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  • Andrea on Matthew 7
    Swine can mean anyone who has different nature than yourself and shows heart is not spiritual. Friends,relatives etc.
  • Loraine Scott on Matthew 7
    Very refreshing and words of wisdom! Amen love this Chapter
  • The other 50% on Matthew 7:1
    Something in me gets very upset when people say we are not supposed to judge each other. Paul said to judge sexual immoral professing believers and not to eat with them, so they return to the right path. Jesus said to judge people by their fruits, evil or good. These are only two of many examples. I believe this part of scripture is about two things: hypocrisy and helping. Jesus says we should not try to cast sin out of our buddy 's life without first casting it out of our own, or we won 't see clearly what is going on in our brother 's life. The Greek word for "cast " being to deliberately hurl. My journal entry yesterday regarding this very verse says: Deliberately hurl sin from your own life, THEN you are qualified to help deliberately hurl sin from other 's lives. God you are awesome, wise and have common sense.
  • Anonymous on Matthew 7:23
    Love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul with all your mind and love your neighbor as yourself
  • Jerry on Matthew 7:6
    I tend to go with the idea that he was referring to those who having been once enlightened to the Word of God and have now rejected it, are not to again share the precious Word with them again. Seems logical since this scripture was preceded by instructions on judgement not to be imposed on others, at your peril. The Bible also speaks of a group not to be prayed for. There is no contradiction in the Word. I suggest the two groups of people referred to are the same, valid today as then.
  • Saint Lynn on Matthew 7:12
    Very important for a Christian!It seems people only keep for themselves and amass great wealth for themselves only!That camel can never go thru the eye of a needle.Too many are doing wrong fail to see there own selfness.Honesty is God 's TRUTH! You steal you do not have any integerity!Reprend them.You can never make a wrong right.Who has ruined the Golden Rule of life?Say "NO " to any corruption!
  • Motdaugrnds on Matthew 7
    I think we need to be careful here and make sure we are delivering God 's Word as He intended. Let me give you an example: Years ago when I was eager to learn specifics about The Ten Commandments, I would ask MANY people to explain them to me. I was so very EAGER to learn yet the ministers, elders others I asked would use THEIR OWN WORDS to explain these commandments to me. As each did this, my heart would tell me something was wrong with the explanation, though I did not know what. These people attempting to help me were doing so believing they were doing the best they could and that I was simply not willing to learn. Some even told me this. Then one day an evangelist came to our home to visit my mother-in-law. He was from Iran where he had been doing God 's work. This evangelist spent over two hours with me answering every question I had yet each of his answers was directing me to the Scriptures. Not once did this evangelist use his own words to interpret what I was reading in the Scriptures. He let the Scripture interpret itself! I LEARNED! Weeks later I discovered this evangelist had not even remembered our conversation but had only remembered arriving at my home and leaving my home. This tells me that we, as teachers of God 's Word, need to teach in a way those we are instructing can hear and understand. I, myself, needed to hear the Scripture interpret its own without man injecting interpretations. I suspect there are others who need this type of instruction as well.
  • Reinarudo Watanabe on Matthew 7
    MATTHEW 7:24-25 COMMENTS 2 7 2015 9:00 PM Truely, if we only can stand and build our faith unto our Lord Jesus, even if we suffer difficulties we will not fall out. As written in ACTS 14:22 2 TIM. 3:12. God bless us through our Lord Jesus Christ, A-men.
  • Frenz on Matthew 7
    I will choose this verse! Mathew 7:6 Spiritually speaking for me what it says here is everytime we share God 's Word to the losts and their response is negative and sometimes it leads to discussion and furtheremore it leads to argument that it is not the will of God to continue sharing God 's words to this people.Meaning they donot believe the Word of God, neither the goodness of God in their life, and possible to become anger while discussing each knowledge about God 's word. So i suggest to stop the argument and tell them we are here to force you to believe and force you tio be converted, we are here because God commanded us to share with you who is God and why God became man the man Christ the one true God and eternal life 1 John 5:20 And that God really manifested himself for our salvation 1 Timothy 3:16. Godbless us all
  • MockingBird on Matthew 7:6
    Jesus revered to the lost world : those that are without Christ : Not born again : as dogs. Yuk !!! I believe that God is saying here that what you and God have shared personally is not to be given out to the lost of the world. Even what God has required of you to do and give to Him. It is none of there business. We are only to tell the dogs : lost of the world what God has provided for them through Jesus Christ : That is that they do not have to go to hell and they can be saved through Jesus Christ . They only need to know they have a loving God that will save them and upon receiving Him that God will love them through all they face down the road. When I first got saved , this confused me to. But I think I have a better understanding now. Still have a lot to see in these words : I will never stop learning.
  • C O'H on Matthew 7
    Here are my two pence on this chapter. Here goes, Lord Jesus is warning his disciples about hypocrisy, how they are not to say one thing and do another and about the means by which they might recognise 'false ' disciples. There are perhaps more likely are other things that can be gathered but that 's what I get from it. Hope this is helpful, it 'd be great to hear what you think.
  • David Bumgarner on Matthew 7:23
    I believe it means exactly what it states, People who believe they are saved because they want to be saved but they are unwilling to REPENT, therefore they are NEVER given power by God to sanctification, justification and hence no glorification, they love the world. Not God creator of the world.
  • Matthew 7:21 is one of those versus that believers turn into a works righteousness concept when in reality it 's the exact opposite. To do the will of the Father is to believe on the Son John 6:29,40
  • Sandra on Matthew 7:15
    beware of wolfs in sheeps clothing they are phonies that is a warning from the lord becareful they are up to their ugly tricks being used by satan.
  • Osmo on Matthew 7:11
    This verse means God wants to prosper us. Why then does traditional Christianity deny it? He wants to prosper and heal us, and what father wouldn '? Whey did religion remove all the good stuff that God has for us anyway? When did all that begin? Why didn 't Martin Luther bring in all the promises of God when he broke away from the Catholic church? I am a Lutheran on paper but rarely do they bring up healing in the church services. Now people are turning to teachers that appropriate everything God wants to give them, and that is how it should be.
  • Joshua - in Reply on Matthew 7:11
    Look at Luke 11:13, which further edifies this verse. "If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the HOLY SPIRIT to them that ask him" The good things spoken of by Jesus here are SPIRITUAL things. ETERNAL things. Eternal life. Not temporal things. Not fleshly things.
  • QueenBEE Lynnie on Matthew 7
    I was studying Matthew 7 this morning and paused to listen to the Holy Spirit and a thought came in my mind to Google Matthew 7. And so I did. I came across your study and Praise God it was so helpful in understanding what I was studying. Bottom Line - JESUS is is the NARROW WAY. JESUS is the SOLID ROCK FOUNDATION. Thank you and God Bless your site.
  • QueenBEE Lynnie on Matthew 7
    I was studying Matthew 7 this morning and paused to listen to the Holy Spirit and a thought came in my mind to Google Matthew 7. And so I did. I came across your study and Praise God it was so helpful in understanding what I was studying. Bottom Line - JESUS is is the NARROW WAY. JESUS is the SOLID ROCK FOUNDATION. Thank you and God Bless your site.
  • Kevin Gormley on Matthew 7:22
    Many give lip service to JESUS Mat 15:8 , but are not Born Again John 3:7 . It is they who lose out and are turned away Mat 7:22,23 . Salvation comes through JESUS CHRIST alone. It is a gift and cannot be earned Eph 2:8 . If GOD were to ask you why HE should let you into Heaven, what would your answer be? Would you tell HIM about your good works or give ALL credit to JESUS? Eph 2:9 KJV Not of works, lest any man should boast.
  • Mark V on Matthew 7:12
    Pray for others that they may do what is right in God 's eye. Also that you also do the same.
  • James king on Matthew 7
    The lords words are so clear about the people who are church wolves in children 's clothing.. There is away that seems right into a man or a goat but the end is destruction he that has an ear let him hear they that are Gods sons hear their fathers voice they that hear not they are not sons of God
  • Ernest W. Duran on Matthew 7
    That we ought to abide by every word spoken by our Lord Jesus Christ!!!
  • Shadrak Mbonye Disciple on Matthew 7
    Hallelujah!! God is the one with a fair judgement. Humans are un fair.
  • Evangelist Chatauna Robinson on Matthew 7
    Hello April Carter: I would like to add to my comment. To judge means to for an idea, opinion, or estimate about any matter to criticize or censure to think or suppose However, in Jesus Christ the word judges. If a person is a sorcerer and the preacher tells them if they do not clean up their act and get right with God they will be lost this is not the preacher judging but God s word has already stated this, Revelation 21: 8. If a person is called a whoremonger and adultery according to the scriptures they will be judged. The scripture states that if a person has not the spirit of God, which is the Holy Ghost, they are none of his, Romans 8: 9. Then they do not believe to God. They are not Jesus Christ children. This is not the messenger words but it is written in the word of God.
  • Evangelist Chatauna Robinson on Matthew 7
    Hello April Carter: I understand what you are saying, however it is not those who truly preach and teach the word that judge. It is the word of God that does the judging of people. There is an old saying, Don t shoot the messenger . The word of God is for the following, 2 Timothy 3: 16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: When a preacher or teacher is quoting scriptures and those scriptures happen to find a person in their sin and makes them feel uncomfortable then they should thank God that he thought enough about them to correct them and give them a chance to change. When a preacher is speaking about fornication, adultery, liars, homosexuality all these things are against God then this should make a person want to change not get angry. However, humans do not want to be told that the lifestyle they are leading is against what God wants for their lives.
  • April Carter on Matthew 7
    Jesus was speaking of wrong judgement. He wants us to judge righteously. And in order to do so, we must be right with God. Therefore, we must get right with God and then try to help someone else get right with God. And in order to help people, we must judge their actions and intent. Yes, we can know intent via discernment. The devil has people thinking that God doesn 't show us how other people truly are. That way, Satan can get us to believe wicked deceivers. People abuse this passage to excuse sin and or enforce acceptation of sins.
  • Allen e carter on Matthew 7:14
    The word is written to confound confuse the wise of the world. That being said. That, that is written in spirit can not be understood in the carnal mind. So the Holy Ghost is the teacher not man. It 's very openly that none of these men understand God 's word.
  • Janet on Matthew 7
    I feel like the Lord wants us to lean on him. He wants us to ask him as we would ask our earthly father for something we need or want. It is not up to us to judge that 's Gods job.
  • Buddy on Matthew 7
    With unconditional love for all life, a true Christian will not judge, slander, nitpick, or pray for selfish demands. A heart full of unconditional love has no room for fear or anger. That way is truly narrow. Sincere followers of Christ trust that prayers are always answered according to the Father 's will. Those answers may not meet their own expectations or fleeting desires. Spiritually mature Christians do not give lip service to a proclaimed faith while maligning all of creation. Using snippets of scripture to justify hateful actions leads through the wide and open gate.
  • Corliss Cooper on Matthew 7:5
    A beam was used to hold up a ship. The wider the beam the more stable it was. I am inclined to believe that pride is a beam because it can have you lifted so high up where you think that your better than everyone else. It 's deceitful because when its in the eye of your understanding it can and will blind you from seeing the truth. "It 's the water of the Holy Spirit holding you up and not the beam. " Remember when Jesus was in the boat and the storm was raging. The disciples were scared but because they had Jesus he spoke to the wind and said peace be still and it became still! A beam wont protect you in a storm of Satanic doubt and unbelief but the Word of God will. You will find God 's word when you rest in the spirit of God continually. His spirit will keep you from pride because pride forms judgment and pride comes before a great fall! SHIPWRECK FAITH

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