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  • BSP
    Verse 29 If there is anything or anyone in our life that makes us stumble from being obedient to Jehovah God it would be best to get that negative influence out of our lives.
  • Alex
    Steve that great promise was that christ wd be multiplied as the stars of heaven which means that god the father wd have gransons and there has to be an israel of god even the promise to abraham that his seed wd be as the sand of the seas meant that abraham wd have gransons and abraham means exaulted father in hebrew.thats y jesus refers to the h.g. as the promise he is the multiplcation o christ
  • Alex
    Steve let me tell you y the h.g. is the grandson simply b c the h.g. comes out of christ loins his seed etc, th seed of christ is his word his breath etc when christ breath on them the seed was sown in their hearts the granson which is the h.g. was born at pentacost that which is born of the spirit is spirit thats the h.g. which resulted from his seed his breath. thus th h.g. is truly granson
  • Bob
    What do you think Matthew 5:32 means when it says anyone who marries a divorced woman commits adultery? Isn't adultery the same sin as having an affair with someone married? So what if a lonely man in his 40s has never been married and falls in love with the only single woman in his church was divorced 20 years ago- if he marries her is that sinful and considered as evil as an affair?
  • Melki
    To answer your question, I will first have to inform you that the laws of Yahuwah are still binding. According to the law, the man a woman loses her virginity is her husband until he dies. So if a woman divorces her husband and lies with another man she and the man she lies with committed adultery because the man who took her virginity is still alive.
  • Ann
    Bob 0n Matthew 5, read Romans 7:2-3 A woman is free from that law, if her husband has passed away. But if he is still living, it would be a sin.
  • Barry
    Faith is to belief what strength is to muscle.
    Some times all we can do is live our godly life in front of the non believers, and show them what life they can have if they trust the lord
  • Cherry Silvers
    It gets easier to pray and bless those that hurt you. I have prayed many times in my work place for ride unkind and spiteful people. "I prayed God to give them more of what they needed most to be happy, which is more of God in their lives."
  • Wafana emmanuel uganda
    for sure we need to prays Him
  • Lolipop junior
    The world of GOD can not be destroyed for he has soldiers of god. That will go out and teach others about him
  • Prisca
    The word of God cannot be hidden
  • Kenneth w Hegler
    God always requires more than belief...1 Peter 3:8-11. Even under the Mosaic law mankind was to do more than just believe...Mark 1:17-21! Even the bible says in James 2:17-20 that it is not enough to just believe! This is a myth propagated by the devil!
  • Fredrick adam
    that's very true amen
  • Mrs.T
    The other name you are using is not the Messiahs name!!! Jesus Christ is one with the Living God, and we do not use any other Name. His Holy precious Name is above all and is the only name worthy of All acceptation, Honor, Glory, Praise, Blessing forever, Amen!!! The sound if the letter J was used in Ancient Hebrew, not separated until Greek to English translation by writing. Because the Word was spoken before it was written. Only "certain" people were allowed to learn to write showing control over what was written.
  • Eric
    I think God loves you and wants you all to get along and put all and every difference aside. We are family and we are the hosts of heaven. The Kingdom of heaven is within us. That makes us the hosts of heaven. Praise the Lord. Let it be true.
    God bless, may these seeds fall on good ground to multiply 100 fold.
  • Neil, in Canada
    The unforgivable sin is simply “ unbelief”.....which basically is saying the Bible is not the Holy Spirit is a liar....What.must I do to be saved?...To which Jesus replies....... just believe...only one thing....not Ten.....” whatsoever is not of faith is sin...and the Law is not of faith. To believe in the NT Greek means
    1.Acknowlege Jesus
    2,,submit to Jesus
    3)..Trust Jesus
  • Bruce
    Saul: 8 Months After Salvation, I'm Decorating and Singing to a Tree. I Stopped, Something Not Right. After Reading The Word and a Year Later. At Church They're Decorating a Tree. I Mentioned to Them(Mostly Women)that It's not Right and what The Bible Says. They Said, They Know, But It's Fun,The Kids Like it/ That's Why, now You Know. And The Church is a Little? Lost. I Still Say Merry Christmas
  • Bruce
    Sherry: Unforgivable Sin: Whosoever Shall Speak a Word Against The Son of man it Shall be Forgiven, But Unto Him that Blasphemeth Against The Holy Ghost it Shall not be Forgiven(Luke 12:10) Whosoever Speaketh Against The Holy Ghost is Never Forgiven( Matthew 12:32) Read Matthew 12: 24-37.------below I Hit 24-27
  • Sherry Walker
    Jesus said to the man hanging on the cross next to him that on that day he would see him in paradise. There is only 1 unforgivable sin and that is not letting God speak through you when you are delivered up to death (Satan).
  • SAUL
    Tell me why do churches do christmas
  • Bruce
    Most Pastors don't Know what this Sin is? Some Say It's Not Asking for Forgiveness, Just Ask Forgiveness You'll be Fine. Or Today We Can't Commit That Sin. The SIN is Speaking Evil of or About The Holy Ghost. Calling Him Something He's Not( Matthew 12:24-27) You don't Need a Hard Heart, It Will be After This Sin. Once Committed You Can't Call it Back. Call Him:Holy Ghost, or Spirit /Not Grandson
  • Bruce
    Blasphemy against The Holy Ghost is Never Forgiving(Luke 12:10)
  • BigBeee
    I remember reading the study notes concerning this years ago. People worry they are guilty of this. He said that since it results in a hardened heart and with a hardened heart, the person thinks that all is right with God, they are on the right path, if a person is worried they may have done this, their heart is not hard. It is those that worry not that may be guilty.
  • Bri
    Also, I think it may be from Paul, not sure, but the subject is praying for others that have sinned. He said something to the effect of, Do not pray for those that have committed a sin that won't be forgiven. He does not say there what that sin is. I presume it is the blaspheming the Holy Spirit as I previously mentioned.
  • BigBeee
    Jesus told the Pharisis, when they said that he cast out evil spirits from satans power (in so many words) That if we blaspheme the Father or Son, we can be forgiven, BUT, if we blaspheme the Holy Spirit, we will not be forgiven either in this live or the hereafter (also not an exact quote. Not sure if this is in Matthew or Mark, but it is to my knowledge, the one and only unforgivable sin.
  • Walter
    To Edward Beck,
    Yes, Jesus makes no mention of a sin He will not pardon. Didn't Paul murder believers before his conversion?
  • Sheba
    Jesus has called the saints to be perfect as our Father in heaven is perfect. We are perfected through Christ Jesus who saves us and keeps us free from sin in this present world.
  • Bruce
    Yes, but Knowing He Does, and then Committing Sin Anyway, He May not. He Might let Your Heart to be Harden. Therefore hath He Mercy on Whom He will have Mercy and Whom He will He Hardeneth(Romans 9:18)To Choose Your Way and not His is what sends Us to Hell. Was it Sin that Got One to This Point, It Can be Forgiven. Still Pregnant, Do Not Commit Abortion./ 2Corinthians 5:17* You Will Know
  • Edward Beck
    Can a person be forgiven for abortions?

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