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  • In matthew GOD make us to no howmuch he love us on Matthew 7
    God love every body
  • Raymond on Matthew 7:24
    The blessing does not come in hearing the word but in doing the word
  • Anonymous on Matthew 7:23
    Do you think Jesus was talking about Muslims when he says depart from me ye cursed any thoughts 
  • Nancy esther ingunza on Matthew 7:6
    What Jesus meant to say in Mat. 7:6 was: Do not reveal your holy secrets to the wicked (whoever they are) least they will trample them under their feet, and turn again and rent you."
  • LOUIS ROVELLO on Matthew 7:15
  • Tina Marie Bradley on Matthew 7:7
    One of my favorite Biblical quotes...

  • [Comment Removed]
  • TAMMY NELSON on Matthew 7
  • Marie on Matthew 7
    those who don't endure or repent finds the narr0w gate to heaven, be prepared for the wrath of god because he will come like a thief. our brother and sister are in the image of God; how dare i judge god! the lord gave to those what he sow and the law and prophets is the demonstrating, the measure you give is the measure you will receive. it is doing the will of god is the the fruit of the wise, foolish does the work of darkness which becomes false prophets and anti-christ. put your energy on you and the lord and be not of this world. amen come lord jesus shalom
  • Reddysreerama on Matthew 7:7
    Ask it shall be given
    seek it shall be found and
    knock and it shall be opened unto you.
    Here we should ask which is well pleased to our Lord
    Seek the kingdom of god first and then every thing required to us in his will, will be given;
    knock the door of Gods kingdom then it will be opened is the meaning of Mathew 7;7
  • Simon P. Sanchez on Matthew 7:7
    I pray, for a beautiful wife, and a home to have , before I found out how many grandkids , I would have to take to church. I also prayed for the Lord, to make it harder on me and not my friends and family, which he did , but know I await my wife, even though I may know whom she is I await to see, what and where she may find me or I may find her. It is terrible, that it seeems as if everyone knows but me, excwept for I know, my faith will not let me down, nor will my Lord, because of the Blood of his begotten, Son, Our SAVIOR OF THE wORLD, tHANK yOU jESUS FOR ALL THAT yOU HAVE DONE FOR us.
  • Richard on Matthew 7
    Sylvia..Do you think I would miss the chance To say hi to my sister ... Your prayer Was..beside the bread And the Thanksgiving feast of the wine..... Is the three things that will make me stand When my time comes... You stay in the word my beautiful mountain The aroma of it has touched my sole.. Chapter 1 read my notes When you get to chapter 3 verse 5 Immediately go back to chapter one and start reading the Bible again..On this day you have witnessed to me.That I do have a sister.. my tears have not stopped. I've been reading all day.. Christ will come soon so start on your way..I love you your brother In Christ through Christ..Our Lord our Savior our king and our king.. from Almighty mighty God your prayer is true...God bless you Sylvia..Thank you..
  • Joseph gakura on Matthew 7:7
    what a good love?
    just do what He tells.

    Can God? God can.
  • Prayed4U, since you asked on Matthew 7
    Sylvis's Matthew Chapter 7 comment about verse 7 on 11/21/2013, 12:57pm...

    I am seeking the will of God for my life. I was given this scripture for such a time as this. Pray for me as I follow through this journey.

    I prayed for you just now. God bless you, I doubt you'll see this, but I felt physically more energetic, better immediately after praying for you--the prayer came easily too (indicating, I think, at least, that it was The Holy Spirit, or Father God's words--b/c it flowed quickly), also I hope things work out well for you (I mean you asked for prayer on your journey). Please pray for me as well, that I obediently follow God's word, and that He delivers on the promises that I am standing on (some of Jesus's words from the book of Matthew) this week. I think this is dependent on my obedience though (I mean for this specific situation--b/c God CERTAINLY blesses those who have NOT obeyed Him, even, like right after they've disobeyed Him--IDK if it's after a remorseful spirit--or/and it's JUST Him being merciful to those who aren't necessarily spiritually/mentally where He wants them [us] to be.
  • Gabriel Ochieng on Matthew 7:21
    Those who do the will of my Father are who do the works of God. God doesnt expect us to be obedient but to believe in the one whom He sent ( John 6:28-29)
  • Sylvis on Matthew 7:7
    I am seeking the will of God for my life. I was given this scripture for such a time as this. Pray for me as I follow through this journey.
  • AntiCalvinist on Matthew 7:15
    the false prophets are people like the guy on topix posting himself as Prophet of Jesus Christ. This is just one example of people to watch out for. Once Saved Always Saved, Regular Church Attendance and membership,Alter Calls, Tithes, anything that someone makes you do to get to heaven is or should be considered a false prophet.
  • John carboni on Matthew 7:22
    the fine line between true and false christians-wolves in sheeps clothing
  • Omodo Julius on Matthew 7:7
    In Mtt7:7,Jesus w's telling us the most important steps to be followed ifwe to meet God's response to o'r prayers.Greetings to all the Saints wherev'r th'y 're,.
  • Carol on Matthew 7:1
    It is only God who knows whose ways are pleasing to Him. We cannot use our human knowledge to make conclusions about. The person we should really be judging is ourselves using the light of the word of God. If we judge others we may also be calling judgement upon ourselves as "with the same measure u use it shall be measured back to u...".
  • ROSITA BUCAD JANDOG on Matthew 7
  • Alberta Porch on Matthew 7
    Yes I love this verse because it gives us hope faith and strength to know that, when we pray and believe; God is faithful to his word, all that we ask will come to pass. We need more patients because we sometimes fill that God is on our time but we fell to realize we are on his, yes we will reap the benefits and the harvest if we stand and faint not.
  • Pst S A Oladoja on Matthew 7:7
    This verse is one of the most authoritative and ever assure passage of the scripture. It is a passage of assurance and total confidence. Halleluyah
  • Sabiiti Edward on Matthew 7:7
    The verse infuses hope in my future.
  • Ron on Matthew 7
    You are correct. We all must make judgments in life. A Christian has to be discerning about his life. what these verses are teaching is that we are to judge ourselves first and we are not to judge others harshly. We should judge others as we would want to be judged.
  • Betty on Matthew 7:1
    I have a problem with understanding just what this verse means. We all make judgments in life in that we would not want to be in the company of a liar, drug addict, or criminal. How can that be considered being a judge?
  • David kojo on Matthew 7
    What is delieverance
  • Sigmund Ivarsson on Matthew 7
    Authority is a strange thing. It is established by those who have authority over you. Some say their father is God but I say their father is the devil. Other recognize the authority in me. The devil has been cast out of heaven and is now on earth seeking whom he may devour. I have given him this right on account that he asked for it. The people he may devour are those who are in the church. Come out of her my children lest you receive the curses upon it. Jesus said that the father sent him and he obeyed. Now I say that Jesus sent me and I obeyed. I just returned the favor I owed him. I am the father returned as Elijah his favorite hard core prophet. I have authority over all. Try me! He who thinks ill of this shall reap the curse. He who fears me shall be blessed. This is tough love which this earth needs.
  • BSP on Matthew 7
    Verse 12 is what is also known as the "Golden Rule." Just imagine if every person on this earth applied this verse. The major atrocities that we see in this world would be minimized if not completely eliminated. Although many people know of or have heard of the "Golden Rule" not too many people apply it. It just goes to show that more than knowledge of what is right is needed. One must also put that knowledge into practice to see the full benefits.

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