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  • GiGi on Numbers 1
    Numbers Chapter 1 cont...

    We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses of those who have gone before us. This should encourage us greatly especially knowing that so many suffered persecution and martyrdom. We know that God will make us strong when facing "giants" and evil works of those who wish to do away with us. But God is in control. We should always remember this, because the Israelites forgot this again and again; God was patient and long suffering towards them, but we should not be as those who "shrink back", but be ready to press on and into whatever God has set before us, as the Israelites were being prepard to do.
  • GiGi on Numbers 1
    Numbers Ch. 1 cont..

    The Levites were to be in charge of the tabernacle: all of its furnishings, all of the ceremonial duties, protection of the tabernacle. They were to encamp around the tabernacle to safeguard the other Israelites. They had this job for a lifetime.

    We, too, are princes and priests at once. So, not only are we to be numbered among those who "take the kingdom" as the Israelites were to take the land promise; we are to do what God asks of us to advance bring the Gospel to those who need it, war in prayer for those who need it, teach those who are new to the faith the content of our faith and practice, nurture believers onward to maturity, and fight the good fight of faith. As priests, we have the privilege of sitting at the feet of Jesus (our tabernacle) adoring Him and serving Him in worship, praise, and living by the Spirit.

    The Israelites were told to take all the land that God had promised to them. They were to drive out the of the peoples, destroy them in battle and in the streets: men, women, and children. These heathen peoples were to have no place in that which God had promised to His chosen elect children. In the same way, no wicked, unbelieving rebel against God will have any place in what He has promised those He has chosen to live with Him eternally. God fought for the Israelites. He fought for all of us on the cross at Calvary. He won the victory for the Israelites, and He has won the victory for us who believe.

    The Israelites were to war with the heathen of the land of promise; we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but with all of the evil powers: Satan and the other fallen angels. God has given us spiritual armor to fight this spiritual battle. But just as He gave victory over victory over the heathen to the Israelites, He gives the same kind of victory to overcome ever spiritual battle we face.

    God asked that the Israelites be numbered. This must have encouraged them when they realized how large their army was.

  • GiGi on Numbers 1

    In this first chapter God asks Moses and Aaron to take a census of the Israelites to determine the population of battle-aged men.

    This was in the beginning of the second year since leaving Egypt. They had left Egypt on the day of Passover in the first month of Abib. So, this would be one year later plus one month. In our calendar it would be April. God chose the leaders from each tribe who would be as a prince or representative of their tribe. The total of battle-aged men was 603,000. So, if you include Levites, women and children under 20 (which they most likely had many from each family) there was perhaps 3 million people or more.

    They had gone into Egypt 70 in total, and now have left a great multitude as God had promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

    When Jesus left the increase of the church to the apostles after He ascended, there were the 12 and at least 500 disciples (As Paul says that Jesus appeared to 500 all at once after He resurrected). After Peter began preaching after Pentecost, the church was added to by 1000's at a time. Through the work of the apostles over their lifetime, the number of believers multiplied quickly, just as God multiplied the Israelites. And in the centuries since Pentecost, million upon millions have been added to the church through faith.

    The SEED of Abraham (Jesus) produced a people of God (all believers from the beginning of the world up until the last Gentile is saved along with the remnant of Israel, is more numerous than the natural descendants of Abraham. When the last person to be saved comes to Christ by the working of God, then Jesus will return, and the peoples of the world who have died will be resurrected, and all of mankind will be judged. Then the saints will receive their eternal inheritance and the wicked unbelievers will receive eternal punishment.

  • Chris - in Reply on Numbers 1
    Hello Cindy. Those references you are looking for are: Song of Solomon 2:1 and Matthew 6:31-34.
  • Cindy gordon on Numbers 1
    where in the bible dose talk about the lilies of the vally and worrie not where you go or what you eat or drink or ware or live
  • Bj - in Reply on Numbers 1
    I agree it's so good to have contact with other believers this way May our Great Lord bless you all
  • Jessie on Numbers 1
    Hi my name is jessie and thank you guys who made this bible website, it is great and i can rate that over than a 5 star
  • Sacha - in Reply on Numbers 1
    Johnny ,hi ,strictly speaking any one who considers themselves a Christian should never ever use violence to any one else ,Jesus is our example and we are supposed to follow him and do as we know he would do in every situation . Also ,i live in england but first and foremost i am a Christian ,God is my King ,im only english because i was born here of english parents ,i actually belong to God . I am also imperfect and dont know what i would do if faced with a violent person who wanted to hurt me or some one i love . Thankfully there is forgiveness with God . I hope i never am put to the test in that way ,also you too Johnny ,keep yourself out of potentially dangerous situations and away from people who seek to provoke confrontation ,stay safe and be cool ,Jesus doesnt want you getting hurt or into trouble !
  • Johnny on Numbers 1
    I believe this is God teaching us to be ready to defend ourselves from those who wish to do evil upon us. Yes, the Commandments say not to kill, but it also says to not Covet other peoples things and such. So, the invaders are also sinners because they chose to covet against the nation for their resources and such. So, really the invaders are in the wrong as well. I'm pretty sure God would understanding especially if your nation tried to defend itself first by words (diplomacy) rather than fighting. Although, when your nation is threatened by those who wish to destroy you, you would be willing to fight as well. That isn't to say fighting is good, but rather it is to say you'd do what you must to survive.

    Then again if possible you should always defend yourselves with words rather than violence. Violence solves nothing, in fact violence only ever creates more violence. Take the war on terror for example. America has been a war on terror for TWENTY YEARS and COUNTING...
  • Jerry Gibson on Numbers 1:50
    What is the tabernacle of testimony?
  • Chris - in Reply on Numbers 1:47
    That is correct Joanne. God had instructed Moses to number the men from twenty yrs of age & above, to have each tribes leaders appointed & be in readiness for war as God had instructed them to conquer the nations before them & to possess the land that God had given them for their inheritance. You can read about the commencement of this thrust into these heathen, idolatrous lands in the book of Joshua.
  • Joanne on Numbers 1:47
    Was Moses getting a poll of all the men twenty one and above to prepare for war?
  • Mina on Numbers 1
    I think even from the very beginning, God knew that mankind (we,the people) will try to do what is evil in their heart. Preparing the Israelites for present danger, for example in this case,battle or war. It is important as chosen people of God to have a designated army for the protection of each and every tribe. After all, they were in bondage by Egyptians for a very long time. As we all know, there are other nations already roaming in the earth, and in order for them to get to the promise land, they will have to go through a lot of them. Remember, the Giants.

    Applying it to our present time, America, for example have different branch of the military. We have the Air Force, Army, Navy, and Coast Guards-It is also for the protection of our country. Not to go to war per say,but to protect us from the foreign or domestic threats.
  • Kookie on Numbers 1
    I have a question where did it say that there was killing?
  • Kookie on Numbers 1
    This is greatttttt
  • Walter - in Reply on Numbers 1
    God's word says no, it won't.
  • Pat H - in Reply on Numbers 1
    Stanjett, no you are not wrong to be against killing, . Men are evil. That is why we must read God'S word. He wants all mankind to repent and accept Jesus as their Savior,be baptized and lift up and be an entirely new person in our hearts and minds. The only way we can do this is to love God and read his word. God gave his only son to take all sin of man! Jesus saves! He died for our sins.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Numbers 1
    So, I'm wrong because I'm against killing? And for peace with all peoples.
  • Church - in Reply on Numbers 1
    war will stop when Jesus comes back
  • Pat H. - in Reply on Numbers 1
    Stanjett, Not to be rude, but I have noticed your remark before about "lets go kill some people" I don't know if you are trying to disrespect God's word or not, because you never explain your answer. If that is the case, I among many will pray to that you understand God's word in your heart. God wanted his people to be ready for battle. Men, not God, start all wars this is the devils work.
  • Stanjett on Numbers 1
    Oh My. Now it starts. Lets go kill some folk and chase them off their land. War, war and more war. Will it ever stop?
  • Samuel Chidiebere on Numbers 1
    The ways of God are past finding out. He understands the end from the beginning.
  • BSP on Numbers 1
    Verse 54~The Israelites did all that Moses commanded because they recognized that the direction was truly coming from Jehovah God.
  • Tim Kirkpatrick on Numbers 1
    God is awesom, and Thank you
  • A disciple on Numbers 1
    James (cont.); So then for our application today we have the Lord's messages to the Churches immediately before the descriptions of the times of the end. We cannot go back and undo what Israel did and restore the kingdom of God through the house of David; God will do that Himself when He comes. For now we are to be like our Master who with singleness of purpose in faith yielded to the persecution.
  • A disciple on Numbers 1
    James; Besides the spiritual application to us now; there was definitely a plan in set for the world then at that time. With the perverting and turning away of the hearts and minds of men over the matter of Nimrod and Babel; the whole earth was corrupted and alienated in a heathen rage against God and against His Anointed. Israel was supposed to destroy that evil and bring the world back to God!
  • JamesBonds on Numbers 1
    I'm seeing the Lord's incredible order of building a Nation and He is the King of kings. Close to His kingdom on earth, striving for the promised land. Getting equipped, getting marching orders, when to rest, and so on; this is what God does with His people in the Spiritual conquest, especially set free, born again converts. Gods army, marching through the land.
  • William Barber on Numbers 1
    My God has shown me so many different things and answerd so many prayers but the question is how do we know he's there the answer is cause he told us out of his mouth he will always be there but we have to seek him he says if we dint know him then we will not acknowledge us

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