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  • Audrey Leshinski for verse 14
    In Micah 1:14, WHO is Moreshethgath? Is that an idol or god of the people?
  • Chris for verse 14
    From my research, Moreshethgath is actually a city (maybe more like a township) of Israel (of olden times). The prophet Micah was said to come from there, as he is referred to as Micah, the Morasthite, which is name given to its inhabitants. From the map, it is located roughly between the Dead Sea & Ashkelon.
  • Sodagudi Samuel
    Micha 1:4
    Its really makes me shivers.
    Our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth is truly amazing God.
    The situations happening in India clearly states that we are indeed in End Days.
    Hope we Christ like living make us to the eternal Jesus Kingdom.
    Amen. ?
  • Patricia Carson
    iI believe that we put punishment in motion when we go against what God says.Sew good seeds reap good harvest. Sew bad seeds the opposite will happen. With all the evil in the world we must stay Prayerful in our daily life.
  • Debra Grocesley
    I found this page site through Lord, cool. He said look up and gave me a scripture.
  • Debra Grocesley
    Im Christian and can't remember most of the saying's. And I'm also blessed with gift, pyhic. if u will.how is this? Am I still the bad person? I have saying's the Lord this, the Lord that, in Jesus name and so on but why aren't I a studier or how to study we'll enough for the people in the street? I have a few prayer's but most are the same I enjoy it I'll even tell you how your animal is crzy.
  • Pastor Mark V K
    When the Bible speaks of evil coming from the Lord, as in this place and others, It declares God's activity of bringing great judgment upon people often for their gross sins and rejection of God's covenant and grace. God does not do evil as we sometime equate the word with sin, but his judgments are felt as pain and trouble to sinners and this pain and trouble is called evil.
  • BSP
    Verse 4 shows the immense amount of power that Jehovah God has. Imagine something as solid and stable as a mountain melting like candle wax because of the intensity of God's burning anger.
  • A disciple
    "For the transgression of Jacob is all this, and for the sins of the house of Israel." If it be so with the Chosen Nation and the House that is called by the LORD's Name; shall it not be the same with those who have been grafted in, when they do the same things? In the world of the beginning it was the apostasy and sin of the "sons of God" that CAUSED the whole world to be filled with corruption!
  • A disciple
    "..I will pour down the stones thereof into the valley, and I will discover the foundations thereof: and all the graven images thereof shall be beaten to pieces, and all the hires thereof shall be burned with the fire, and all the idols thereof will I lay desolate.." In turning away from all hearing of the Spirit of truth and refusing instruction shall the foundations be discovered and overthrown.
    Micah 1verse2.the word of God came to Micah is how God will come down for against those evil ones .He will destroy the power of devil and it's Agent.
  • Word
    Micah written at the same time as Isaiah. This prophet wrote to both houses, Israel and Judah. Israel scattered and make up the Christian Nations today and as you see that if you love Christ as a Nation you are blessed. When it speaks of the threatening of God it is speaking of what will happen to evil on earth, burned off. 7th trump. Those that waited for the true Christ are in good standing.
  • Debbie
    Misty it means God sent a judgment down on the ones that were doing evil.God destroys things that come against his word and teachings..
  • Jenelle
    I 'm no authority on the Bible, but my answer to Misty 's question about God bringing evil down to the gate of Jerusalem is this. There was much evil in the city. God 's patience and long suffering was not without His limits. To put it into today 's English, "When God had enough,He took action. " We, as God 's creations, need to remember that we reap what we sow.
  • Misty for verse 12
    I came accross this verse and it is saying evil came down from the Lord How can the Lord have evil come from him Im very confused and need an answer
  • Ndubisi for verse 5
    The sin of jecob and sameria could be traced to worsipping idol, it is against the will of GOD as HE told them,when u take over all this land thou shall not bow befor their gods but they disobeyed.Hosea 9vs1 was refering to spiritual woredom from people of GOD which can easily stir up the anger of GOD.sin can be inherited as it is seen from 1kings14, jeroboam did that which was evil,in VS8 bible said,I tore the kingdom away from my servant David and gave it to you but u have not been like my servant DAVID who kept commands and brought disaster to his family,Even jehoboam,Abijah inhereted the evil doing until ASa came with inspiration for change by distroying the idols.It could be fanatic if we on our time do not SEEK for change that elude our people.
  • Josef Matemba
    God can use anything around when he want to talk to his people.We are lucky because He gave us his only son to die for us"his name be Praised".What Micah predicts its also happening nowadays.What God says shall come to pass "LORD HAVE MERCY UPON US"i cry everyday because no one is righteous on earth,indeed we were saved by his Grace.
  • Evalena Jacobs-Latham
    Thank you Lord for your saving grace for it is not your will that any man perishes.
  • Pastor Lovings
    I know this, it is hard to kick against the pricks. And to be without the blessing, protection, and tbe power of God through Jesus Christ is senseless. I have been with and without his protection, as I thought, and I can assure you, its better to be under the shadow of his wings. AMEN.
  • Sara Addy
    Awesome account of the what is to come, of God's retribution against sin and it stirs me to think of God finally having His day where the world will not be able to deny God's existence anymore. AMEN.
  • Sis. Bonnie
    Oh! My! ''GOD'' is trying to help his people by showing us ourselves, and giving us space to repent and be saved, for he is a mighty ''GOD'', and great is his loving kindness toward us. ''HE'' said that he chasen whom ''HE'' loves, and surely that means me. Therefore I choose this day to repent unto the ''LORD'' my ''GOD'' for all that I have that was not pleasing in ''HIS'' sight, and for the things that I have not done that was entrusted unto me.Now , I thank ''YOU'' my ''LORD"" for new mercy this morning that I may walk therein. AMEN
  • Marnie
    I find that chapter one is so frightening because it speaks to the entire world. I feel that although it is prophetic in ancient times, it can be applied to our present time.

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