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  • A disciple
    In comparison to the many, MANY generations and centuries that God has given us life and mercy; few have been the numbers that have really done right according to the opportunity provided, and extremely rare it is that the remnant of God's people have united in fear of Him to DO ALL THAT HE HAS SPOKEN THROUGH HIS SERVANTS THE PROPHETS! This Country should not mislead itself about how much it has!
  • BSP
    Unlike the nobles mentioned in verse 5, we should not think that we are above doing any work in the interests of true worship.
  • Evengeist florence
    Starting chapter 1 showed characteristics of God's servant eg A man of prayer, where he mourn and went to an extend of fasting ,after that he went physically to his king that's means spiritually and physically worked together. Chapter 2 A servant of God involving himself with others without blaming anyone .Chapter3 shows us how to share work in our ministry (working as a team) even weak were in
  • Don
    This passage, chp. 3 in Nehemiah has been a source of inspiration and working as a team in building the kingdom of God and sharing the burden.
    I believe it is a very good blue print.
  • Jennie
    Me reminds me of ephesians4:16
  • Ray Ballestero
    I had it explained that the gates being restored were essential for the Church to fully function as intended. That the dung gate has been ignored the dung where everybody eliminates all their junk. Mistakes unclean things that get picked up in today 's society or cultural contamination due to the mass cross pollenization of a mixed society. Teachings and just the general influence that gets into the Body of Christ. So we need to restore the Dung gate the ministry of deliverance. All part of church restoration so Jesus can present His Bride the church to His Father as His Bride without spot blemish or wrinkle.
  • Robert Thomas for verse 3
    The reason for the Fish Gate was because it was located closest to the fish market The fishermen would deliver their catch through the Fish Gate Keep in mind the fish were packed in salt as a preservative
  • Akuinor
    I just need to know how the work of God was carried out with all the 12 tribes of Israel getting involved. This is purely division of labor. As believers we can also do something in house of the Lord.
  • André
    That’s a very interesting issue.
    I tried to search the ‘’Fish Gate’’ on Google and there is a lot of information.
    I just wish you search by yourself, just typing ‘’Fish Gate’’, because this page does not allow to publish links.
    God bless you.
  • Jerry woodard for verse 3
    Where did the water for the fish gate come from?
  • Mariann
    It appears that they are buidling in sequential order with same tribes/family order. Maybe for protection.....
  • Beverly carter
    A little hard to understand.

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