Nehemiah Chapter 6 Discussion

  • Edem Bensah on Nehemiah 6:6
    There have always been false prophets and teachers who have sought to derail the work of God. We must focus on the Scripture, while redeeming the time for the days are evil.
  • Shania on Nehemiah 6
    this is really important especially on earth right now
  • Mary b on Nehemiah 6
    God people need to busy themselves with the lord work an idle mine is the devil work shop, this is what i learn from chapter 6.
  • Oliver on Nehemiah 6
    Amen and Amen
  • BSP on Nehemiah 6
    Verse 3~Nehemiah was very calm in his reply and he simply focused on finishing the work. We can take a lesson from Nehemiah and do our best not to involve ourselves in unnecessary drama.
  • A disciple on Nehemiah 6
    A great work of building the wall was moving ahead and almost finished, because God was behind it! Right in step with the prosperity and progress of the righteous; the devil and his sons are working feverishly with deep conspiracy and many traitors on every side; SEEKING TO PUT US IN FEAR THAT THE WORK MIGHT CEASE! What an important thing for all of us to understand about this present time!
  • Chris on Nehemiah 6
    Sounds like to me that he was basically asking why should he come down to be a part of their mischief when he is busy doing a good work. Like, why should he go an take part in something unfruitful when what he was doing was far more important and fruitful. Hope that helps. Just what I got from it.
  • Mathejane on Nehemiah 6:3
  • Heather on Nehemiah 6
    Wade I cannot find in the bible where it supports 'if we do not follow the Gospel we are not a child of God and the power of God is not with us '. I would like for you to discuss further your basis for this opinion. This is a broad statement that could be highly misinterpreted. I highly disagree with your statement. Or maybe confused. The power of God has been with me several times when I wasn 't following the Gospel.
  • Russell on Nehemiah 6
    Vary good indeed now to read the next
  • Wade on Nehemiah 6
    My thoughts on this is that we will have no opposition from satan until we start doing Gods work and then o buddy get ready to have your life flipped up side down. If you read your Bible, pray, go to church and give the Gospel for Christ Gospel romans 3 10, Romans 3 23 Romans 6 23 Romans 5 8 Romans 10 9 10, 13 . These few things will cause you to have opposition like Nehemiah. That is... Unless you have not followed the Gospel your self and what those verses say I wrote above because if we do not follow the Gospel we are not a child of God and do not have the power of God with us.
  • Wade on Nehemiah 6
    Yvette The walls were important back then for defense of a city. He also didn 't want to get side tracked going to the king. Nicola I don 't think it is a sin to get scared but how we react to fear is what could be a sin. Jesus sweated blood in fear and distress but what made him sinless is that he obeyed God and went to the cross any way.
  • Nicola on Nehemiah 6
    Nehmiah had the gift of discernment. This is a good spiritual gift to possess. It shows that there is an enemy who wants to stop our progress. This scripture shows also that fear is asin.
  • Samuel Rudahunga on Nehemiah 6:6
    God bless u!
  • Ian buddington on Nehemiah 6:11
    It shows me that God is looking for a few good men. Men who are not willing to compromise the gospel nor the work of God at all cost.
  • Jesse on Nehemiah 6
    To me it means to stand strong.
  • Yvette on Nehemiah 6:6
    I have a question. Why were the ancient walls so important and why could Nehemiah not com to the king any kind of way.

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