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  • Ronald Whittemore - In Reply on Nehemiah 1 - 1 year ago
    Hi Melodysue34,

    The stone wall is mentioned in chapter 3 this is the wall around Jerusalem. We see in the prophecy in Daniel 9:25 The street (open Square) shall be built again and the wall even in troublous times. That is what's going on here. Nehemiah received word that the walls of Jerusalem were broken down and the gates were burnt.

    Nehemiah then asked the king if he might go to Jerusalem. The nobles of Judah were whimpering because of all the damage and rubbish, they did not want to rebuild the wall because Samaria and the surrounding countries threatened to attack, they had little to no faith (troublous times). A prayer to God from Nehemiah and the wall and gates went up in 52 days Nehemiah 6:15.

    Read Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther covers that time in the return from captivity.

    Hope this helps,

    God bless,

  • on Nehemiah 1 - 1 year ago
    Which chapter does it mention the stone wall? and does anyone know what the stone wall means?
  • Chris - In Reply on Nehemiah 1 - 1 year ago
    Hello Brian. In Nehemiah 1:2, the prophet was specifically speaking to Hanani & those who came with him from Judah, about the Jews which escaped the captivity by the Babylonians. So the word 'Jew' is derived from the name 'Judah', or 'Yehudi', from which tribe the captives were taken.

    Then in verse 6, we read of Nehemiah's passionate agonizing prayer to God for Israel. I understand that Nehemiah here was praying for all of God's people, both Judah & Israel who had sinned grievously before the LORD which resulted in their captivity; and to both these, he referred to as 'Israel' and was not specifically praying for Judah.
  • Brian on Nehemiah 1 - 1 year ago
    Nehemiah 1:2 refers to Jews... Nehemiah1:6 refers to the children of Israel... Any ideas as to what the distinction is?
  • BSP on Nehemiah 1 - 3 years ago
    Verse 7 shows Nehemiah's humility in admitting his own mistakes along with the entire nation.
  • Chris - In Reply on Nehemiah 1 - 3 years ago
    Indeed. Though some of the wording in the KJV are either not in common use or might suggest another meaning, one should endeavour to understand the meaning intended by the writer from that period of time. Or, if the task is too forbidding, then using an 'easier to read' version may be warranted.

    The word 'terrible', as also the word 'terrific', both have a strong connotation to 'something causing or inspiring terror'. Yet today, we would hardly think of using those words in that way, rather thinking of 'terrible' as 'something really bad' & 'terrific' as 'something extraordinarily good or exciting'.

    But when we think of 'terrible' in association with Almighty God, there should always be in our hearts & minds, that this God of Love, Mercy & Understanding, is still a God to be feared & righteous in all His Judgements, which means a horrible punishment & eternity to those who sin & spurn His offer of Love. Today, we often fail to teach the full Character of God, giving us the false impression that to major on those aspects of His Character that bring us comfort, joy & hope, is preferable than referring to the other. I think both 'terrible' & 'awesome' are apt words to describe God Who should leave us in both awe of His Greatness & guarded in our behaviour before Him.
  • David Lindstrom on Nehemiah 1 - 3 years ago
    In Nehemiah 1:5 why do they use the word Terrible in King James. I was taught this is the most accurate translation. But it seems unless your a Scholar most Christians would miss the correct translation is awesome.
  • Heather B on Nehemiah 1:8 - 3 years ago
    Nehemiah was an Intercessor. He stood in the gap for the children of Israel and he fasted and prayed persistently. The scripture said he prayed day and night.

    Nehemiah repented of his sins and the sins of his people and he reminded God of His promises. This is a great example to believers because Nehemiah sought God before doing anything else.
  • Chris - In Reply on Nehemiah 1 - 3 years ago
    As you have probably read 2 Peter chapter 2 from verse 1, Peter here is speaking against these false teachers (like the false prophets of old) that will bring into the Church heresies & false doctrines.

    You would have read Peter's vivid description of these false teachers, as those that sat & fellow-shipped in the Church & seemingly did all the right things, but wickedness was brewing in their minds to twist Scripture & lead believers into sin. We're not given specific examples of what they did or taught but in verse 20, we read that even after knowing about Jesus & all that the Cross accomplished for them, they still remained unregenerate & vile people. And their evil was so great that it would have been better for them not to have known the Truth than to reject & twist it in such a manner. Peter is probably emphasizing that there is more hope for a sinner to first hear & accept the Gospel message of Jesus, than for these false Christians/teachers to ever find place of repentance in the future (verses 20, 21).
  • Larry Rumfelt on Nehemiah 1 - 3 years ago
    Explained 2nd Peter 2 20.
  • Alexander Coley on Nehemiah 1 - 4 years ago
    Nehemiah and Ezra were contemporary
  • Si13ntk40s on Nehemiah 1 - 5 years ago
    His lesson for the Jews was that whatever he told them, they would argue about it and debate. They never listen, still to this day they question the concept of God in their churches. And so if they don't agree on one thing, he's going to scatter them around the world like seeds without a hand to guide.
  • BSP on Nehemiah 1 - 5 years ago
    Verse 4~The will of Jehovah God taking place meant so much to Nehemiah that when he heard that the work was not progressing he wept.
  • David Eyang on Nehemiah 1 - 6 years ago
    Nehemiah 1:9
    If we confess our sin's GOD is ready to forgive, no matter our deeds.
  • Dennis on Nehemiah 1 - 6 years ago
    Janet, Nehemiah isn't the last book of the Old Testament chronologically, that would of course be Malachi. It is the last book to record the actual history of the nation of Israel. The following is a quote from Gill's introduction of the book: "it is the last of the historical books
    that was written, as is thought, and contains an history of the space of about twelve years"
  • Art on Nehemiah 1 - 6 years ago
    God teaches to us to never stop praying teaches us structure,walls fall but teaches to rebuild teaches to search for what is right and fallow it,and always be THANKFUL from ur food to what ever God puts in front of you and give from ur heart and expect nothing back it discipline us to LOVE also fast teaches us to go against flesh,and teaches us to follow the spirt.. IN JESUS NAME AMEN
  • Janet on Nehemiah 1 - 6 years ago
    I don't understand how Nehemiah is the last book of the Old Testament.
  • Elias amorim on Nehemiah 1 - 7 years ago
    He´s the last but not the least one, i love hiws way of worriness for the other still living in jerusalem.
  • Tim on Nehemiah 1 - 7 years ago
    I'm looking for the book and verse were pray. O lord the great and awesome God who keep his covenant of love with all who love him and obey his commands. So I turn to lord god and pleaded with him in prayer and petition on behalf of another or other who desperately need god intervention.
  • DAVID on Nehemiah 1 - 7 years ago
  • Irene123 on Nehemiah 1 - 7 years ago
    Did anyone know that Ezra and Nehemiah were the last 2 books of the O.T. written, Nehemiah being the very last, before the 400 yrs. silence between the Old and New testaments? There were writings during those 400 yrs., but even the writers didn't consider them inspired of God, is why they are not included in the canon of His word. Nehemiah was the last INSPIRED word of God for the O.T.
  • Irene123 on Nehemiah 1 - 7 years ago
    To Ms. Gaddis - that was very insightful. Yes, we can build our walls - without prayer at the same time for the lost. It's prayer and only prayer that will give us a burden for souls.
  • George Lay on Nehemiah 1 - 7 years ago
    God is almighty. He constantly trying to convince us of that, but we fail to reconise and obey him. This is a constant battle between God and man. Man fail to realize who God is and respect and obeisance he deserve.
  • Derest Brown on Nehemiah 1 - 7 years ago
    In v 5, Nehemiah uses 7 definitives for the One he addresses:
    1) LORD
    2) the God
    3) of heaven
    4) the great
    5) and terrible God
    6) that keepeth covenant
    7) and mercy

    Then he is explicit about the character of those God shows mercy:
    --for them that love him
    --and observe his commandments

    We must be faithful in obeying His commands, and He will ALWAYS hear and answer our prayers.
  • Min Herbert on Nehemiah 1 - 8 years ago
    Their are many thing in our own life to be rebuilding as of now our mind our spirit become the person God want us to become in is name and find the favor of God by walking with faith knowing we are the head and not the tail that is what Nehemiah did with the wall that has falling down also the fence that is on fire. I love that word fire why it let us know something can be broken also redeemed
  • Ms. Gaddis on Nehemiah 1 - 8 years ago
    Some of us have built our "wall" a little TOO good. Yes, we keep the world out, but in doing so, we have lost all compassion for the lost. We look at the lost as just another hostile, and even use their hostility as an excuse not to "tell every creature." What our world around us has become, is our own fault, for leaving the world on the other side of our wall. And now they are breaking it down.
  • Lose on Nehemiah 1 - 8 years ago
    Thank you JESUS, for the LORD Is calling us; the REMNANT means us, the devourer have destroyed us, but there is still something left, something that can make us to connect with our creator, the one whose convanent will never be broken. GOD IS FAITHFULL, LETS USE OUR FAITH TO PRAISE HIM, FOR HE IS ABLE
  • Janice on Nehemiah 1 - 8 years ago
    God is talking to his people who are in captivity many are chosen but few were willing because of lack of faith, the Lord promised them those who were scattered he would bring them back, If they would worship him and keep his commandments, many Pastors are getting God's praises today Gods looking for a church that would praise him, a church where he could put his name true worship. Hallelujah
  • Jay Pilai on Nehemiah 1 - 8 years ago
    It is a great story in the Bible. It appears to involve the physical rebuilding of the city of Jerusalem. That is NOT however the full message here. It is more to do with the building within our inner self a 'WALL' against the corruption and mortality of all those things attached to the 'FLESH' which Saint Paul has referred to in 1 Corinthians 15.53:

  • Munaaph khan on Nehemiah 1 - 8 years ago
    its a blessing to read the Word of the Lord every day

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