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  • Irene Tucker
    With reference to the following which I read above the correct scripture is Ephesians 2:10 and not 1st Corinthians 2:10 "Yeah 1corth 2vs 10. We are a creation made 4 gud works alone,which our GOD made b 4 hands dat we might walk in it. " But I agree with this one..... "You are either motivated by money or the love of God,and its a distinction..dont get it twisted."
  • Vanessa
    Live today as a servant to God, don't worry about things that are petty, such as what will I eat, or what to wear tomorrow. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Worry for nothing, for worry will not add anything to your life, trust in God, walk in faith he knows our needs. What does it profit a man if he died tonight with a extra loaf of bread, nothing food for thought, God Bless
  • Marion
    I love the Lord Jesus and I have to let every one know that trying to love two is not easy to follow the bible and it will help you to understand you have to have God first in everything you do
  • BSP
    Verse 1 shows that we want to do good in imitation of Jehovah God and not to receive praise from men.
  • Ma. Elena Lacrite
    As a person no one to be somebody but to be a perfect image of our God. However, there are some circumstances which are beyond the control of anyone. In the reality of anyone's life, it needs decision whether to do or not. You must weight all the positive and negative impacts. If positives prevail, the negative will be do away, the former should stand. It refers to common good.
  • Wayne Tucker
    When decisions have to b made, talking to Jesus will give us the counseling we need. Jesus has all the answers.
  • Thelmadenson
    9th verse God pray is what we should pray and not them long pray.
  • JP
    The Lord's prayer is John chapter 17.
  • Wayne Tucker
    John 17 chapter. And a great prayer it is!
  • Patty Tozi
    Today l feel rushed helping others. Have to stop everything and focus on my Heavenly Father. He is the reason l woke up to start a new day. Am seeing more and more turmoil in this world. God's vengeance is very close. So here l go. Knowing the wasted years l could of stepped out with God's help. I trusted man instead. Now l see the truth. I now know what strength l have with my Heavenly Father!!!!
  • Ivy Johnson
    Mat. 6:33: But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you! What comprises of all these tings? Quick rick schemes: name it: claim it: Possibility thinking? Are these what our Lord is referring to? No! He is referring to SPIRITUAL THINGS:FIRST AND FOREMOST? Your heart has to be right with God? You have to live your neighbour as yourself?

  • Jdog
    Steve morrow brings a good point it just like with animals you may have more than one but only play with a certain one and u may like one more than the other just like if you have two masters.
  • Jdog
    when you read verse 33 it shows that Jesus will not forget about you and he shall add the wonders of heavan unto you when you are saved and seek the KINGDOM OF GOD.
  • Jdog
    verses 9-13 is the model prayer given to us by god. It is a good prayer but you must know what it stands for..
  • Bruce
    Dave: This is The Prayer Jesus Gave to His Followers: After this Manner therefore Pray Ye. He is Telling You How to Pray to The Father(Verse 9) The Only Confusion is Your Post? The Prayer is for All Believers. When We are Asked to Pray The Lord Prayer, We All Know What Prayer They are Talking About / No One Comes to Christ Except The Father Calls(John 6:44)
  • I Am that Michael Isaac Dale
    The error of your wickedness is seen as ye contradict the very Scriptures ye speak against (that the Scripture might be fulfilled.) For the Holy Ghost, with the resurrected Son, being in the flesh this very day; rejoice in pleasing the Holy Father by praying for them given him. As it is written, I pray for them: I pray not for the world, but for them which thou hast given me; for they are thine.
  • David
    Jesus never prayed this prayer, and it is not the Lords prayer as many refer it to be, he said when you pray not himself and forgive my debts or (sins) which he never committed any sin because he was the spotless lamb of God and God himself in flesh. He would never ask for forgiveness for sin.The Lords prayer can be found in John ch.17 read it and it should clear up a lot of confusion about this.
  • Pateicia
    I am new to thissitte,but I find this very Interesting,abnd may GOD bless each of you for your comments.
  • Jaycee
    The reason they are "one" is because the are on one accord. Just as Yashus (Jesus) says in John 15:17, "If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, he shall ask what you will, and it shall be done unto you" In John 15:5 "I am the vine you are the branches; he that abides in me, and I in him, the same brings forth much fruit: for without me you can do nothing." Yeshua abided in Elohim (God)
  • Sheba
    Although the days are evil, our Father in heaven knows what we need. Seek God first and every thing we need and our desires will be granted by his grace and mercy. God and Jesus have a love of us and daily loads us with benefits.
  • Kevin Calderon
    When Yawshua prays in the Bible who or what is he praying to he can't be praying to himself. He is praying to our Father in heaven
    Why the confusion amongst yourselves? For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints. For it is written, I AND [MY] FATHER ARE ONE.
  • Alex
    Servant ty for your Responce, The FATHER and the Son are 2 distinct beings.It was the son that died on the cross not his Father thus 2 distinct beings.Its exactly like Abraham and issac Abraham didn't offer up himself but his son Isaac 2 distinct beings Had they been 1 and the same being GOD THE FATHER wd have been lying when he said this is my beloveth SON.THE FATHER CANNOT LIE, HOPE THIS HELPS.
  • Servant of the most high God
    Ok Alex Jehovah means Lord. Jesus is Jehovah of course Jesus never calls The Holy Father that, because he would be praying to himself. Makes sense when you see it in black and white anyway God Bless you all who read this.
  • Methuselah is simply a summery of what He is enough to get thru the trials of the present and not fixate on endless far off of poor spirit and mourn the evil of the word and our own shortcomings,but thirst after righteousness,show mercy andseek to be an agent of peace...God Bless
  • Sandra
    Question: In Matthew 6 verse 34, what does "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof" mean?
  • ALEX
    Jesus said this is how you should pray OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN BLESSED IS THY NAME THY KINGDOM COME ETC JESUS NEVA REFERS TO HIS FATHER AS JEHOVEH EVEN THO HE SAID BLESS IS THY NAME etc So God wd have to have a greater name then Johoveh, Jesus neva refers to him as Jehoveh Even when he was praying for his life in the Garden when his sweat was like great drops of blood he neva refers to God as Jehoveh
  • Jake
    The Bible fully supports and even advocates donations. This verse is saying that you shouldn't give just to show how good of a Christian you are. Because if you are showing off, then you're already receiving your reward, which is glory. Jesus warned us against this.
  • Ibiso
    What do you understand by Matthew 6:1? Does this mean; group seed collecting for the growth of God's kingdom is wrong? When we give as a group to Men of God and to help the needy; others will know what you put as cash.
  • Kurt Chappell
    Thank you Jesus for teaching us how to pray to our Father. He knows all, before I even think! Thank you for warning us of the power of earthly Mammon over you in our lives. May our lights shine to others no matter our earthly pressures. You Lord are all that matters-how the Father knew one day you’d die, tortured, for us! Help me Jesus, to forget the world, content with riches or not, Amen. Kurt.

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