Nehemiah Chapter 9 Discussion

  • BSP on Nehemiah 9 - 2 years ago
    Verse 6-Jehovah God has created even the heavens of the heavens and this awe inspiring fact even brings the angels to bow down to him in worship.
  • Mishael - In Reply on Nehemiah 9:8 - 3 years ago
    In Genesis, God gave Adam dominion over everything except other humans (when there were other humans born later.

    Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28, explain the blessings of obedience and the curses against failure to obey.

    The people were not to intermarry with UNBELIEVERS. (Idol Worshippers)
  • Mishael - In Reply on Nehemiah 9:8 - 3 years ago
    God said to expect trouble if Christians intermarry with Unbelievers; non-Christians.

    Children's are sanctified by the Christian parent. The Christian parent is expected to rear the children as Deuteronomy 28 details.
  • Carleton - In Reply on Nehemiah 9:8 - 3 years ago
    I married intercultural and all is good.

  • Tom - In Reply on Nehemiah 9:8 - 3 years ago
    Hello, we're all a part of the one human race and God doesn't distinguish between race and doesn't have any laws about the skin tone or pigment to marry. Moses married and Ethiopian and I'm sure there's many other mixed It's very unfortunate you heard this false teaching from this person. Often times false info comes from a source that is misinterpreted. For example when God led Israelites out of Egypt they passed through a land of 7 nations and Israelites were commanded not to marry them: Deuteronomy 7:3-4. It probably had less to do with their skin color and more to do with them being corrupt idol worshippers. False attribution is a common logical fallacy, but it's often done unevenly. Like, someone may ignore the verses in Leviticus about wearing adornments, fine clothes, gold, hair length, but then tell someone else they can't intermarry. All these laws were for the Israelites- which went beyond moral law, but civil, and ceremonial law. God asks us to avoid sin and keep moral law, not the laws specific to the Israelites for a limited time.

    The Bible also warns to not be unequally yoked- meaning an believer with an unbeliever. But Paul in the Bible said it's better to remain single. So, one must read in context to understand what is a suggestion and what is a moral law God wants us to follow. When in doubt we should pray.

    We should ignore flawed man's opinions and just go with what the Bible says. The Bible doesn't say anything against mixed race marriages. And most importantly pray to God and ask Him for confirmation and to release your heart of any doubts that have been instilled by others. God bless...

    Romans 10:12
  • John on Nehemiah 9:8 - 3 years ago
    Is interracial marriage wrong? Will the Lord cast you out if you do marry someone of another heritage?
  • Josie on Nehemiah 9:8 - 3 years ago
    I need understanding on interracial marriage. Does the Bible talk about not mixing races at all and if we do the Lord will never allow us into his kingdom? Or is it if the person you marry does not believe in his word and risks leading your children away from him. Because I know Aaron and Miriam were judged for judging Moses and his wife, but was there an exception for them. I'm in an interracial relationship, I'm told it's very wrong. I'm hurt from it, but I want to make sure it's truly what the Bible says, if it's wrong to do. I've read many verses of it, but it all just seems that it says it's only bad if they aren't followers of Christ. I need more understanding, thank you if you read this whole paragraph and respond.
  • Edem Bensah on Nehemiah 9 - 3 years ago
    Nehemiah 9 reminds us of the manifold mercies of our Lord Jesus Christ. May the grace of God be with us all. Amen
  • Isaac freeman on Nehemiah 9 - 4 years ago
    awsome i love it
  • Ludie smith on Nehemiah 9 - 4 years ago
    This chapter spells out the certain history of God's people. Knowing the previous books of history of God's people, I can see it in short review in this 9th chapter.
  • BSP on Nehemiah 9 - 5 years ago
    Verse 33~The Israelites acknowledged that the reason they were suffering was because they had done wrong and not because of any fault on the part of Jehovah God.
  • Brianna vs. 17-20 on Nehemiah 9 - 5 years ago
    Our God is such a merciful God. With the Israelites, despite their numerous sins against Jehovah God and his representatives this highlights how God still cared for them and kept his promise to Abraham. Our situation today is similar. We live in a wicked world, yet God hasn't abandoned us. He is giving us time to repent before he has to execute justice.
  • BSP on Nehemiah 9 - 6 years ago
    Verse 8~Jehovah honored his promise to Abraham and this is why he is described as righteous in his choosing the nation of Israel and giving them the Promised Land. Jehovah expects us to honor our promises.
  • Peter A. Okebukola on Nehemiah 9 - 6 years ago
    Nehemiah did a complete history of the Israelites in this chapter. He was quite balanced in his narration to the congregation of the Jews after the wall was completed and now time for rejoicing. He underlined the kindness of God. "for thy great mercies' sake thou didst not utterly consume them, nor forsake them; for thou art a gracious and merciful God." Our God is gracious and mighty.
  • Anne on Nehemiah 9 - 6 years ago
    Our God is long-suffering and forgiving, praise His holy name.
  • Shonda Ponder on Nehemiah 9 - 7 years ago
    Boy, I tell you, if you read the 9th Chapter of Nehemiah, you don't need a sermon to follow it! THOSE verses are POWERFUL! And I was listening to praise music as I read it, which made it even MORE powerful! WHEWEE!

    Nevertheless, stop thinking "What is God going to do TO ME today" and start thanking Him for all He does FOR you. AMEN.
  • B on Nehemiah 9 - 8 years ago
    I thank God for his grace and mercy, because without it none of us would be here.
  • John on Nehemiah 9:27 - 8 years ago
    The Lord has given them another Savior,Jesus Christ to deliver them and the rest of mankind,from the hand of another enemy, The Devil.
  • Meg on Nehemiah 9:6 - 8 years ago
    The describe our creator in our continued existing by preserving and sustaining us. Day by day
  • William on Nehemiah 9:8 - 8 years ago
    Praise the Lord! pray for me and help me to get more rooted in the words of God. yours with Best regards, william
  • Garry Martin on Nehemiah 9:6 - 9 years ago
    Thou, even thou, art LORD alone thou hast made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their host, the earth, and all things that are therein, What does the words Lord alone thous hast made... " mean. It says ALONE.
  • Ellen on Nehemiah 9 - 10 years ago
    It is such a relief to me, when having done wrong, I am forgiven. I recall times when I have been caught speeding and the Officer grants me grace, sends me off with a warning to be more careful, and pardons me. Taking this to a higher level, my sins put the Son of God on the cross and to think that He died to pay my penalty and granting me favor in the sight of justice is mercy unfathomable. I am a ward of grace and mercy for which I am eternally thankful. Praise be to Him for His pardoning grace - such unselfish forgiveness is unknown among men.

    May the Lord help us to be faithful.
  • Clint on Nehemiah 9 - 10 years ago
    anon, God wants us to confess the sin or sins to Him so He can hear us tell them to Him, but also that we can hear them also ! He delights in hearing His children confess their sin and repenting !
  • Dr. Mary Shaibu on Nehemiah 9 - 11 years ago
    In this chapter, I am humbled by The Almighty Father's love, patience, compassion, forgiveness, long-suffering, and Justice. He never gives up on His anointed and children; eventhough we hurt His Spirit when we lost our way in sin. He is Holy and Righteous. I worship Him for who He is! The I Am that I AM, The Same yesterday, today and for ever more, Ancient of Days, and the Provider for all people. Omnipotent, Omniscience, and Omnipresent God! What a mighty God we serve!!!
  • Schu on Nehemiah 9 - 12 years ago
    I am a newly saved Christian. My whole life I have been around the church but I had no faith, until recently. Anon., I think that when we confess ourselves to the Lord we allow the Holy Spirit to come back into our lives in the forms including living in godly standards. I have been very blessed with a wonderful wife who kept praying for me.
  • Anonymous on Nehemiah 9 - 12 years ago
    if we drift away from living by godly standards,why is confession to God necessary for us to return to living by godly standards?

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