not angry with Moses as He was with the complaining multitude. God was merciful to Moses and explained that the Holy Spirit would be placed upon 70 elders along with Moses. These elders spoke by the Holy Spirit to the people throughout the camp. I imagine that what they said did not conflict with each other because the Holy Spirit would not do that.

    Here Moses learned that he did not have to carry the burden of being the spokesman for the LORD by Himself-God was bigger than that! he also learned that the Holy Spirit was so great that He could be placed upon many people and not just one-himself. Then Moses in verse 29 states to Joshua that he desired for all of God's people to have the Holy Spirit upon them and would prophesy for the LORD.

    After the seventy were endowed with the Holy Spirit, Moses and these men went into the camp. God brought in an enormous amount of quail on a strong wind. The quail was stacked waist high or more in the area. The people went out and collected the quail and distributed it evenly throughout the camp. The people gorged themselves on the quail and God sent a plague upon the people. Those who lusted for the meat died and they were buried at this place Moses named Kibroth-hattaavah.

    Then the nation travelled from this place to Hazeroth, where they abode.

    What lessons Moses and the people were learning from their disobedience and distrust of God. They had not learned yet that God is what they truly need above all else. Perhaps this is why He gave them a daily diet of Manna, so that they would realize that food is not what sustains them but YHWH. A varied diet that they had to cultivate and work for would get their eyes off of YHWH and trust in themselves and their own skill at producing food. They even could not eat of the flocks since these were for the sacrifices and for them to bring into the promised land. They were to resist temptation, but had difficulty with that
  • GiGi on Numbers 11:23 - 1 year ago
    In this chapter is an account of the people complaining for food other than the manna. It is similar to Exodus chapter 16, so I do not know if it is the same incident or another. If it is another incident then the Israelites did not learn their lesson the first time they asked for meat, did they!

    The complaining of the people always cause God to be angry with them. He was their portion and was able to fill them with what He knew they needed. The people complained to God and His holy fire went and burned those in the outskirts of the camp. They cried out to Moses to get YHWH to stop the fire. Moses interceded and God stopped the burning fire.

    Among the Israelites were people who were mixed-some were of Israeli/Gentile parentage; others were gentiles. These mixed peoples began to lust for meat and for the type of diet they enjoyed in Egypt. The Israelites joined them in this lusting. They complained in their tents where only God would know. They complained with weeping about the manna being the only food before their eyes. Moses went about the tents and heard them weeping and complaining.

    Moses was fed up. He was overwhelmed. He was discouraged. He was so low that he asked God to kill him so he would be free of the burdens of his life. Is there a hint of Moses believing in an afterlife free of wretchedness in vs. 15? The verse says that Moses considered it to be favored of God to be killed to be freed.

    Regardless, Moses was unable to bear the burdens of the needs of the people any longer. He was at the breaking point, equating the burden of the welfare of the multitude to that of mother of multiples whom she was trying to nurse each and everyone to satisfaction. Nursing and infant is not very much of a burden. It is necessary for the child to consume what the mother alone could supply by God's design, but when a pregnancy results in triplets, quads, quints and more, one mother just cannot successfully meet the nourishment needs of all of them. .. cont. to pt. 2
  • GiGi - In Reply on Numbers 11:23 - 1 year ago
    Glad to meet you Bob,
  • BOB W - In Reply on Numbers 11:23 - 1 year ago
    Thank you GiGi,

    I've read many of your comments in theses forums. Seems to me you have quite an insight.

    What you say makes sense to me. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.
  • GiGi - In Reply on Numbers 11:23 - 1 year ago
    Hello Bob.

    It seems to me by reading the chapter that they did not eat of their flocks and herds, but were being sustained by the manna that fell each night. The sheep, goats, and cattle were reserved for the sacrifices laid out at Sinai (Book of Leviticus Ch. 1-70). By following these sacrificial requirements, there would be multiple sacrifices offered daily. The flocks and herds needed to be kept for these sacrifices and to keep breeding for them to have livestock when they arrived and settled in Canaan. Likely, also, they did not eat the turtle doves or pigeons they must have kept as tamed animals they raised and breed.

    The people were growing tired of manna every day. They had not been too long out of Egypt where they could have a fresh memory of the varied diet there. Their fleshy self was unsatisfied with the diet God had provided for them without any labor on their part to grow it. They just had to collect it, grind it and make it into bread. Even though the manna was completely sufficient to satisfy the nutritional needs of their bodies, the Israelites wanted more than what God had ordained for their sustenance. He must have set apart the meat of their livestock for sacrifices and giving them only manna to eat as a test to them. Would they be satisfied with the manna when they saw their livestock daily and being sacrificed to God daily without being permitted to slay some for meat to eat. Would they be satisfied with what God had commanded and provided or want their own way instead? As you read on in the chapter, God had it literally "rain down quail" so plentiful that they would become sick of eating it, though they lustily consumed it to the point of gluttony. Also, God sent some sort of plague upon them from consuming the quail. So, thought the Israelites craved meat and got it from the Lord, it was not a blessing, but a punishment for their grumbling against God and his provision and rule of law.
  • BOB W on Numbers 11:23 - 1 year ago
    How come the people had no flesh eat. Were they forbidden to eat of their own flocks and herds? Please help me to understand this. Thank you.

    Bob W
  • Chris - In Reply on Numbers 11:23 - 2 years ago
    Hi Jeanette. A day's journey would be between sunrise & sunset, yet allowing for factors such as prevailing weather conditions, ability of the travellers, & time constraints. However, a rough estimate would be approx. 25 miles per day, though this figure could be altered depending on the above factors.
  • Jeanette Simmons on Numbers 11:23 - 2 years ago
    How long is a days journey for the Israelites?
  • Jo Jordan on Numbers 11:23 - 2 years ago
    God hates ingratitude. It displeases Him when we are ungrateful and just like the Israelites, we would have to suffer the consequence of our actions.
  • Richard in Christ - In Reply on Numbers 11 - 3 years ago
    Hello Elaine,

    ( 1 Corinthians 10:13

    Then James 1:13-14 just stating that God is not the one tempting.

    God Bless you sister.
  • Pastor Fred on Numbers 11 - 4 years ago
    We should make sure what we be about is really what we be about. Usually after we've made a decision without counting the cost, is when we begin moaning, and complaining that we shouldn't have done what we've done. However when God hears our complaint He checks the record and that's when His anger is kindled.
  • Stanjett - In Reply on Numbers 11 - 4 years ago
    beareth is to carry. A suckling child is a baby that is not weaned from his mothers milk yet.
  • Anne on Numbers 11 - 5 years ago
    When God provides for us we should not murmur and be discontented. He knows our needs and we must learn to trust Him in all things.
  • BSP on Numbers 11 - 5 years ago
    Verse 1~The constant complaining of the people showed a lack of faith on their part. They witnessed all that Jehovah God had done for them and for them to complain and show doubts was displeasing to God.
  • Ersatzangel on Numbers 11 - 7 years ago
    Yes that comment does sound strange. When I read the surrounding verses it seems Moses was frustrated. God provided manna and the people complained that the food was better in Egypt - where they were slaves! Numbers 11:5. In Numbers 11:11-15 Moses vents his frustration. Numbers 11:17 God provides him help. Moses felt burdened like a nursing Mother for these people. He was crying to God for help.
  • Peggy Davis on Numbers 11 - 7 years ago
    In Numbers 11:12- A nursing father beareth the sucking child? Fathers cannot nurse or bear a child!!! this verse sounds odd to me.
  • Philip on Numbers 11 - 7 years ago
    God hates peoples nagging nor complaining,,, he want us to be thankful in all manners
  • Boog on Numbers 11 - 7 years ago
    they never sowed of themselves again but sowed of the father and jesus christ and they are never ceasing true or false i believe true
  • Deborah Sledge on Numbers 11 - 7 years ago
    I can't understand, why in some translations, Numbers 11:25 says did not cease, and other translations says they never did so again.
    That is two different things!
  • Lisa on Numbers 11 - 7 years ago
    So true!Thanks
  • Thobeka on Numbers 11 - 7 years ago
    We should always be grateful for what God has done for us. also be content for what God has blessed us with and seek not for what our flesh desires. When we stop reading the word of God and praying, craving of sin tends to increase in us, but when we eat the word of God we feed our spirit and we are able to overcome temptations.
  • Grace4today on Numbers 11 - 8 years ago
    It strikes me that the people were complaining, not because they were without food, but because it wasn't what they desired ... the craving of the flesh. Also, they were looking back in spirit to their days of bondage because of that lust or lack of satisfaction for where they were present day. I see that I too have been guilty of the same ...
  • Dianne on Numbers 11 - 8 years ago
    I wants to give my Almight God the glory and praise for what he is still doing in my life and my son..He is a awesome God I love Jesus within my heart. Give you all the honored and praise.. Thank you Jesus for not leaving my side Amen
  • Simbiso on Numbers 11 - 8 years ago
    we thank God more and less of complaining.we should focuss on what the lord has done for us ,thank him for the problems that we do not have.we should remember that as he has done for us in the past we will do it again and again.thank u LORD
  • Sharon on Numbers 11 - 8 years ago
    GOD wants us to be thankful for what HE 'S done for us, HE doesn 't want for us to complain and murmur all the time, but to worship and praise HIM in all facets of life. I know as for me , I get tired of hearing my children complain about what the don 't have, instead of focusing and be grateful of what they do have,and what I 've done this far. Same thing wth GOD!!!! Oh Give Thanks For HE iIs Good!!!! Thank You JESUS!!!!
  • Lilian on Numbers 11 - 9 years ago
    God wants us to seek him first and obey his commandments. God has appointed time to do miracles to the people, we must do what he says as his words gives us life in abundance, blessing, joy, peace and love. If we delight ourselves unto God all things that we need will be added. God is faithful to his promises and he will always complete of what he is started. Thanks to Jesus for his precious blood that shed for us. Jesus loves you
  • Rob on Numbers 11:29 - 9 years ago
    Thank you LORD for pouring out your Holy Spirit upon all flesh! But you shall recieve power, after that the Holy Spirit is come apon you and you shall be witnesses unto Me both in Jerusalem, and in Judea, and in Samaria, and to the uttermost part of the earth.
  • Akadzro stephen on Numbers 11 - 9 years ago
    God want to demonstrate to the people of Israel that he was powerful than all the gods of Egypt that he is bringing them out of slavery but he want to obey his commandment as in the exodus 20
  • Albert on Numbers 11 - 10 years ago
    The people of God were not use to what God was trying to feed them with because all they had know was the food of a slave. God was trying to show them what He had for them. Feeding them with what was from Heaven. Showing them Your Are My People. But first he had to prove them who would follow His commandments. Exodus 16 4
  • Catherine on Numbers 11 - 10 years ago
    The number 11 in the order of numeration falls into the second phase of counting from 1 to 10 Literally Alternatively 11 symbolises WEAKNESS POVERTY LACKING INABILITY and of such 11 is INSECURE

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