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  • Ren
    @Irene123-You are so right our praise and worship is the best thing we have to offer our God. We have a special get together every year where every single Life Church gathers and sings praises to God.You can feel his present during that time.I love giving him my all.
  • Irene123
    The best offerings God's N.T. people can give Him is our praise and worship as we gather together in our various houses of worship - Heb. 10:25. Our praise, worship is the fulfillment of the burnt offerings and the incense of the O.T. - which was a 'shadow' of better things to come in the N.T. We are to offer our own praise,
  • Christine Awah
    I see in this people a spirit we scarcely find today. They acknowledge the supremacy of their God hence they offer the best offerings to Him.

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