Numbers 4:25 MEANING

Numbers 4:25
(25) And the tabernacle of the congregation.--Better, And the tent of meeting. The mishkan or dwelling-place is distinguished in Numbers 3:25 from the ohel or tent which covered it. The curtains of the mishkan are represented in Exodus 26:6 as constituting the mishkan itself, the woodwork being apparently regarded as subsidiary to the curtains. These curtains were of fine-twined linen, while the curtains of the ohel or tent were of goats' hair (Exodus 26:1; Exodus 26:7).

His covering.--i.e., the covering of rams' skins, which is here distinguished from the outer covering of badgers' skins (Exodus 26:14).

And the hanging for the door of the tabernacle of the congregation.--Better, the hanging (or covering) for the entrance of the tent of meeting (Exodus 26:36).

Verse 25. - They shall bear the curtains, etc. For these four coverings, of tapestry, of goats' hair, of rams' skins, and of sea-cow skin respectively, see Exodus 26. In addition to these, the Gershonites carried all the hangings belonging to the tabernacle and to the outer court, with the single exception of the "veil" which was wrapped round the ark.

4:21-33 We have here the charge of the other two families of the Levites, which, though not so honourable as the first, yet was necessary, and to be done regularly. All the things were delivered them by name. It intimates the care God takes of his church and every member of it. The death of the saints is represented as the taking down of the tabernacle, 2Co 5:1, and the putting it off, 2Pe 1:14. All shall be raised up in the great day, when these vile bodies shall be made like the glorious body of Jesus Christ, and so shall be for ever with the Lord.And they shall bear the curtains of the tabernacle,.... The ten curtains of fine linen, Exodus 26:1,

and the tabernacle of the congregation; the curtains of goats' hair made for a tent over it, as Jarchi, see Exodus 26:7,

his covering the covering of rams skins dyed red, Exodus 26:14,

and the covering of the badgers' skins that is above upon it; over all the rest:

and the hanging for the door of the tabernacle of the congregation; the eastern vail, as Jarchi calls it, which was for the door of the tent that led into the tabernacle, the holy place, Exodus 26:36.

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