Nehemiah 8:10 Inspirational Image

Nehemiah 8:10 Inspirational Image

"...for this day is holy unto our Lord: neither be ye sorry; for the joy of the LORD is your strength."
Nehemiah 8:10 (KJV)

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"Jesus is our only hope! Thank you sovereign Lord for all that you have done and all that you are because we surely don't deserve you!!!"
"Amen Sarah...I am So Thankful we serve such a Forgiving and Loving Father. Keep On Shinning The Light For Jesus. Praises."
"For all that God has given me, for that I am greatful. Afterwards I praise the Word of the Lord because it is Righteous indeed. It raises me daily and, keeps me still during the night hours. God surely watches over me with his undying Love, God is the only God. Without him even at this moment would be a terrible way to exist. Let's pray together that Gods will always prevail in our lives."
"@Vinnie Collins: how I wish and pray that people could get this truth. But we should not lose heart because the true followers of Christ will finally get it, unfortunately some will continue reasoning against this truth until the probation is closed. May the Spirit of God reveal the eternal truths to those who genuinely seek him."
"Looking for Christians to follow and direct the ways of God. Reading from Scripture is phenominal but we need to preach and teach in Africa and Jerusalem the Coming of our God is near with boldness. Praying strongly and letting God deeper in our hearts and minds.Jesus Christ we will follow until the soles of our feet have disappeared, praise God immensely."
"The day that is Holy to the Lord is the SEVENTH day, Saturday!! NOT the first day of the week, Sunday!! The catholic emporor Constatine changed it, and that is an abomination to GOD!! We are NOT supposed to follow MANS TRADITIONS!!! Yet virtually EVERY Christian disobeys GODS fourth commandment!! And it is NEVER called the JEWS Sabbath. It is ALWAYS called the Lords Sabbath!! JESUS obeyed it, so did ALL his disciples. You should too!! If you value your eternal life!!"
"Amen..Praise his Holy name"
"NOT This day (Sunday).......Saturday IS the Lords Sabbath"
"We need more ministery here in the USA, this country is in a moral decline,crime, abortions, adultry, homosexual marrages, etc..etc..."
"Amen, and rejoice in it and give thanks."
"Christians do NOT realize that the Bible is the foundation of ALL knowledge, and that it is NOT about JESUS!! It IS about GOD!! Even JESUS said " The Father is Greater than I. " JESUS mostly talked about Adonai, El Shaddai, Elohim, our Father GOD. NOT himself!! JESUS was the Word of GOD made flesh, and he ALWAYS humbled himself and OBEYED EVERY commandment ( not suggestion ) of GOD. He is our King and Saviour, and friend, but he set the EXAMPLE For us to FOLLOW The Father!!"
"I needed to hear this! God be praised!"
"Sabbath was there in the begining. let me ask a question: who can change his birthday?example from 24 feb-24march. Therefore the sabbath stil stands."
"Thank you Lord for the strength you give me everyday!!! Praise!!!"
"What we need is all of us to be on one accord. Lots of fasting and praying,and a great revival on getting saved fill with the holy Spirit like in the upper room some of you known what I'm taking about . And Vinnie Collins you are right about the Sabbath I have known this .people got to get back to holyness and stop having a form of Godlessness. To all be blessed."
"Amen, he is my joy and my only source of strength!!!!"
"Amen, thank you Lord for your strength !!"
"Amen...God is great...He is really our strnght and joy..."
"And what ministery we have, teaches lies and traditions."
"Everyday is a holy day unto the lord...amen."
"He is my strength,my joy and the light of my life. Thank you Jesus"
"Now more than ever we need all the strengh we can get from our Lord..this ole world has gone crazy"

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