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  • Nathaniel on Micah 3
    may god put this virus out
  • A Bible believer on Micah 3
    This chapter calls us to JUDGE. U must be like WHAT? Well this chapter says that they didnt judge. This world judges not correctly. V9 says that people HATE judgement whenever there is a touchy subject like heterosexual vs. Homo u get comments like"Dont judge me". Verse 8 says he has the HOLY SPIRIT AND judgement. Remember if something is not straight it is crooked or, wicked. The same is this. Someone cannot be semiheretical and still have the Holy Ghost. Verse 5 says that people these days are hypocritical. Lets say the BLM movement. SOME people are saying " Safety, Safety!" But they're looting! People are saying, why not all religions come together and make hormony. But still we see they are persecuting Christ-ans.

    Let us judge all things as Jesus said.
  • Ern on Micah 3
    In Micah ch 1 we are told he spoke to Judah & Samaria (Northern Israel). But in chapter 2 & 3 Micah uses the name of Jacob to identify his audience. Interesting, because the correct names would be Judah & Israel - but Judah means "Praise", which belongs to God. And Israel means "Prince of God", so both names give honour to God. Jacob was the 'father,s' name before it was changed to Israel (Genesis 32). Jacob means "Trickster". So in the use of the names we are being told that the punishment was due to the nation forgetting God, using cunning in worshipping idols, & not giving true PRAISE to the One who called them His people, nor living as PRINCES of God.

    Let us lean from their mistakes.
  • Debra Grocesley on Micah 3
    While reading in spirit the Lord gave me this, "an unfaithful spirit gives nothing an unfaithful thought gave an idea of nothing.amen I know the Lord hates anything one that's not of him but if the effort is there and I'm weak or just pitiful and I try not to have the same issue thought and I get a scripture of angry mean now I'm scared. What if I die in anger jealous where's my soul after effort?
  • Debra Grocesley on Micah 3
    Good Morning in IL. 7:30 using my daughters computer wow look at me. I'm still reading just digging in and boy I must say the LORD GOD is Tired! Is he angry or what? I had to stop and think of the other Scripture that was given to me a while back Ezkl. he was angry in that one also unless I'm wrong? Is he angry at me? again lol I'm trying Lord I'm not Jesus.
  • MICHAEL PEREZ on Micah 3
    Points out pastors are unfaithful to god
  • BSP on Micah 3
    Verses 2 and 3: The leaders were to care for and shepherd the people, but instead they were tearing them apart.
  • Joyce Ballentine on Micah 3
    Mich 's message strongly condemns false testimony. likewise today, if a disciple of Christ cannot engage in truthful speech, this person will cause many to distrust the speech of believers and diminish their christian witness.
  • Louiza on Micah 3
    For sure what is talked of in this scripture is happening in the world today.....but my concern goes to the congregation that continues to listen and follow these false prophets....we all know that Jesus paid the ultimate price,so why do people continue to follow such prophets??????
  • Diesel on Micah 3
  • Eric on Micah 3
    Verse 11 jumps out at me. How the priests teach for hire.Yet the Lord shares freely the scriptures.The prophets divine for money what is also freely given, though I suspect these are not true prophets that are being spoken of.It sounds too much like what is happening in our world today.
  • Pastor Ruby on Micah 3
    I have been reading this chapter for two years and studying it. This message is definitely for today. God has put this in my heart to go in His power to wherever He sends me to preach this message. There are a lot of people who are guilty today of what these priests were doing.
  • Michael on Micah 3:8
    Micah in 3:8 was portraying uniqueness of the spirit of God.HePronunced that he is saturated with power only by the Lords spirit.This explains that the power we have as christian is given to us through God's spirit.


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